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IPSC Queensland is the QLD association to coordinates the members and clubs affiliated to IPSC Australia, as well as organises IPSC-sanctioned matches in the state See you at the range CE ProChrono DLX now back on the shelf! #davidbaileyshootingsupplies. A cold day but there's a rainbow to make you smile. Cold day today. Thanks to Glenorchy for making 2020 a bit more bearable. Brave man! Monday 28th, we will have no power to the premises. No telephone or email, however website will be operational 2Alpha Shooting Shooting is an Australian-based online IPSC Store which sells holsters, mag pouches, and other shooting related accessories. We are a leading dealer of brands like Double Alpha Academy, BladeTech, Lok Grips, Black Scorpion and CED Electronics 0 likes. Last Post. by bigM. 09-02-2015, 06:48 AM. Numbers of IPSC rifle comp shooters. by Sporting Firearms. Started by Sporting Firearms, 30-03-2018, 05:44 PM. 0 responses. 11 views

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  1. Trigger Imports has been established to provide all sports and IPSc shooters the best quality sports shooting products and accessories from around the world. Trigger Imports provides fast shipping Australia-wide and excellent customer advice and service
  2. I.P.S.C (International Practical Shooting Confederation) The IPSC motto in Latin, Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas (DVC) Accuracy, Power, Speed. In approximately 1950 an IPSC shooting style developed, then in early 1976 sporting individuals from around the globe met in America and formulated rules and the structure under which IPSC evolved, also a constitution was established and the Confederation born
  3. IPSC targets have a 15-centimeter center representing the A zone or bullseye. Most shooting takes place at relatively close distances, with rare shots out to 50 meters. Hitting a 15-centimeter zone might seem easy to an experienced pistol shooter, but in IPSC only full power handguns are used (9mm or larger)
  4. Practical Shooting Supplies Australia is 100% Australian owned. PSS commenced operations in 1983 and has over 30 years in the complex and highly regulated shooting sports market. Over that time PSS has built up a solid reputation. Shooting is a very diverse sport with many disciplines. PSS recognised the need for a specialist IPSC service back.

2022 Handgun Rifle and Shotgun Nationals. Post author. By IPSC Admin. Post date. 3 August 2021. Four matches, June 3 to June 10 2022. Hosted by TEPSL in the Northern Territory. Looking for accommodation for the Nationals, or planning some activities to do while you're in Darwin Echuca Pistol Club - IPSC Match » Pre-Match - 09 and 10 June Registration and Gun Check - 10th June 08:30am - 20:30pm Main Match - 11 to 13 June Presentation Lunch - 14 Jun the International Practical Shooting Confederation. Individuals, organizations and other entities not affiliated to IPSC (or a member Region thereof), are prohibited from using any of these items without the prior, written approval of the IPSC President (or the Regional Director thereof, as the case may be) IPSC Australia. Situated at the SSAA Eagle Park range complex at Little River, we have access to 23 pistol ranges which can be used for shotgun and rifle c.. Here's a few stages from the 2008 Victorian State Titles at the SSAA Little River range from a couple of years ago where we get to see Brodie McIntosh in act..

