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  1. Phone Cleaner - Phone Cleaner - Booster is an amazing tool for android phone which will clean your phone from junk files, boost phone for games, remove unnecessary files and clean memory. Phone Cleaner Software - Phone Cleaner - Booster feature will clean all the junk files, frees up memory (RAM), and boosts the speed of your phone. junk remover uses a powerful cleaning engine that cleans all.
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  3. To perform a clean wipe of your phone, open the Settings app, go to General and scroll down to Reset. Select Erase All Content and Settings. If you use iCloud, wait until all important settings are uploaded and then confirm: The process takes a while. However, at the end you'll have a fresh and clean iPhone again
  4. Delete unwanted files in iCloud Drive from your iPad or iPhone. 1. On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Files app. 2. Tap Browse at the bottom of the screen. 3. In the Locations section, select.
  5. One tap is all you would like to start a phone cleanup. you will see your stats at the highest of the screen; free space and RAM show next to your rank score, where you receive points for your cleanup actions. If you'd like better to set and forget, Droid Optimizer allows you to line up regular, automated cleaning
  6. 3 Tap Samsung Cloud. 4 Sync your data with Samsung Cloud. To backup and restore data, follow these steps: 1 Tap Settings. 2 Tap Cloud and accounts. 3 Tap Backup and restore. 4 Tap Back up data > Select the Apps to back up > BACK UP. 5 Tap Restore data > Select the Apps to restore > RESTORE. Using External SD Card
  7. ders. Clean Doctor also offers a suite of utilities, like a tone generator to test your speakers, battery life tips, and even a browser web cache cleaner

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Clean up your Downloads Head over to the Setting app and tap the Storage tab. Inside you'll find a handy rundown of everything that's taking up space on your phone, just like on Nougat. Here's how to check and manage storage on your iPhone: Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. At the top, you'll see a color-coded bar showing how much space you have left, how much is taken up, and what's taking it up. The biggest categories are usually Photos and Apps, but that depends on your usage

By bringing you the hands-free cleaning, in-depth privacy protection, ultimate speed-up and an array of innovative iOS maintaining features, PhoneClean 5 comes to elevate your iPhone, iPad experience, even at a whole new scale. Tips: If you are also seeking a way to keep your Windows PC cleaner, faster and safer, congrats you make it Related: How to Install All Apps Directly on the MicroSD Card in an Android Phone. Clean your Android: Files by Google, the magic application. Files by Google is a file manager that has a very useful component for cleaning up your smartphone. The app is installed by default on most Android smartphones

First of all download and install this cool app Clean Master on your Android device. Now launch the app and click on the Scan button there and then after scanning click on Clean. A cache clearing process will start and all your cache and junk files will get cleared you can also go to advanced settings to manage large files of your Android Also free up space on lg v30 device. Just make sure you look and see exactly what you're deleting before you delete it. ‬ ‬ the smart cleaning on lg g5 tries to delete your idle apps as well as unused files and apps' cache to manage your storage Advertisement. Once the editing feature is active, scroll down to the very bottom of the page, where you'll find the Delete Contact option. Be sure to tap this twice, as the first only brings up the confirmation prompt, and the second is what actually throws the contact in the trash. And just like that, the duplicate is done for

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To pick from a list of photos, videos, and apps that you haven't used recently: Open your phone's Settings app. Tap Storage. Tap Manage storage. To pick something to delete, tap the empty box on the right. (If nothing is listed, tap Browse .) To delete the selected items, at the bottom, tap Free up You won't ask how to clean my android phone any more. App Cache Cleaner: clean useless application cache files. Junk Cleaner Master: powerful junk cleaner. Speed Booster: phone booster and RAM cleaner to speed up your android phone. Memory Booster: release memory and boost phone. Power Clean Battery Saver: power cleaner kills battery draining. How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad. Is the storage full on your iOS device? Here's how to figure out what's taking up the most space on your iPhone and iPad so you can decide what to delete

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  1. Clear cache in the Chrome app (the default Android web browser) 1. Open the Chrome app on your device. 2. Tap the three-dot icon, found at the top right, to open a dropdown menu
  2. The iPhone and iPad tend to slow down as they gradually get clogged up with unwanted files and apps. In this article, we explain how to clean out the cache, junk and memory-clogging files on your.
  3. Contacts Optimizer: I tested out Contacts Optimizer, which promises to thoroughly clean up your contacts, on my Moto G5 Plus. I started off with 1,654 contacts, a number that even I found surprising
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In less than 5 minutes, your phone could be back up to speed. MORE: Android Guide: Tips, Tricks and How-Tos for Nougat and Marshmallow Clear your Cached Data (30 seconds Tap OK and your phone will restart in safe mode. When the device is in Safe mode, all third-party apps will be disabled and you should see the words Safe Mode at the lower left corner of the screen. Step 2. Now that your phone is in Safe Mode, go to the Settings Menu and then choose Apps. Look at the downloaded apps

