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  1. Even on the incredible off chance that Destiel became canon, it'd basically be the writers caving to the fans instead of writing the show how they want it. I ship Wincest & Destiel, but I seriously don't understand how people can honestly think either one would become canon. 17 level
  2. There have been some rumors about Supernatural script writers wanting to make Destiel canon, such as in season 7, but they ultimately decided not to. Furthermore, it was scripted for Dean to say I love you to Castiel, however, Jensen Ackles decided to alter the lines to You are family
  3. Yes, that dynamic shifts to include Bobby or Charlie or Benny or Castiel, but the show, at its core, is about the Winchesters kicking ass, taking names, and ganking demons. I don't need a canonized Destiel because I don't need that dynamic to change
  4. But not all fans are behind the coupling of the hunter and the angel. Some believe the Destiel romance part of the fan base has created and argued for detracts from the show as a whole. Here are five reasons Destiel should be canon and five why it shouldn't. 10 CANON: They Make a Hilarious Du
  5. I JUST HAD TO UPLOAD THIS SCENE BECAUSE I'M HAVING A MENTAL BREAKDOWNRT on Twitter: https://twitter.com/soberdenatural/status/1324561560438648832Reblog on Tu..
  6. After the episode, Collins, 46, who made his debut as Castiel in Season 4, confirmed that the long-awaited 'ship,' which fans referred to as 'Destiel,' is actually part of the show's canon, in a..
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Supernatural Finally Makes Destiel Canon But in the Most Frustrating Way For years, Supernatural fans have waited for Destiel to be made canon and it does in its final season Destiel was made canon. In this episode, Castiel realizes only he can stop Billie, also known as Death, and prepares to die. Recognizing this will be the last time he will talk to Dean, he confesses how much Dean has changed his life and that he loves him 1. Because Supernatural is about family, not romance. The core relationships on SPN are familial, and neither main character (Sam or Dean) has ever had a significant romance. Adding romance to the show would change it too much, which even most shi..

Destiel Is Canon refers to Supernatural character Castiel confessing I love you to Dean Winchester in season 15 of the show, confirming a long-running ship within the show's fandom Destiel Is Even More Canon in Spanish? Te Amo. Yo a ti. By Jessica Mason Nov 25th, 2020, 1:18 pm . It's always fun when the internet loses it over Supernatural a show that ended its. Misha Collins confirms 'Destiel' is canon in Supernatural after his Castiel character confesses his love for Jensen Ackles' Dean Winchester. After years of Supernatural fans 'shipping' a relationship between Misha Collins' Castiel and Jensen Ackles' Dean Winchester, they finally got their wish in last week's episode

Is Destiel canon? Fans have been shipping Dean and Castiel for years now, and the latest development seems to be a final confirmation that the couple were indeed canon. Canon is a term used to describe something that officially happened in a fictional story universe, as opposed to fan fiction - storylines projected on to a universe by fans Click HERE https://www.vessi.com/Aeons to get Vessi's Early Black Friday Sale and use my code AEONS to get $25 off your Vessi shoes if you miss the sale! Fr..

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— Destiel † (@allonsycastiel) October 15, 2013. Right now, Tumblr and Twitter are aflutter with debates over whether the scripted I love you, counts as canon,. For a brief few moments, before Castiel is taken by the Shadow, you could argue that Destiel was indeed canon but it's a very shortlived few moments will destiel be canon. Unintentional queer subtext is just as bad as queer-baiting. Amanda Justice Our Team Trending on The Tempest. My dad made me the woman I am, and I'll always love him for that. Victoria Aveyard talks about her newest fantasy Realm Breaker. Destiel becoming canon is the tea party in Alice in Wonderland and we're all the Mad Hatter pouring tea into our ears. 4. It truly is impressive. Even The 100 gave Clexa a little time to breathe before they went right into Bury Your Gays. 5. Pop the box of champagne, lads

me checking tumblr this morning and seeing no new spn info. #supernatural #destiel canon #Destiel #castiel #spn #spn post. majesticpineappl3s. Follow. this really is how it feels. Expand Destiel is canon; Castiel and Dean Winchester Have a Profound Bond; Pre-Episode: s15e20 Carry On; alternate carry on; Summary. Minutes, hours, days, years might have already passed—time is different here, and Castiel has no way of tracking it, and still the Shadow doesn't come.. The Tempest , The Tempest fellowships , The Tempest Media , write for the tempest , queerbaiting , The Tempest Studio , destiel , supernatural destiel , destiel canon , destiel supernatural , Amanda Justice , all supercorp scenes , am i queerbaiting , another word for queerbait , are dean and castiel a couple , are dean and castiel in love. Misha Collins Confirms 'Destiel' Is Now Canon in Supernatural. Misha Collins a.k.a. Supernatural's feathery angel has confirmed that Castiel's 'I love you' was a declaration of love for Dean Winchester

