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  1. When this Magic Wand Selection is still active, the ERASER WILL NOT WORK!!! The solution is as simple as CTRL-D to Deselect the active Magic Wand Selection, and then the eraser will start to work. I felt so silly once I realized what I had done, but the relief of being able to get back to work far outweighed the shame
  2. Photoshop CS4: Eraser tool not working. Photoshop cs4, eraser tool has stopped working. I've restarted the program, restarted the computer, reset the brushes. Eraser sill won't work on layers....it does seem to work on the background photo and the background duplicate, and erase portions of it, but does not work on the layers
  3. Photoshop Eraser and brush tools not working. I used Photoshop yesterday and it worked fine, but today I tried to use both the brush and eraser tools and they just aren't doing their jobs, both and 100% opacity, both used on multiple sizes and modes. I tried resetting the tools but they still aren't working
  4. I mean it just doesn't work, I draw a line and then go to erase it and it doesn't erase, I can't explain it any other way. Also I've never used Photoshop and have no idea what masking is
  5. Hi everyone. I've been struggling with an issue now for a couple of months and I'm really annoyed at not being able to work as I have for the past 10 years using tablets and Photoshop. I typically map the eraser function to the bottom side button on my pen for the Wacom Intuos Pro Medium. That's h..

Photoshop: Eraser and brush tool not working correctly At least don't think they are working correctly, may have been changed in the last update. When I clicked on the brush tool in the tool panel before the brush it was set on (whatever it was last) would be on the tip of my brush and on my artboard. Now I can only see it in the tool panel That looks like you used the sharpen tool, not the eraser (and amplified the grain in the image). You reset the current tool (or all tools) using the menu on the tool preset picker. But first, I would double check which tool you have selected (look in the history palette - what does it say after you use the tool) Photoshop CS4: Eraser tool not working. My eraser tool in CS4 has suddenly stopped working. I see some dialogue on the subject but it is years old, Can anyone help me now please? I can't do any work without this tool. Problems

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Working on the background is not possible because it is locked by default. While dragging the eraser tool on the image, you will see that there is no difference in it. It means that the layer is locked and is the background layer. Photoshop sometimes automatically transforms the background layer by unlocking it and name it layer 0 Is your photoshop eraser not working right, or having a lot of spacing? Does your eraser in photoshop not making a straight path when using it. Have no fear,.. Not sure about Photoshop, but in PaintshopPro, it is likely that the hardness is set at something less than 100 %, or possibly the same for the Density. try toggling off the visibility of all the layers except the one you're working on and the background layer. There could be something on another layer showing through. Also, a layer mask is. If you have a Wacom tablet and you're using Photoshop, you might have run into issues and problems. In this troubleshooting video, we show you how to fix the..

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  1. The Background Eraser is, without a doubt, one of the best tools in Photoshop for removing unwanted areas of a photo, but it's not perfect and it does have one serious drawback. As an eraser tool, it physically deletes pixels from the image, which means that once they're gone, they're gone for good
  2. Every few months I run into this problem in Photoshop and it confuses me every single time, so I figured id make a video and see if it could help other out a..
  3. adobe illustrator eraser tool not working#illustrator#not_working#adobe_illustrator1. Type2. Symbols3. Linked Artwork4. Raster Effects and Placed Bitmaps-~-~..
  4. Hi! i just started using my new Xp pen artist 15.6 Pro on a Macbook Pro computer and i'm having problems with Photoshop tools: when i start the session it all works perfectly, i can change tools from the program (im using the brush, then i click on the eraser tool and it works as an eraser, then i click on the selection tool and i use the pen to select etc.