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  1. The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) is a shooting sport based on the concept of practical shooting. Accuracy, power and speed are all required to achieve a maximum score. In Australia, our IPSC organisation providers practical shooters opportunities to compete in regulated and recognised tournaments
  2. IPSC shooting is dynamic and challenging, and one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the world today. Courses of fire utilize many aspects not found in the other more traditional shooting disciplines, such as movement by the shooter, drawing from the holster, moving targets, multiple targets, and the freedom for the shooter to solve the shooting problems presented by the stage design
  3. Boss Components stocks a large range of shooting accessories for practical shooting disciplines including IPSC & USPSA. Popular products include the gold plated brass 2011 Magazine base for 2011 STI, Bul & SV double stack magazine tubes, CZ Shadow 2/CZ SP01 red dot mount, Mec-Gar magazine base pad and the 1911 Brass
  4. The IPSC Handgun World Shoot is the highest level handgun match within the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) which consists of several days and at least 30 separate courses of fire. The Handgun World Shoots are held triennially on a rotational cycle with the other two main IPSC disciplines Rifle and Shotgun.. World Shoot main matches are held over six days with five days of.
  5. SA also had the privilege of hosting the 2016 IPSC National Handgun Championships at Southern Vales Practical Shooting League, which was also the 40 th anniversary of IPSC in Australia. It was a record breaking event for an Australian Nationals with over 400 competitors
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IPSC Australia Inc is the Australian association for practical shooting under the International Practical Shooting Confederation. It consists of seven sections: Victoria and Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia PBA Imports specialises in Homeland Security and handgun discipline products. Our exclusive imports are varied and we believe they are best of their breed in their respective areas. Our staff have extensive Police, Military and competitive IPSC experience, are only too happy to help you. Shop Online Welcome to the PNZ IPSC section, the home of IPSC Shooting in New Zealand. IPSC, The International Practical Shooting Confederation, was formed in 1976, and. IPSC Handgun Divisions. The dominant pistol that was used in IPSC when it was first started was the Colt 1911 in .45 ACP. Over the years, as firearm technology and calibres improved, the choice for the competitor has increased. Now there are many different models and manufacturers of firearms used in IPSC HOME - Icarus Shirts. Australasia 2019. Batch 24 Pre-Orders: Oct 15, 2019: Deadline of Order & Payment Oct 31, 2019: Delivery date to LBC/DHL Shirt S/M/L/XL: PHP 1,400 / USD 30.00 Additi. READ MORE. PPSA and IPSC 2021

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Ipsc Cardboard Targets Australia 9 out of 10 based on 569 ratings. Stocking stuffers are sorted with Jetstar's new gift cards, available at Woolworths, Coles, Target or Australia Post obsession with an online subscription to their local Sunday paper so they The IPSC Australian Rifle Championship is an IPSC level 3 championship held once a year by IPSC Australia. Champions. The following is a list of current and previous champions. Overall category. Year Division Gold Silver Bronze Venue 1987 2009 Manual Open Des Lilley Lex Carroll Benjamin Grehan 2010 Manual Open Joe Dicenso John Bellman. P: 02 8007 2995 E: info@shooting.com.au. Liasson Pty Ltd D/L: 408937438 ABN: 12 101 366 88

An IPSC shooting belt is a belt specially designed to carry the weight of your gun and magazines, securely and without jogging of moving as you run and jump. It is as important as choosing the right holster or pouches. All modern IPSC style belts are 2-belt systems. An inner thinner belt that is worn through the pant loops, and a thicker. IPSC Pistol, Steel Challenge, Sporting Clays (under construction). Western Action (in planning phase), IPSC Shotgun & IPSC Rifle under consideration Shooting and Competition

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Aussie IPSC Shooters. 3,075 likes · 30 talking about this. This page is aimed at creating a community hub for all Aussie shooters that enjoy the Handgun Sport of IPSC in all classes and categories of.. The 1990 IPSC Handgun World Shoot IV held in Adelaide, Australia was the 9th IPSC Handgun World Shoot, and was won by Doug Koenig of USA, the first competitor using a red dot sight at a World Shoot.Having been interested in shooting since being eleven years old, Koenig had been spotted at a local shooting club for his good natural abilities with a handgun Gettin re-graded. 21-10-2013, 10:51 PM. Hi all. I went to a stic's match on sunday at AUR in Adelaide had a ball and I thought shot the best I had since starting ipsc this year, Comes time for the presentation and when they get to the open div they announce that it is going to be used as a regarding match. I have competed in 2 other matches and. SSI strides in offering the finest quality custom guns, parts, and shooting components. We specialize in products for the USPSA / IPSC shooting community along with recreational shooters. We stock and distribute products from the best manufacturers in the industry and we are always looking for the finest quality parts and accessories to offer. IPSC shooting emphasises procedures for safe handling of firearms. Participants need to be trained and qualified before commencing this sport. In Australia, IPSC is managed and regulated by IPSC Australia Inc. Working with its seven state sections, matches are organised and run in local, state and national level on a regular basis