Destiel, also known as DeanCas, also known as half the reason Tumblr exists. After 15 seasons and many long years of pining, filthy fanfiction, and debating fellow stans, Supernatural finally made Destiel canon. Destiel is, of course, the pairing of Dean Winchester and Castiel the angel Alright, who had Supernatural making Destiel (sort of) canon on their 2020 apocalypse bingo card? After a brief pandemic delay, the final episodes of Supernatural returned in October. Last night (Nov 5), the third from last episode of the series aired on The CW and fans across the world are having some very intense mixed feelings over what the. For Supernatural enthusiasts, the characters of Dean Winchester and Castiel, called Destiel, obtained a long-running ship. For many seasons, the will-they-won-they partnership has become a hot topic among viewers, and in season 15, episode 18, Supernatural fans get the clearest sign that Destiel is canon Is Destiel Canon Yet ? 11/5/2020: Yes.--8 months ago with 87,999 notes Share this--→ Tagged #Destiel #deancas. Anonymous asked: happy six months monarch. i actually absolutely love the term monarch and will adopt it into my vernacular thank you--4 weeks ago with 48 notes Share this-

And last night, after 12 years of baiting, Supernatural made Destiel canon. While most fans had long since cooled to the pairing and the show,. Destiel is canon I just want to vent about this (I made a Reddit account to do so, lol). If anything, I get more annoyed by people who loudly proclaim Destiel is canon more than antis who bash Deancas, Cas, or Misha. Yes, we all know about the relationship that exists onscreen over all these years. It's all there inside the text Destiel was declared canon for the first time after the series' Season 15 Episode 18 'Despair' aired. In this episode, right at the end, Castiel tells Dean I love you before getting sucked into the empty. Destiel fans were upset that Dean did not say I love you back and that the Destiel canon was a one-way, unrequited love connection

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When Destiel will be canon, there must be scene where Sam's writing fanfics and Destiel see him and that's how they find out that Sam wrote fanfics about them. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Destiel is apparently canon now and my 2011 personality just stirred in her grave — alanna is having anxiety (@AlannaBennett) November 6, 2020 This content is imported from Twitter

Supernatural Season 15 Has Disappointing News For Dean And Castiel. Supernatural ended its fourteenth season on a major cliffhanger involving a vengeful God, souls unleashed from Hell, and a horde. Misha Collins Confirms 'Destiel' is Canon, Says Castiel Made a 'Homosexual Declaration of Love' Misha Collins is opening up about his final scene on Supernatural, in which his character. 6,426 Followers, 294 Following, 406 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from e | destiel is canon (@destielwarriors When Fandom & Canon Collide: Revisiting Supernatural's Destiel Scene. Fans of Supernatural had more than just the USA election to think about last week. In a year full of surprises, one of the show's biggest ships, Destiel, was made canon and it took over the internet. While some Destiel fans were overjoyed, others were disappointed. For fans who have been hoping for Destiel since its inception, it almost feels like the show is cheating them or attempting to skirt having to have an actual canon queer relationship onscreen

Destiel Canon On Supernatural, Maybe: Schrödinger's Ship Confirmed BY Salomé Gonstad November 7, 2020 March 11, 2021 On this week's Supernatural , the last before the two-hour finale, the show appeared to confirm a fan theory Supernatural season 15 episode 18 finally made Destiel canon, but in doing so, the writers also perpetuated a harmful queer trope Supernatural Will Never Make 'Destiel' Canon - But It ABSOLUTELY Should. With Supernatural nearing its end, it's a better time than ever to look at Dean and Castiel's incredible relationship. There is a lot to love about The CW's Supernatural , and the relationship Dean and Castiel share definitely makes that list My Giant List of Destiel Fics. This is a catalog of every DeanCas fic I've finished (since starting this blog) to compensate for my shitty memory. This is not intended as a rec list, but can be used as one (see personal rating section of tags page for more info). Canon Verse. AU Verdict: Amazing. Absolutely astonishing and amazing. Makes me love Destiel so much and the story and the writing is brilliant. It's all brilliant. It's side stories and sequals are amazing too. Worth Destiel Oneshot PWP - exhausted!Dean is relaxed by a BAMF Castiel. Verdict: Oh holy Cas, thisthis is hot

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destiel will never become canon i mutter to myself as i check my clown makeup and climb in my clown car for one last drive back to the flaming dumpster with all my clown friends 90% of fanfics (yes even the fucking weird ones) are better than what's happening in canon rnanyway destiel grows old together and they are happy together for life #Supernatural — izzy.