Photoshop cs4, eraser tool has stopped working. I've restarted the program, restarted the computer, reset the brushes. Eraser sill won't work on layers....it does seem to work on the background photo and the background duplicate, and erase portions of it, but does not work on the layers ; Photoshop Eraser and brush tools not working Photoshop: Eraser not erasing as expected. The eraser mostly doesn't work. It erases SOME of what it crosses, SOME of the time. Look at this screen grab. Pathetic. This is in block mode with zero smoothing. Photoshop 20.0.4 under Mac OS 10.14.4 on a 5K iMac. Problems. •

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  1. Photoshop CS4: Background eraser either doesn't work or only partially erases I'm using CS4 Extended 11.0.2 on a Mac. My problem is that the background eraser doesn't erase all the background and none at all in some areas
  2. I googled eraser tool not working and it brought me to this page. Made sure that everything was deselected as you suggested, but the eraser tool still seems to not work. My steps were that I used the Magnetic Lasso Select, then cut and paste the selected section into a new layer, deselected all, then tried using the eraser
  3. Photoshop Eraser doesn't show the Circle - posted in Graphics Design and Photo Editing: When I choose different eraser size in Photoshop, the circle usually changes size, so i have an ituitive.
  4. Brush and Eraser not working. Help! As I am drawing the brush tool and eraser stops working when I switch to Photoshop from any other application. I used the line tool, rotate tool, bucket tool, They are all working except for brush and Eraser. Is this a software issue

To Order your Design on Fiver: https://bit.ly/3aU9q8 Photoshop Eraser is not erasing but coloring grey!!!!!HELP! Forums > Art Related > Digital Art. fechi Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013 Hobbyist Digital Artist . My Photoshop eraser is not erasing in layer 0 it wont work! Its coloring over it a gray color!!!! I need HELP~ Reply

http://usephotoshop.com/2011/03/how-to-use-the-eraser-tool-in-adobe-photoshop/How To Use The Eraser Tool in Adobe Photoshop I'm using photoshop and you are not getting my actual point. see the picture below that I mentioned. Suppose I assigned that button for the Eraser(E) and currently I selected Brush(B) or any other tool and If I press that it will obviously bring Eraser(E) here is no problem

While working in Photoshop, layer masks allow removing pixels from the image safely. It is a very useful option because the pixels are not removed permanently, as is the case with the Eraser tool. Layer masks are used for seamlessly combining one or more image in Photoshop. Sometimes, you might encounter problems with these layer masks and find photoshop. Then click on the 'pen' icon in the next window box down - there. should be a mouse and a pen, click on the pen. Then in the tabs below those boxes, click on tool buttons and. there you can set the functions for the pen. on the eraser. function be sure that it is set to erase I am having some issues with my eraser tool in photoshop. I have used photoshop for several years and have never had a problem but I just cannot seem to find a solution to this When I use my. Photoshop performs intelligent smoothing on your brush strokes. Simply enter a value (0-100) for Smoothing in the Options bar when you're working with one of the following tools: Brush, Pencil, Mixer Brush, or Eraser. A value of 0 is the same as legacy smoothing in earlier versions of Photoshop

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Adjusting the Magic Eraser tool Tolerance. The higher the number you type in this box, the more pixels will be removed in one go as Photoshop will know you want to remove pixels from a broader range With the eraser tool selected, navigate to the bottom left-hand side of your screen to the tool settings. At the very bottom of the list you should see Anti erase (Alt). Make sure it is not enabled. If it is, that's probably why your eraser isn't working the way you expect. Lock Pixel

Uninstallation and re-installation of Eraser did not resolve the issue either. Then I discovered that Eraser was using a folder in the application directory, and that the file Task List.ersx was in that folder. The path of the Eraser folder is C:\Users\Martin\AppData\Local\Eraser 6 under 64-bit editions of Windows 7 As a last resort, I saved my work and opened my file in a different photoshop 2020, only to find that it had indeed grouped behind the scenes, but had made my 4 files into 2 separate groups. If you have any idea as to how I can unravel the problem, I would love to hear it