IPSC competitors use different types of handguns dependent on the division that they are competing in. Regardless of division, all handguns must comply with Australian laws which primarily mean a minimum barrel length of 120mm and a maximum of 10 rounds magazine capacity. There are 5 IPSC Divisions; Open, Modified, Standard, Revolver and. Tip Barricade shooting in IPSC Shotgun is quite different from IPSC handgun. In HG you try to pretend there is no barricade, in SG you try to use the barricade to your advantage. With any distance of say 40 meters or more, any support you can get will be to your advantage. Just watch where your ejection port is 117 Adavale Rd, 117 Adavale Rd, Charleville QLD 4470, Australia. This is a Level 1 Club Match for IPSC, this event is shot from the holster so participants will require holster accreditation with IPSC, PSQ, SSAA or another recognised Australian shooting organisation. $2.00 range fee applies to all shooters July 17 @ 5:00 pm. Torrens Valley Australia + Google Map. Torrens Valley Pistol Club State Shooting Park Virginia Saturday, 17 July 2021 Handgun interclub Registration and light meals from 5.00pm Brief 5.45 Start 6.00pm All stages will have lighting. Further details to follow

This site is run by IPSC shooters for IPSC shooters. No BS just a simple way to access 1,000's of items from like minded people. Join Now. IPSC Firearms. Buy & sell IPSC firearms. IPSC Rigs. Belts, holsters, mag pouches and much more. IPSC Apparel. Shooting shirts and much more. User Logi In the many years that have passed since the BUL Ltd line has grown and caters for law enforcement, military, competitive shooters and collectors. Team Bul Israel compete in IPSC Open, Standard and Classic with excellent results. The combination of the following has resulted in excellence right across their range IPSC (108/1,938) History of Shooting in Australia (4/30) The Range General Forum (75/1,052) ISSF (3/22) F-Class (37/951) Welcome to Shooting Australia. Collapse. Welcome to Shooting Australia. Here you will find an active online community of firearms enthusiasts and shooters from all disciplines. Prime your first case Click here to preview. Hanička Krajčikova - IPSC, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 4,800 likes · 27 talking about this. Dedicated page for sharing all things IPSC, IDPA and shooting

See Point 17.2 of Appendix D4 in the IPSC Handgun rulebook. 9. Can I apply paint or sight black to my pistol? Yes. See Point 16.3 of Appendix D4 in the IPSC Handgun rulebook. 10. Am I allowed to cock my SA/DA pistol for the first shot in a course of fire? No. The first shot in a course of fire must be double action Practical Shooting began in Western Australia nearly 30 years ago as a state handgun sport, but it has since been expanded and is now recognised nationally. Each country that conducts International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) shooting usually runs a national equivalent, and Practical Shooting is the SSAA's equivalent

IPSC is the fastest, most action orientated pistol sport in the world. Competitors use only full power handguns with a minimum caliber of 9mm. IPSC originated in the US in the early 1950's and has become a favorite in over 100 countries around the world. More information on IPSC can be found at www.ipsc.org.au Today, the International Practical Shooting Confederation is promoted in more than sixty countries (called IPSC Regions) from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Every year, the elected representatives of these Regions meet at the IPSC General Assembly. 1.4 Structure of IPSC Australia . Join through your Clu IPSC shooting is dynamic, challenging, and one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the world today. Courses of fire utilize many aspects not found in the more traditional shooting disciplines such as movement by the shooter, moving targets, multiple targets, and the freedom for the shooter to solve the shooting challenges presented in the. Shooters Australia-wide now have access to the world's best brands and the highest-rated IPSC shooting products. Today Double Alpha Academy shooting products are well-known to every IPSC, USPSA or IDPA shooter around the world. The business has expanded to a 6-man operation in a double story 700 sq m building

High Performance Squad Name Discipline Event Categorisation SIS/SAS Paul Adams Shotgun Mens Skeet Podium Potential QAS James Willett Shotgun Mens Trap Podium VIS/NSWIS Catherine Skinner Shotgun Womens Trap Podium Potential VIS Laetisha Scanlan Shotgun Womens Trap Podium VIS Penny Smith Shotgun Womens Trap Podium VIS Dane Sampson Rifle Mens 10m Air Rifle / 50m 3 [ The fascinating IPSC shooting sport recognizes all the shooting disciplines: handgun, rifle, shotgun and action air. IPSC shooting is a purely technical high-performance sport for ambitious marksmen where a fraction of a second can prove crucial. Therefore, IPSC can be seen as the supreme shooting sport discipline International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) Practical shooting is a truly international discipline that is practiced in over 52 countries worldwide with local, state, national, regional and international championships happening on a regular basis. The sport of practical target shooting is different to most other forms of target shooting

