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The dead bird stuffed into my turkey vest at the end of it—even though he was a jake—was the exclamation point on it all. According to the National Wild Turkey Federation, there is no biological reason to not shoot a jake, other than the obvious fact that there will be one fewer 2-year-old next year And, unless you have a jake (a young male bird), it can be challenging to cook a wild turkey whole. The sinews in the legs will not break down and will be even harder than in a store-bought bird,.. Turkey How to Kill a Tom Off the Roost Andrew Johnson Apr 7, 2020 Decoys come in all shapes and sizes, but it's hard to beat jake-and-hen combos for all-season use. More specifically, I like to use a jake decoy in a half- or quarter-strut posture, as it presents a challenge to a dominant gobbler..

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  1. If you need 10-15 pellets in the kill zone to reliably kill a turkey it does not matter how many pellets miss. January 19th, 2017 08:00 AM # ADS. My last bird was a jake standing still at 25 yards. It was a kill, but not a clean BANG-FLOP as desired. (bad aim) in the head so my answer is 2
  2. Bad weather seems to be a theme here, but that may be for a reason -- it hampers our success. But the last evening, skies cleared, wind died, I had a bird roosted, and morning promised great things. Except my turkey was gone. Who knows how or why, but it happens
  3. A quarter-strut jake decoy over a hen works in the rain. Jace Bauserman. 3. A Quarter-Strut Decoy Will Do. I like to use full-strut tom decoys as much as the next guy, but found on wet days, a quarter-strut jake placed over a laydown hen to be the ticket. Turkeys seek open areas in the rain for safety reasons

If that makes any sense. Personally, 1 Turkey during archery, and it has to be a tom/jake is not a bad way to change things, honestly they could just eliminate them all together in the fall, and I wouldn't care. I am out there trying to kill a buck, turkeys are targets of opportunity. 20 Solution: Use a jake decoy instead of a tom to tone down the dominance display. The closer to breeding season a turkey gets, the less tolerant he becomes of his competition. Using a tom may spook subordinate birds that have been roughed up already. However, they will see a jake decoy as a chance to redeem themselves I'll never forget what the late Mr. Ben Ezell told me the first day that I guided a sport (a paid hunting client). Mr. Ben said if a turkey gobbles five times at the most in a morning, he is ready. If you didn't kill him then, you probably won't kill him the rest of the season, because he won't be gobbling again

I have passed jakes before wating for a tom only to not get anything. From now on, if it has a beard, it's going down in spring. If I ever do fall hunt, if it looks like a turkey, sounds like a turkey, it must be one and it's going down. Plenty of turkeys in this state, have no problem killing a hen. Less to carry 1. You've Got Bad Rhythm. You can match turkey sounds perfectly, but if you're making them at the wrong cadence - too fast or too slow - you don't sound like a turkey, and so you'll rarely call one in. By contrast, making off-tone noises but with the correct cadence works well enough to kill spring turkeys every day of the season When hunting mountain birds, I rarely use a full-strut tom. Decoys are great because the open terrain allows birds to see the fakes, but stay with a jake-and-hen combo. What Makes Them Easy: Farris adds that the mountain Merriam gets labeled as a dumb turkey because of how far birds are sometimes willing to come to a call. Think. not pictured is a jake I accidentally shot on my first hunt in the home state of Ga - I'll post the video later Kentucky season rolled around and got to kill my first bird with a bow with no ground blind Dang turkeys made me feel bad about myself this spring. Can't wait for it to start again. Reactions: Tellis88. Jul 26, 2020.

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Using turkey talk is the number one way to kill a big long beard. Turkey calling is turkey hunting 101. Sweet yearning, seductive sounds of very excited lonesome hen turkeythat is what we are trying to achieve here - Michael Waddell. Learning this talk, and learning how to sound like that lonesome hen is achieved after a couple. His partner laughed. I simply smiled and told them the exact name of the canyon I was planning to get to. The jokester looked me dead in the eye and said, If that's what I have to do to kill a turkey, I don't want to kill one. That's a miserable hike. And if you do kill one, you have to pack it back out. I didn't respond

How to Kill a Tom in the Rain. Dr. Seth Bynum Mar 26, 2021. Gobblers love good weather. Crisp, clear mornings and abundant sunshine entice an otherwise tight-lipped old longbeard to broadcast his vitality and availability for spring romance. His fondness for an idyllic sunrise makes sense when you consider his breeding strategy revolves around. What makes a turkey.. Mounts are personal, so you should mount or not mount whatever the hell you want. I have a good many mounted, and they make me happy. Someone else's opinion on what makes you happy shouldn't mean a damn thing. I shot a gobbler next to a Jake decoy yesterday