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  1. The background eraser tool is quite a helpful tool in Photoshop which is used widely to retouch the pictures to make them look good. To remove the unwanted areas of the pictures, the background eraser tool works just fine. The images having fine detailing or unwanted backgrounds are corrected and edited using the background eraser
  2. Eraser working backwards. I went back a few weeks later to continue working on these images and now the eraser seems to be working in reverse. All areas in colour, that is areas i erased previously, are the only areas affected by the eraser tool. the effect being that it seems to re-apply the 0% saturation layer making the area revert to black.
  3. In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to cutout hair using the Background Eraser Tool, in Adobe Photoshop.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.
  4. Set Mouse Command as pen/eraser toggle. 3. Click Apply and O K buttons to exit. When the digital pen is in working mode, press the barrel button to switch between pen/eraser mode. The screen will indicate current pen/eraser mode. You may assign the barrel button to a different action in the Pen Tablet button settings
  5. For example, I could be drawing something in Photoshop, make a mistake, flip my pen over to the eraser and then it would erase. Now the eraser is nothing more than a button. Which is frustrating, especially for someone who's used to using the eraser function. It's not the battery. My pen functions fine other than not being able to erase
  6. The best method is to create a quickmask on the layer you are working with. You can find the little button with a circle down at the bottom of the layer palette. A box will appear beside your layer preview. Click in the box to select it and paint black (with any brush of your choice!) where you want to erase OR white where you want to keep
  7. The eraser tool doesn't work on the live type. 2. Symbols. The eraser tool of adobe illustrator doesn't work on illustrator symbols. If you are trying to edit an object and the eraser tool doesn't seem to work, then you should open the symbol panel to make sure that the object you are trying to modify isn't any kind of symbol

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  1. In Photoshop 22.4 (May 2021), use of 3D features (Text extrusion, Lighting Effects, Normal Map and Bump Map filters) may not update the screen properly or render the correct results. We recommend using the Tech Preview option for overriding Photoshop's native canvas mode to continue to use the 3D features
  2. Up until today, the eraser on the Surface pen has been working without a problem. However, today when I went to use it, the eraser was non-responsive. There is still a pointer that shows up as if I am pointing the tip at the screen, yet no action occurs. Its as if it has become a mouse cursor that cannot click
  3. GIMP eraser not working. GIMP has a wiping tool that, like all wipers in an image editor, can erase the part of an image it is used for. It can be used to remove a selected part of an image, to delete part of a masked layer, or simply to delete a line or a random object

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The eraser tool may not work if you have the pixels or transparency on a particular layer locked. Going back to our three individual layers (before I added them to a layer group), I can click on my Green Layer and then choose the Lock pixels option in the Lock section of the layers panel (denoted by the red arrow) GIMP has the same tools as Photoshop but many of its tools work differently and the workflow is different. Despite having the same tools, there is a noticeable difference between the two apps. GIMP eraser not working. GIMP has an eraser tool that, like all eraser tools in an image editor, can delete the part of an image that it is used on Would have preferred Adobe did undo on that tilde key, instead of messin' up my muscle memory. 1. level 1. gdbphotog. 1 year ago. I think it works by not shifting the tilde key. On Windows 10, it is the ` character. If I press the key ` key I am in eraser mode. Not sure if this is a bug, or they didn't document it correctly for Windows 10 To use the Eraser tool. Choose the Eraser tool (E or Shift-E). On the Options bar, do the following: Click a Soft Round brush on the Brush Preset picker. Choose a Mode of Brush, Pencil, or Block. For Brush or Pencil mode, choose an Opacity percentage and deactivate the Airbrush button; for Brush mode, keep the Flow setting at 100%

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Photoshop and Gimp for example work in a similar way (in Ps such images appear with a Lock icon next to their layer when loaded into the program). The only difference is that in those 2 programs, when you try to erase they use the color currently set as the background in the Color Picker Step 3. Now right click on the selection. Then choose Feather from the option. After the click, you will see a pop-up window for selecting a feather radius. The feather radius depends on the pixels and the resolution of your image. But it is better to keep the radius 3-5 pixels. In this image, we will use the feather radius of 5 pixels