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  1. USPSA/IPSC Shooting Current Donation Goals. 2021 3rd Quarter Hosting Donations. Raised $80.00 of $990.00 target 2021 3rd Quarter Classifieds Donations. Raised $11.00 USPSA/IPSC Shooting. General Discussions: Sport, Class, Divisions, or (non-specific) Match. Followers 51. Start new topic; 3,343 topics in this forum.
  2. Recently I priced 'official' cardboard IPSC Classic targets here in OZ and they worked out at $115 for 100. I like the convenience and the look of the commercial target but I seriously doubt I will need that many as I don't shoot often enough. I want to be able to make a few on demand only and -..
  3. How to join this exciting and challenging shooting discipline. IPSC is a shooting discipline, rather than a stand-alone club. Initially, participants need to be a member of a shooting club which is affiliated with IPSC. Look at the Club Finder page. If your current club is not affiliated, contact the Section Coordinator for a club application form
  4. IPSC WA, Perth, Western Australia. 426 likes · 3 talking about this. Official Facebook page of IPSC W
  5. Grehan 2009 Standard Manual Bill Wood Luke Woodbridge.

2021 IPSC NSW Match Calendar Updated - 16-Feb-21 Date Match Venue Level Links January 23-24 Conkoy Tuason Memorial Blacktown Pistol Club, Hammerli Way, Shalvey, NSW 2 Entry Form 22-23-24 SA State Titles Southern Vales Practical Shooting League, Mclaren vale, SA 3 Entry via ECM February 7 Super Sunday Blacktown Pistol Club, Hammerli Way, Shalvey. The IPSC Australian Rifle Championship is an IPSC level 3 championship held once a year by IPSC Australia

North Eastern Sports Shooting Club. PO Box 615 St Agnes SA 5097. RANGE : c/o NESSCI Range Road Houghton SA 5007. The map cannot be initialized because the Maps API has not been loaded. Please check your settings. Google API not loaded - Enqueued. Get Directions Divisions for TSA, IDPA, IPSC, USPSA and SASS are displayed. SASS has a maximum velocity that is taken into account. Explanation of terms. Bullet Weight (5.0 to 15000.0 gr) [115.0] Caliber (0.100 to 2.000 in) [0.355] Muzzle Velocity (500.0 to 4800.0 ft/s) [1100.0] Show IDPA : Show IPSC ; Show TSA : Show USPSA. I had a busy weekend at the IPSC 2020 Western Australia State Tiles hosted by OGSA with a turn out of about 90 Competitors. I took First place for my Grade a..

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  1. istered for IPSC Australia by a single section, and there are many IPSC-affiliated clubs across the two states accepting new members! If you're interested in joining the most dynamic shooting discipline in Australia, using handguns, rifles and shotguns, contact your local club for more information, or.
  2. The Open Division is the name of the premium discipline organized by the International Practical Shooting Confederation. Almost all modified revolvers and semiautomatic handguns with a broad variety of custom features are eligible in this 'open' class. So it is only logical that the IPSC shooters go on stage with race guns that are customized specifically to suit their needs and that come.
  3. This was a really fun stage from our Tuesday night IPSC club match! The stage flowed really well and was designed to shoot most of it on the move ‍♀️ My focus has been on transitions between targets, and also getting into position faster and having my gun up ready to shoot the target as soon as it appears Thanks to my awesome squad for a fun night of shooting and.
  4. Welcome to Double-Alpha Academy, a company dedicated to the promotion of IPSC, USPSA and Steel Challenge competition shooting. In our shop you will find the full assortment of DAA Competition Holsters Pouches and Belts, as well as our Mr.Bulletfeeder and many other reloading accessories we offer. Our assortment includes shooting glasses and ear defenders, as well as custom range bags, clothing.
  5. IPSC Australia Inc is the body recognised by the Australian Government for the management and regulation of the sport of Practical Shooting in Australia. With national and regional committees organising membership and competitions. The current Australian organising structure is on the Contacts. The sport of Practical target shooting is
  6. Shooters Junction. 629 likes · 2 talking about this. Specialty Sports Shooting Supplier offering club pricing and bulk buying incentives to the serious sportsman
  7. IPSC Targets. BC-C Zone® target with NEW and IMPROVED no weld 2×4 bracket and Base. $ 315.99. Add to cart. Add to Wishlist. 3 Gun Shooting Targets. IPSC Silhouette Auto Reset Target. Rated 5.00 out of 5. $ 259.99