Steps To Clean Up Your Android Device To Make It Faster. The method is very simple and depends on the cool app that will let you clear all your junk files in Android and helps your Android to perform faster. So have a look on these apps below to proceed. 1. Make Sure You Have The Updated Phone iPhone. Description. ***Cleanup Duplicate Contacts app is now completely FREE***. ***REDUCED FROM $2.99 to $0 FOR A LIMITED PERIOD***. ---- NEW FEATURE: AUTOMATIC CONTACT UPDATE SUGGESTIONS NOW AVAILABLE ON CLEAN UP DUPLICATES APP ----. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts app will automatically suggest contact updates if any of the contacts in your. Tap the blue CLEAN NOW button. This button will delete all the cached, residual and advertisement files on your Galaxy to free up some storage. This button will display how much extra space you can gain by cleaning unnecessary data. For example, if the button is labeled (+100 MB), you will gain 100 megabytes of storage space by cleaning now Microfiber cloth (soft and lint-free). Cotton swabs. Apply a small amount of liquid to the microfiber cloth and gently clean the screen and casing, using cotton swabs for harder to reach areas. 2. Back up Your Phone. The idea here is to ensure you have backed up all of your data in one secure location Phone Cleaner helps you free up huge amounts of space on your device and optimize the storage by organising your media and help you remove unneeded junk! You can do it with 4 different mode: 1) Sort files by size, see the biggest files at the top of the list with detailed information about the size of the file so you'll be able to decide which.

Learn how to clean your phone and keep it constantly sanitized and disinfected with these device hygiene tips. More tips and tricks: https://www.youtube.com/.. To stop your phone from saving texts forever, open up the Settings app and tap Messages. Scroll down until you find Message History and tap Keep Messages. Change Forever to 30 Days or 1 Year Looking to get even more speed and performance from your Android phone or tablet? You can increase the RAM on your Android phone to give your phone more memory, or dive in and try cleaning up your Android phone yourself. AVG Cleaner for Android is a memory cleaner that will bring your Android device back to optimal performance levels

Most people only think about cleaning up their phone when something starts to go wrong. Android devices are smart enough that regular maintenance isn't necessary, but it's still a good idea to perform a digital tune-up every once in a while. Don't underestimate the impact of staying digitally organized---it might just keep your phone working. As lovely as the iPhone's compact nature is, the charm comes to a full stop when you run out of memory. Far from being an international crisis, this problem is easily rectified: you can free up some space on your iPhone in a matter of minutes by getting rid of apps, data, and media that you don't use If you're not ready to buy a new Android phone and you don't have a microSD where you can move your data, you can probably pick up a lot of space with only a little bit of house cleaning

Clean Doctor. This app is available for both your iPhone and iPad. Clean Doctor is one of the best iPhone cleaner apps that help in better management of storage on your iPhone. It has many features like automated photo cleanup and video cleanup. However, the feature that makes the app stand out is the duplicates cleaner This program is a simple tool to clean up your device by sorting all the app documents in one window by size, date or name and delete the largest ones. Here you can see an example of sorting by size and then mass deleting. Clean your mailbox. If you use your iCloud address for your email, emails will also be backed up to your free 5GB of storage Clean up files on your Android device. Whether you bought your Android device last year -- or last month -- you can benefit from a little spring cleaning. Nicole Cozma. April 1, 2014 12:48 p.m. PT To free your iPhone storage, you can back up all important files to your PC before deleting them. Tenorshare iCareFone has a free back up feature. It can help you free back up data without any limitations. What's more, you can transfer your WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android, or iPhone to iPhone with this tool Clear out old texts. There's an easier way to get rid of old messages than deleting every individual text or chain. In fact, you can literally get your phone to clean itself up

Now that Spring is upon us, you should have a good clear out on your smartphone. We take a look at some Android and iOS spring cleaning tips and apps to freshen up your phone Clean up your browser(s) Similar comments apply here. Cellphone viruses are becoming more sophisticated but a lot of them are still fairly simple and just operate through your browser. This means that if you clean up your internet cache(s), you stand a fairly good chance of getting rid of the virus