Turkey roundup: Opening week of season full of hunting highlights. I call it the Aura of Bad Intentions, and it is a major part of my hunting strategy. At some point in time, you've probably. Ha yep we asked around aleady and got permission on a ranch from my buddies families connection about 4 hours west of Omaha. He said why the hell you wanna drive all the way out here to kill a turkey. I had 200 of them out the back door the other day haha. I grew up around the Denison area, graduated from ISU in 2010 as well in Ag business The Eastern wild turkey is a large and truly magnificent bird. Adult males, also called toms or gobblers, have red, blue, and white skin on the head during the spring breeding display. They have a long beard of hair-like feathers on their chests and spurs on their legs that can be from 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches in length. Their call is a gobble

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  1. Turkey hunting is one of my favorite times of the year and signifies the start of spring as the forest begins to blossom and migratory birds come back to the area. The main reason I think turkey hunting is a blast is that it is a hunt of strategy and response from an animal
  2. If you are looking for the best eating turkey, a jake is hard to beat. Generally, a jake will likely weigh in the 10-14 lb. range. While there are always exceptions, I can not believe someone bagged a 56 lb turkey (unless it was white and in a pen). I have seen a couple of 28 pounders here in Iowa
  3. Mississippi is another state to make the list. It's also one of the few places that it's illegal (statewide) to kill a jake. Because of this, it has a higher percentage of 2-year-old birds than most of its neighbors. With nearly a quarter of a million turkeys, and only about 40,000 hunters, there's plenty of longbeards to go around

22,224 Posts. #19 · Apr 19, 2011. #1 for those who think its predators, all of the states that have better turkey hunting has just as many predators. They don't help - but they aint the root cause. #2 if you think its jake killing remember, jakes don't lay eggs, they cannot add 10-12 turkey poulets every spring This was turkey #36 with this revolver. 21 1/2#, 9 beard, 1 1/2 spurs. Found a bullet that puts a 1 1/4 hole thru the wing butts with no meat damage. Went back here in the fall. After 5 trips I got a 19#, 7beard, 1 spur gobbler at just 68 yards. He was feeding with 4 hens and one jake. # 37 .454 turkey Joined Feb 25, 2010. ·. 2,337 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · 3 mo ago (Edited) One of the things that I looked forward to when I retired in 2019, was getting to have more time to chase turkeys. The fact has always been that I'm a pretty bad turkey hunter. I have for many years used them as an excuse to hunt with my stickbow rather than any. Turkey season: These are the hunting rule changes you need to know. Turkey season for youth hunters begins on March 8 and opens statewide on March 15, but before you hunt, be aware that the.

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I've always heard my father talk about the stages a fly fisherman goes through. Joan Wulff once said: I see fly fishermen we go through stages, first we want to catch the most fish, then the biggest then the most difficult then we get to the conservation of the resource, now you have got to.. OTOH, I fired a 2-3/4 1-1/8oz #7.5 Kent dove load at paper a couple years back with one of my turkey rigs for the heck of it. At 30yds it ate up the target, real nice and even pattern with way more than enough in the kill zone to seal the deal. I'd suggest to buy a box of 1-1/8oz 7.5s and see what she'll do How to Kill a Longbeard While Fall Turkey Hunting There's a difference between a good and bad flock flush, as all veteran fall turkey hunters know. In a lousy break, smaller groups of birds stay together. yawp — will get a super jake (a year-and-one-half-old male turkey) or mature gobbler's interest. Like the cluck, it's a.

In the spring a gobbler is subject to engage in three things, breeding, fighting and sleeping. Catch him alone and his breeding instincts can get him killed. Catch him in the right mood and his dominating tendencies can get him killed. Don't be afraid to try different tactics, calls, approaches ect. X2. 100% agreed By far the easiest way to kill a gobbler in the spring is finding his roost the night before. Use your pre-season scouting observations to key in on a general area where the turkey might be spending the night. When you get off work, hop in the Bad Boy Buggy and head to the woods

I know it's considered bad practice to call in a gobbler preseason. Conventional wisdom has it that you don't want to spook him or educate him to calls. But I can't resist and typically let a few come into view. I want to see if it's a mature bird or a jake Turkey kill down this Ohio spring. June 7, 2012. Mike Moore Editor. Athens, Ohio — Hunters checked 17,647 wild turkeys during Ohio's four-week statewide spring turkey hunting season that ended May 15, according to the DNR Division of Wildlife. The preliminary total represents a 3 percent decrease over last year's harvest number of 18,162 If you are interested in learning more about managing wild turkeys, visit the Wild Turkey Habitat Management page for more information, or contact one of the Turkey Program Biologists listed below to schedule a free site visit to your property! Wild Turkey Program Coordinator. Adam Butler. (601) 695-6795. AdamB@mdwfp.state.ms.us