Adelaide Pistol & Shooting Club. PO Box 610 Two Wells SA 5501. RANGE: Mallala Rd Korunye SA 5501. MUDMAP. The map cannot be initialized because the Maps API has not been loaded. Please check your settings. Google API not loaded - Enqueued IPSC Australia is the governing body or this discipline. Local practical shooting matches such as those offered by SSPC ACT do not require you to join IPSC Australia. As you progress, however, you will want to seriously consider joining IPSCA. Its a requirement for shooting this discipline at other clubs and for all higher level sanctioned.

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IPSC shooting is approved for 9mm/.38/.357 SIG for handguns that meet the IPSC rules. Larger calibres such as .45 were approved for IPSC contests in Australia in 2014, however so far only in Victoria. The barrel must be at least 100 mm (3.94 in). Re: IPSC Rifle Clubs in WA. ob1 wrote: Shotgun with 12g pumps and semi-autos is happening at some clubs. Rifle is problematic because ranges may be restricted to a pistol calibre firing template. I'd be happy to be restricted to 22lr for this, hell of a lot cheaper haha. This is a Level 1 Club Match for IPSC, this event is shot from the holster so participants will require holster accreditation with IPSC, PSQ, SSAA or another recognised Australian shooting organisation. $2.00 range fee applies to all shooter

This year ADI Powders is sponsoring Brodie McIntosh - Australia's best IPSC shooter. Brodie was born in Cobram, Victoria, in 1974. Growing up on the family farm he was introduced to firearms at an early age and displayed a keen interest in shooting. His first competition was in Devenish in 1993, and the rest, as they say, is history North Eastern Sports Shooting Club, Upper Hermitage (22km HN) South Australia Police Pistol Club, Stonyfell (9km E) SSAA Para Practical Shooting Club, Greenwith (26km N) More than 30km South of Adelaide. Brukunga Combined Pistol & Shooting Club Inc, Murray Bridge (83km) Southern Vales Practical Shooting League, McClaren (40km The Shooters Union Australia represent the rights of recreational & professional shooters, hunters, collectors, firearms dealers, farmers and competitive club shooters across Australia. We are actively working at all levels of the Australian Government to instill sensible firearm reform that protects the rights of firearm users whilst.

The belt or the inner belt or both must be either permanently sewn at the waist, or secured with a minimum of three belt loops attached to shorts or trousers. Female competitors in all Divisions are subject to the same conditions as above, except that the belt carrying the holster and all allied equipment may be worn at hip level. If. Deliver to Australia. There was a problem calculating your postage. Please try again. Country AR500 IDPA IPSC Steel Shooting Target Gong 1/2 7X 12 Silhouette MakeItRingTargets. AU$ 43.59. Disclaimer: As with all children's products, adult supervision is required. Products that contain small parts may pose a choking hazard and should not. IPSC Victoria Inc. IPSC Victoria is the Victorian and Tasmanian Section of the International Practical Shooting Confederation of Australia The International Practical Shooting Confederation, IPSC, is the organization that promotes the sport of practical shooting and competitions. The world body is broken down into regions, ie: countries. Today there are over seventy countries that are active in IPSC. Canada became active in IPSC primarily in British Columbia in 1976-77

The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) is the world's largest shooting sport association and the largest and oldest within practical shooting.Founded in 1976, the IPSC nowadays affiliates over 100 regions from Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Competitions are held with pistol, revolver, rifle, and shotgun, and the competitors are divided into different divisions. The sport soon expanded to Europe, Australia, South America, and Africa. IPSC was founded in May 1976 when practical shooting enthusiasts from around the world participated at a conference held in Columbia, Missouri, creating a constitution and establishing the rules governing the sport. Jeff Cooper served as the first IPSC President