Press and hold the Power button until you see the slide to power off option. Release the Power button and hold down the Home button for about 5 seconds. After a few seconds, your screen will flash blank signifying that you have successfully cleared RAM on your iPhone. Enter your password if prompted Such deleted files could be taking up storage on your phone. So you need to empty the recycle bin or trash folder manually. You will find it in apps like Samsung Gallery, Google Photos, OneDrive, etc

It will take a few minutes for the device to be fully erased, but once it's done and boots up again, your old iPhone or iPad is clean, unassociated with your Apple ID, and ready to be sold A factory reset will wipe your Android phone or tablet clean, so make sure that everything you care about is backed up first. You'll also want to fully charge your device and ensure that you. Memory Boost - Clean up memory (RAM) and optimize phone speed by removing redundant background tasks. Stop auto-start Apps to increase boot speed and reduce memory usage. 1-tap memory cleaner and booster widget makes it easy to clean your phone directly from the homescreen. Game Boost - Boost your game speed up to 80%+, say bye-bye to lagging Clean hidden files to boost up iPhone. 3. CleanMyPhone. Though someone may say that no iOS iPhone cleaner can easily clear all junk that iPhone have, but still this app has gained a good reputation for its simple interface and ability to clear out residue and temporary files thus creating more space in your device

Clean Up Apple Messages to Free Up Space Don't let videos, photos, GIFs, and stickers buried in text messages fill up your Apple devices' storage. Our guide shows you how to dig them out of the. Before cleaning any of your devices be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions for keeping your tech clean. The best way to clean your phone cases and accessories. It isn't just your phone's surfaces that get grimy; your phone case and any accessories such as headphones pick up germs, too

Your Samsung Galaxy uses a cache to store temporary files for the apps on your phone. This cache can become bloated, and take up excess space or even slow down the phone Clean up the iOS System and Boost Your iPhone's Running Performance. Due to the iTunes photo caches in your iOS system, the iPhone photo library takes up much storage but you have a few or no photos on your iPhone. The System Cleanup module allows to clear these caches without any hassle CleanMyPhone is a resourcefully simple and effective App to ensure that your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch are clean. Such cleaner Apps for iPhone & iPad comprises with useful tools like App Cleaner, Disk Manager, File and Folder remover, Large Files Finder, One-Click-Copy and way more. CleanMyPhone is one of the best iPhone cleaner Apps of 2021 and a must-have solution for all iOS device users.

From the pop-up, select My apps & games and then navigate to the INSTALLED tab. Step 2 : On this page, sort all the installed apps by Last used. This way, the least used app will come on top of. Needless to say, first make sure that all of your data is transferred to your new phone, backed up, or both. Once your old phone has reset, there's no going back. Grid View We've got even more tricks for cleaning up storage on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch — you name it. IPad Pro. Apple still hasn't caught up with demand for 2021 iPad Pro. Cult of Mac - Ed Hardy • 7h. Those eager to get the 12.9-inch version of the 2021 iPad Pro still face a week+ wait when ordering from Apple. But the situation has. Step 3: Next thing you must do is check your iTunes syncing settings at the same time, if you have selected your favorite podcast manager for iPhone Downcast, then you don't have to now sync the podcasts you download in iTunes. This implies on all like calendars, email, contacts, and all the default apps. Undo all the things which will not help you to speed up the syncing process

I use OneDrive as a way to share photos with extended family. I frequently upload photos from my phone to my OneDrive. Over time, the size of the files has begun to add up and my iPhone X now has about 11gb of storage being consumed by my OneDrive files (which is a duplication of the files already on my phone) Scan your iPhone. Now click on the Qucik Scan button it will start scanning your iPhone. When the scanning process is completed it will show you what kinds of data can be cleared on iPhone. Step3. One Click to Clean. Click on the Clean button of each item that you want to clear, like Temporary Files Storing backups in iCloud is a fantastic idea if your iPhone, iPad, or Mac ever gets reset for any reason. We can't stress enough how important it is to know how to back up your iPhone and iPad, as well as your Mac, especially if you just got a new iPhone, or updated to iOS 14, so you don't want to lose any important files, photos, or app data.. That being said, every backup takes up space Your cell phone is the third hand you don't wash. Sanitize it with the PhoneSoap UV light. Stop the spread of bacteria in homes and hospitals. Sanitizes phones, keys, cards & money Turn off and unplug your phone. Thoroughly wash your hands, using soap and water; scrub for at least 20 seconds. Gently wipe down the outside of the phone, including the screen, with an anti-bacterial wipe.Or, spray a soft cloth with an alcohol-based disinfectant cleaner containing 70% isopropyl and use that to clean your phone