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A longbeard might not be interested in hens, but he won't forget his place in the ever-dynamic turkey social structure. Gobbling or jake-yelping might prompt a gobbler to rush in, looking to kick the tail of a rival. Or, it could reassure a turkey that seems more interested in male company that his buddies are waiting for him Unlike those smaller game birds, a turkey with a broken wing can easily and quickly outdistance a man on its powerful legs. During the fall, as in the spring, it is far more common and effective to lie in ambush and wait for a more precise shot, preferably to the head, to ensure a more reliable kill and to avoid damaging the delicious meat

After 8 years and well over 100 hunts, I did knock down a Jake on the last evening of the season. I hadn't planned to kill a Jake, but that was the only opportunity I had and I just couldn't bring myself to eat turkey tag soup yet again Corb, are you ok with shooting a Jake or do you want to wait for that longbeard? Dad, a turkey is a turkey for me. OK, Get ready I did a fly down cackle with my MAC slate call and all three jakes let out thunderous gobbles. It sounded like the crowd cheering at Beaver Stadium in the quite morning. Corbin nearly jumped out of his skin I've raised a pile of turkeys, Eastern turkeys, not your typical barnyard variety. I have never had a Jake that did not successfully breed a hen. I've hatched out eggs that were fertilized by Jakes many, many times. As far as the hen being receptive to a Jake in the wild when she would rather a big stud, I don't know about that

Gut bomb: That turkey burger could kill you, and here's why Consumer Reports recently tested hundreds of samples of ground turkey from U.S. supermarkets. The results will make your stomach turn When I was a Jake member at 12 years old with the NWTF and entered into turkey calling competitions, this was my favorite call. Now granted, I never won a competition, but I'll always remember being up on stage and holding true to my grandmother's nickname for me: Little Turkey. The kee-kee run is pretty much just that: a little turkey

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Turkey Identification A Tom is a mature male turkey, a Jake is a juvenile male turkey, a Hen is a female turkey. Before we get into how to hunt turkeys, let's make sure you can identify and locate these bad larries. There are three basic turkeys you will see, Tom- the adult male, Jakes- younger males, and Hens- the females No it wouldn't. I'd still use it if I saw fit for the situation. No use in outlawing them, or blind for that matter, if that's what folks desire to use to kill their limit. By chance have you ever hunted a gobbler with a bow My point is that , alot of hunters rely on decoys to turkey hunt, whereas the real thrill and rewarding hunt is one where you get up tight on the roost, and snooker a bird in the woods sitting against a tree without a decoy. That is the thrill for me. 1. level 1. jasper181

Buy actual turkey loads (will be a picture of turkey on the box, and a steeper price tag). Most common shot sizes are a #6, #5, #4, or a combination of shot sizes. If your shotgun is equipped for inter-changeable chokes you will want at least a full choke which comes with many shotguns. Or buy an aftermarket turkey choke for your particular. Using Turkey Decoys for Hunting Grand Slam Gobblers. Turkey decoys work well on any species of turkey, and I have been fortunate enough to chase 4 of the sub species over the years. Some choose to. The shells I have used were 3 Federal turkey loads #4 shot. Killed a jake at 55 yrds once. My hunting buddy that was calling for me didn't think a 20 ga. was a good turkey gun. With a youth especially long shots are a bad idea. A youth wounding a bird could be the last time they It only takes a few pellets to kill a turkey when you hit.

For the longer walk ins I will stick to the Jake decoy but this this is truly amazing in realism. Rated 5 out of 5. Jason M - February 27, 2018. This thing is amazing its been a total game changer for me on tough hard to kill mature gobblers i used it to kill a turkey in 5 different states last season and cant wait to put it to use this year Rachel Barr and her dad, Dr. Larry Barr, with Rachel's first bow-killed gobbler, and Eastern subspecies. She was 14 years old at the time. Rachel Barr set out to complete a wild turkey world. To kill a turkey instantly you need at least 6 pellets in the vital area (brain and spinal cord) of the bird. The general rule of thumb is 100 pellets in a ten inch circle. However rather than relying to the 100 in ten rule I prefer to shoot at life-sized turkey targets with the vial zone highlighted and then just count the pellets that hit the.