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  1. utes from the 1976 Columbia Conference: given to the sport of practical pistol shooting. Australia, Central America, Europe, and Southern Africa. We feel that it is time that we organized. ourselves into a practical competition program. This was the purpose, of the Columbia International. Combat Pistol Conference
  2. The International Practical Shooting Confederation, IPSC, is the organization that promotes the sport of practical shooting and competitions. The world body is broken down into regions, ie: countries. Today there are over seventy countries that are active in IPSC. Canada became active in IPSC primarily in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan.
  3. IPSC USPSA IDPA Shooting Competition Belt High Speed Shooting Belt 1.5 width. AU $26.75. Refunds by law: In Australia, consumers have a legal right to obtain a refund from a business if the goods purchased are faulty, not fit for purpose or don't match the seller's description
  4. Here you can find the best IPSC and USPSA competition holsters on the market today! Developed by shooters and used by champions. View as. Sort by: Show. items. Items 1 to 16 of 38 total. 1 2 3 In stock. Combo: IDPA Rig (PDR PRO II, 3 Pouches and Belt).
  5. Description: In October 2011 at the world shoot in Greece, we introduced our IPSC Range Bag - the CED/DAA RangePack Pro, a new generation of custom made backpacks specifically designed for the serious competition shooter. The shooting world took notice, and since then this extra-large backpack has rocketed to the front of our range bag sales
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  7. Ghost Holster Rig Set $ 230.00 Ghost Holster - Super Ultimate $ 139.00 Ghost Holster - The One $ 139.00 Ghost Thunder $ 72.00 Ghost Competition Belt $ 45.00 Ghost Replacement Belt Loop

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IPSC target dimentions to make your own. Saved by Ben. 204. Police Tactical Gear Outdoor Shooting Range Range Targets Paper Targets Steel Targets Reloading Bench Stage Shooting Targets Target Practice CZ Czechmate is a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol designed to be used in IPSC Shooting in the Open division. The additional aiming device is C-More. It is a sophisticated red dot with multiple options. CZ 75 gun was first introduced by the Czech company Česká Zbrojovka, in the year after which the gun got its name Law Enforcement Activities is a handgun shooting discipline that aims to encourage organised competitive shooting of law enforcement-orientated Australian and international handgun matches. The matches involve the use of centrefire revolvers and self-loading pistols, which are shot at various targets from various distances and positions IPSC 100% Polyester Shirt Blue $ 29.95 $ 22.50; News and Promotions. Welcome to the New Official IPSC Store! IPSC Store on Twitter. Tweets by @IPSCStore. Twitter; RSS; Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Unique Ipsc stickers featuring millions of original designs created and sold by independent artists..

Posted @withrepost • @ipscstore We are very happy to announce that Hana Wilson is now a part of IPSCStore Shooting Team and brand ambassador for Australia region. Hana has been shooting IPSC for two years and has recently won Top Lady in Production Division at the QLD state titles held in Raglan. Hana has a passion for shooting, promoting women and juniors in the sport, and always happy to. The Alice Springs Shooting Complex is the owner of the land upon which SSAA Alice Springs Branch Inc. and other shooting/archery clubs are located. Not only does this provide an ideal environment to host a variety of shooting disciplines, but also, the Complex clubhouse itself is a great venue for members to catch up after a day on the range › Ipsc shooting › Ipsct. Top 10 related websites. IPSC Security Services | Comprehensive Security Solutions. Inner Parish Security Corporation. 43222 Pecan Ridge Drive. Hammond, LA 70403. 985-542-7960. Toll Free 800-446-0698. DA: 12 PA: 12 MOZ Rank: 13. Ipsc.biz Go URL The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC)was founded in 1976 as a shooting sport and today recognizes all the main shooting disciplines - Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, and Action Air

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ICARUS the best ipsc shirt. Find this Pin and more on FTC shirt ideas by Joe Tremble. Choose board. Save. Article from icarusshirt.blogspot.com Sep 18, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Joe Tremble. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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