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There are so many places like music, videos, apps, emails, and countless more locations on your iPhone where junk and clutter accumulates. It has been proved that a handy iPhone cleaner can help you get rid of all the annoying clutter, and keep your iPhone alive and perform at best. In this article, we've bought together some of the best iPhone cleaner apps to clean redundant files. Android. Some models will want you to go into Settings and encrypt the data. Then you want to do a factory reset by going into Settings. Click Backup and reset. Scroll all the way down. If you notice green build-up in or around your charging port, it's best to get professional help to clean your phone. But if you choose to do it yourself, you may be able to clear some of the crust with cotton swabs. How to clean a phone's speaker. Another part of your phone that's likely caked with dirt and debris? Your speakers Here are 10 things taking up space on your phone that definitely don't need to be there. All your text messages, ever It's one thing to save a cute voicemail from your significant other, or a. Cleaning Apps. You do not need to clean your phone often unless your device is hard pressed for storage space. If you do need to clean the device often, you can do so by going to Settings > Storage > Cached data and clean the cache for all the applications

1. Don't back up so much. iCloud's automatic backups can take up a lot of space. There are two kinds of backups: system backups and individual app backups. Let's look at system backups first. The same logic applies to apps, so fire up the Play Store, open the menu at the top left and tap My apps and make sure all of the apps you use are up to date. Clean up your home scree Tips to Keep Your Cell Phone Cleaner and Germ-Free . Clean your cell phone immediately if it comes into contact with anything that might cause stains like make-up, ink, dye or sticky foods. Wash your hands more often and consider skipping bathroom texting. The cleaner your hands, the cleaner your phone. Use an antimicrobial cover

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A 1-Touch Speed Up mode can be set to clean the memory cache and stop background apps (with an optional whitelist), while a more selective Clean Up mode lets you go point by point Upon clicking the Clean button, this data will be removed and thus your iPhone/iPad will have more data available for other apps and tasks. Features and highlights. Delete cache / off-line files and make your iPhone running faster; Protect your privacy by cleaning up cookie and script files; Get rid of partially downloaded or sync-failed. Use this handy trick to clean up your iPhone's messy home screen. Published Tue, Aug 14 2018 1:06 PM EDT Updated Tue, Now you'll see a grid of your phone's home screen on the page Before you trade in your old phone, it's important to properly wipe the data clean. A factory reset will work, so long as you encrypt the phone first. For Android users, if you existing phone.

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Don't forget to have your Apple ID password handy outside of your phone. if you use a password app like LastPass, your app won't be live on the new phone for a bit while you do the setup and. Wipe Your Phone. If you are fortunate enough to get a mobile phone provided to you by the company, clear that out too. Phones are easier and faster to reset than PCs. On an iPhone, go to the. While a clean install on iPhone is not necessary, some of us just like to do so because it's like cleaning out the closet of our device. If you're upgrading your phone, a clean install won't speed things up — the hardware upgrade will do that for you 01-03-2016 06:35 PM. ricky1402, We certainly want people to be able to leave you a voicemail. I agree with Ann154, have you checked to see if your mailbox is full? If so, you will want to delete out messages. You may do this by dialing *86 to access your voicemail and option 7 to delete a message. ChristinaM_VZW

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But cleaning your phone — thoroughly, I mean — is not as straightforward as it might seem. There are all sorts of nooks and crannies, delicate glass and intricate protective cases. 1 New in Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone 1.0.384829210: Recover accidentally deleted files with Trash (currently rolling out). Find and clean up blurry images. See what types of files are taking up space with the new storage breakdown screen The phone's screen is where smudges, fingerprints and oils can build up — along with bacteria. Apple, Samsung and Google all offer suggestions about how to best clean your screen

Free up Space After using this software to clean up your Android phone, all the useless files will disappear from your Android device. So more space will be free up on Android device. Also, the performance and the speed of your Android device will be boosted and optimized to a large degree Our cleaning tips and tricks will help you boost performance, speed, and battery life on your computer, phone, and tablet. Clean Up Your Mac Automatically Get AVG TuneUp for Mac to clean up junk files and free up space 2. Clean Master (or any cleaning app) Cleaning apps promise to clean up your phone to boost performance. While i t's true that deleted applications sometimes leave behind some cached data, it's not necessary to download a dedicated cleaner. Just go to Settings > Storage > and tap Cached data Can you clean an iPhone with alcohol. Apple has also confirmed that you can use 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes to clean an iPhone. Alcohol Wipes are used in healthcare to clean around a wound, or.