I do this to make the approaching big bad tom turkey have to turn away from me (at which point I draw) and then he ends up broadside as he challenges the jake (at which point I release). Back to the actual shot placement: Put that pin right at the crease of his wing, slightly above the beard, and let it fly The DSD ¾ Strut Jake forever changed the turkey decoy market when we released him in 2009! He is our original and still our best selling gobbler decoy to date. His posture is DEADLY accurate and says that he wants to get with a hen but his small stature makes him a prime target for approaching gobblers and even other jakes Older, more dominant birds have the longest and sharpest spurs, which helps them fend off younger turkeys when vying for breeding rights. Photo Credit: John Hafner. A spur is a long talon or claw on the back of a turkey's leg, about 2 inches above the foot. Spurs are made of smooth, shiny keratin, and range in color from black, gray or pink

Sometimes it pays to keep your calls in your turkey vest when it comes to battling high-pressure turkeys. Ditch the Decoys. The Nemesis became more and more guarded when it came to approaching my decoy setups, particularly after having a bad encounter in previous hunts. He didn't want anything to do with a gobbler or jake decoy This too makes a lot of sense, Jake clearly was used to kill off past sheriffs. Rango will eventually be killed by Bad Bill (Tortoise John's gila monster enforcer). Elgin and Sergeant Turkey are veterans from opposing sides of an animal Civil War Trained to Kill: Directed by H. Kaye Dyal. With Frank Zagarino, Glen Eaton, Lisa Aliff, Marshall R. Teague. After a retired US army man is murdered by a crime lord, his two sons, one of them adopted after the old man rescued him from Cambodia during the Vietnam war, train hard and then start looking for the criminal to avenge their father

By Jake Smith. Mar 16, 2020 roasts, and a whole chicken or turkey, which can all last up to one year. On the other end of the spectrum, processed meats like bacon and hot dogs are the least. The Executioner: The title character is shown doing this on the cover of Council of Kings.He has to cross a roomful of deadly snakes, so borrows some cans of hairspray from the Girl of the Week and uses this trope to clear a path. The third can refuses to ignite so he ends up throwing it at a king cobra. Done in The Mist, by Stephen King, in both the book and the movie after 3 years of trying to kill a turkey with a bow, i finally got it done with these broadheads. I tried three different heads previously including Rage Turkey Broadhead all of which resulted in lost birds. One broadhead actually bounced off the bird. It had too large of a cutting diameter and did not penetrate at 10yds

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I will give you all the information I can. A week or so before season go down into your spot or area that you may find via topo maps. I have camped at Brookville 3 years opening day for 3 days except last year and the year before. There are turkey absolutley everywhere in Brookville so no area is a bad area. Scouting is so important Jake 05/24/2021 (10:06 pm) Reply. In the absence of a clothes dryer, what are your thoughts about using a hot dry iron to kill ticks that might be in clothing, ironing the clothing, slowly, both inside and out. Thank you A lot of people will ask you why you would want to hunt a Jake Turkey, because a lot of hunters actually consider it unsportsmanlike and bad form to kill a Jake Turkey. A Jake Turkey is an immature male, usually in their first year of life and usually recognizable from a Tom or a gobbler which is what an adult male is called 22,224 Posts. #19 · Apr 19, 2011. #1 for those who think its predators, all of the states that have better turkey hunting has just as many predators. They don't help - but they aint the root cause. #2 if you think its jake killing remember, jakes don't lay eggs, they cannot add 10-12 turkey poulets every spring You would have to kill me. From, Jake a. Turkey. Reply. The poor turkey aka Ally. 11/24/2014 08:54:52 am. Dear Mrs. Luckett 11-24-14 Hi. I have herd that you really want to eat turkey especially me:(. I'm so sad that you want to eat me. You shouldn't eat me because I'm just a little poor Turkey that wants to be free and not ate for.

Some say the problem is hunters are killing dominant birds before they get a chance to breed, then the hens won't breed with a subdominant bird for a while. Large ranches, in those same states, with no turkey hunting don't have as many birds now, either. From: Chief. 02-May-21 Jakes are usually 14 -15 pounds, lighter if it was a bad winter, even if they were fed supplementally. Mature toms, anywhere from 18-22 pounds, with the 22 pounds being fairly rare. I shot a 17 pound tom once at the end of the season, he had very few breast feathers left and he looked worn out from breeding-he was. Hens are 10-12

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Register Log In Home Forums Trapper Talk Turkey hunting is tough! Bad year Central MO was a bust numbers were way down out of 5 of us my buddies wife got a Jake the other day and that guys a caller. On my 4th trip to the Black Hills now it has snowed/rained about every day I've been here just stopped raining again The jake will also be about 10 yards apart from the hens left to right as well. I will have the junior hunter set up on the jake. Percentages are about 99 times out of a 100 the incoming gobbler. A Jake banded in Kentucky was killed 5 years later with 7/8 inch spurs for instance. Only God and carbon dating knows for sure. I made a bad shot on a full fanned Longbeard some years ago and knocked him down only to have him limp off dragging a leg and was not able to find him. Turkey, pheasant, grouse, woodcock all things talked. My Penedesenca cockerel had been pestering one of my turkey hens, chasing her around and trying to get her to fight. Well, she finally had enough of it, I guess, and she injured him badly enough to kill him. This morning the back of his head was somewhat bloodied and his comb was, too. The..