The pen has now started working again but the eraser still does not work. I have now tried it on 3 different surface devices, on different versions of windows 10 (pre and post creator addition). On each one it has the same issue. The pen will write but the eraser will not work at all The Surface pen does work with Photoshop, which runs on Surface Pro, though advanced features such as pressure sensitivity and eraser functionality may not be available at this time. Microsoft is working with the necessary partners to make advanced features of the Surface pen available across a number of applications in the near future Solved: photoshop eraser not working - Adobe Support . Photoshop Eraser Tool. Photoshop's eraser tool can be found in the second group of icons in the toolbox. It has three variations: Eraser, Background Eraser and Magic Eraser. The eraser is basically a brush which erases pixels as you drag it across the image How to Fix GIMP Eraser Painting Instead of Erasing. Here's how you add an alpha channel to a layer in GIMP: Find the Layers Dialog. If you don't see it, go to Window > Dockable Dialogs > Layers. If the Layers Dialog was already open it will blink. If it wasn't open, it will open in a small window. Now, in the Layers Dialog, look for the.

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In this GIMP tutorial, I show you how to fix the eraser tool not working when trying to erase objects, layers, images, etc. I cover the 5 most common issues that may be causing your eraser tool to not work properly, or not behave/work the way you want it to The only practical reason that in might not be working, is if you are trying to Clone onto an area which is unselectedyou have an active selection which is hidden. If this is not the case then sounds like a reset of Photoshop Preferences is in order Well, if you have Wacom tablet, you should know that our pen have eraser on the top. This working well in Photoshop, but not in GIMP. Since I'm GIMP user, I would love this eraser working too, but I can't find the way So, I'm searching the web, and get the solution Download links do not work There is a new version Others Description Exif Eraser is an android Tools Apps , which is developed by Tom G. Applications-Development , It is downloaded over 10000 in google play How do you change the size of the eraser in Illustrator? Double-click the eraser-shaped Eraser tool from the Tools pallet. If you do not see the Tools pallet, click Window from the top menu and select Tools. Click the Diameter slider to the right to increase the size of the eraser

eraser not working; eraser not working. MS. Posted By. Mindy_Smith. May 19, 2005 Views. 194 Replies. 2 Status. How to Master Sharpening in Photoshop. Give your photos a professional finish with sharpening in Photoshop. Learn to enhance details, create contrast, and prepare your images for print, web, and social media.. The eraser was originally working fine and deleting parts of the layer I was working on, therefore revealing the layers underneath. Now suddenly it only can erase the Last Stroke made or when I select Paint Only and Layer Source & Paint it seems to build the layer back-up rather than erase it Eraser not working properly? Help! Close. 1. Posted by 1 day ago. Eraser not working properly? Help! I must've clicked something accidentally, but the other day my eraser tool started only making the image slightly lighter instead of actually getting rid of it. Can someone walk me through how to fix this please? 4 comments. share. save Eraser tool not working when brush or pencil mode is selected. M. Posted By. MrRetouch. Aug 18, 2003 Views. 381 Replies. 3 Status. Closed. After I upgraded to Windows Photoshop seven. I have not been able to get the eraser tool to work in any other way except in block format eraser and brush tools stopped working! help! eraser and brush tools stopped working! help! J. Posted By. jedibob666. Aug 21, 2007 Views. 372 Replies. 9 Status. We break down every tool and technique in Photoshop to get picture-perfect hair, every time. Related Discussion Topics. Nice and short text about related topics in discussion sections

So far, I have closed and restarted PS, rebooted the entire system, and unplugged and plugged in the tablet. And, the problem is not specific to this image file. The brush mode does not work on any image with the eraser tool selected. It's a conundrum wrapped in a mystery tied with an enigma. Susa Hi, The eraser was working fine, but all of a sudden it started to paint. I'm working with a wacom tablet, but no difference when using the keyboard directly instead of the styliser eraser. The eraser works when working in layers but not when working in channels. Greateful for guidence

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I have Photoshop CS2 which I originally upgraded from CS. The problem: Eraser tools does not erase / Brush tool does not brush. When I try to erase a layer - pixels are not removed. I can use the selection tool and delete them, but the erase tools does not function. (It works just find on my other computers - it worked find under CS) Brush and eraser not working CS6 I've had this problem like a hundred times and I always forget what's happened. The brush and eraser won't work on any layer, I've made new layers and they won't work, shape tools all work fine Place the cursor over the white area and press the mouse button. Pressing the mouse button, drag the cursor over all the white area. Since we selected 20% tolerance, the eraser will not affect other colors which are not white. If the tolerance were higher, the colors would be affected a little

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3 Jan 2012 7:03PM. Like 0. Use a standard black brush NOT eraser, paint on the layer mask (the white layer), ensure the layer is not locked. This hasn't changed in any of the editions of Photoshop. SP 4 pen, eraser not working. Tried taking battery out and putting back in, but no luck. I can still draw with the pen tip, and use the eraser button to open one note. But if i try to use the eraser in one note or photoshop, nothing happens. I've rebooted a couple of times today, no change. 15 comments. share. save. hide. report. 83% Upvoted

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· Paint Shop Pro :: Paint Brush And Eraser Stopped Working Apr 9, 2011. My program worked just great, then all of a sudden the paint brush and eraser will not do a thing. View 14 Replies View Related Photoshop :: Brush Size On Paint Brush / Clone Stamp Are Not Working Properly Nov 11, 201 How to use eraser tool in illustrator. You don't have to select any path or shape to use it. It will erase anything (Shape, path, and anchor points) on the layer if it is not locked.But there are few things that you can't do with an eraser tool such as text and imported images The pen eraser is not switching the application to eraser mode. I saw in shortcut editor, that tip and eraser are both seen as button 1. eraser is working fine in Wacom control panel, GIMP and photoshop. How can I help trouble shooting this ? I'm using a Wacom graphire 2 usb on Windows

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The Eraser tools in Photoshop Elements let you erase areas of your image. Elements has three eraser tools: the regular Eraser, the Background Eraser, and the Magic Eraser. The Eraser tools look like those pink erasers you used in grade school, so you can't miss them. If you can't locate them, you can always press E and then Shift+E to. The eraser on the stylus works great with the Intuos Pro M but for some reason, it won't work on the Cintiq 22HD most of the time. The only time it works is when I use a different stylus (the wacom airbrush stylus) on the eraser side for the first time. After that, the eraser side won't work again until I reconnect the tablet The shortcuts, though, require a harder pressing of the eraser button, while the erasing method needs the pen to just touch the screen. -This problem persists in every application used, in my case: OneNote App, OneNote 2016, Photoshop, ShetckBook and the Windows Ink Area. I fully recharged the pen via the type-C connector and the problem persists Learn how use the magic eraser in Adobe Photoshop. This tool can yes be magic but only in certain circumstances. It will allow you to erase pixels on a layer based on the tolerance range setting. If you have a simple colored background you can erase large amounts of areas at the same time

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Later on I got bored and was in a mood to draw, so I opened Photoshop (CS3), and to my surprise the pressure sensitivity wasn't working at all, neither was the eraser. So I was like wtf; I tried rebooting, reopening Photoshop, uninstalling and reinstalling (also updating) my tablets' driver (Bamboo Fun), but nothing at all worked, everything I. Exif Eraser App 4.3.0 Update 2021-08-07 - Added support for in-app updates via Google Play- Added image path dialog to report details which shows the saved image path- Fixed an issue where the image display name would be shown incorrectly in the report details- Updated icon

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Apowersoft Background Eraser is a professional one-click cutout software that automatically identifies the image, removes the extra background, and quickly creates a transparent background image. Compared to the complicated Photoshop, you don't need to spend any effort to learn and operate it

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