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Many Destiel fans have been passionate in wanting the relationship to become canon. Some argue that the Show's failure to have a same-sex relationship between Dean and Castiel is indicative of the paucity of representation of non-heterosexual relationships on television, and accuse the Show of queer-baiting Daily Destiel . Cas came back to life where Dean scattered his ashes, a beautiful place he knew the angel would like. That's love. ☺️ ️. #Destiel #deancas #destiel is canon #their love is real #now we know why Cas returned here #Dean chose it especially for cas #Beautiful # . See all April 1, 2021 - Supernatural trends after destiel goes canon again as the leaked 15x20 script reveals a deancas kiss... Show more notes Loading... See more posts like this on Tumbl

Is this Destiel canon? no Does this count as representation? Absolutely not and here's why. Destiel made sense. If writers and showrunners wanted to make it canon, it would have made perfect sense plot-wise but they didn't. Of the three big ships of the time: Sterek, Johnlock and Destiel, the later was the one that had the most canon backup What it means for Destiel shippers. Take a little stroll through the Destiel tag over on Twitter or Tumblr and the reaction to Castiel's confession of love is a mixed bag with Supernatural fans Supernatural finally made fan-favorite ship Destiel canon. Kind of. Destiel is the pairing of main characters Dean Winchester and the angel Castiel. The show has hinted at a possibility of a romance between the two multiple times throughout its many seasons, leading to accusations of queer baiting by fans

Forget the election, Destiel is canon! Well, kind of. Supernatural is in its 15th and final season, and the antepenultimate episode that aired on Thursday night had a major reveal for fans who've. Supernatural star Misha Collins blamed a rogue translator for changing a viral Destiel scene, but failed to realize the original scene is the. Supernatural (Kind of) Made Destiel Canon, and. My tl is descending into a chaos of the weirdest combination of topics ever: destiel canon, the election/ Georgia flipping blue, and Putin possibly stepping down. But it's 2020, so I'm just.

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The moment Destiel became canon, however, many fans who were around for the glory days a decade ago — and even those who never were engaged with the fandom, but were just exposed to it by being. destiel-will-never-be-canon. Anti Angel Bitch. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Anti Angel Bitch. I cant stand castiel he's useless and boring, I despise misha-he panders to mindless entitled brats and is an attention whore. If you're a fan of either, I refuse to. The day destiel becomes canon. 133 likes · 1 talking about this. umm yea so.. this will basically be a page for all the destiel shippers we will post not only destiel pictures and edits but also.. *Major spoilers for Supernatural season 15, episode 18 below!. It was a moment 12 years in the making. At long last, it seems like Destiel has officially become canon thanks to the recent season.

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The non officially canonically canon, but still canon, relationship between Dean Winchester the hunter and Castiel (Cas) the angel in the CW's hit TV show Supernatural Dec 31, 2015 - When Destiel becomes canon, I will be too busy watching all the pigs flying around outside to watch the show. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Pinned Post The JenMish Show destiel castiel supernatural dean winchester destiel is canon deancas misha collins destiel comic thank you misha jensen jensen ackles spnfamily supernatural family come on this would be so cool. 3 notes Dec 14th, 2020. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit 3.8k members in the destiel community. A community for people who ship Castiel & Dean (supernatural). Fanfic/art/videos, photos of Dean, Cas, Jensen

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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Work When Despair aired on The CW, Destiel trended worldwide on Twitter and fans of all stripes came together to discuss the scene and its implications. Technically, Castiel confessing his love makes the ship canon -- but again, Dean doesn't appear to return Castiel's feelings But if nothing else, the canonization of Destiel, however brief, gave fans one real gift: a return to the simpler, happier, more ridiculous days of fandom excellence. For once, 2020 delivered a treat Make Destiel Canon. This petition had 90 supporters. Castiel King started this petition to Supernatural. Dean and Cas share a profound bond, so why not show they do. And us shippers want something (handhold, kiss, a very long hug, face graze, fucking anything.) If Dean was heterosexual, he would be a very bad one he loves his women, but have. MAKE DESTIEL CANON. 0 have signed. Let's get to 200! At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations! CJ M started this petition to the writers of supernatural and 1 other. Dean Winchester and Castiel very clearly have a profound bond. Cas pulled Dean out of Hell..

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in one of the most insane fandoms of all times SOMEHOW the actors manage to be even less normal about the show than us! jensen ross ackles BOUGHT supernatural and now we're getting a prequel! destiel went canon like seventy times! this show has fifteen seasons and we're on season seventeen somehow! we get new updates every goddamn week Now, Misha has confirmed that it was. Speaking at the DarkLight Online Convention this weekend (Nov 8), Misha revealed all. He said: Castiel tells Dean he loves him and basically makes Destiel canon. Misha added: Fans are freaking out after that. To complicate matters, he dies after that. So Castiel makes his homosexual declaration of love. Destiel is so implicitly canon, I genuinely do not understand people who say they 'cannot see it'. I was wondering (if you ever read this and you are still watching the show) - do you think, with regards to events in Season 10, Destiel becoming canon is still possible? Thank you for a brilliant essa

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destiel may not be canon but wtf do you call this. 4 years ago, ; 6,716 notes joke supernatural superwholock spn spnfandom destiel jensen ackles misha collins castiel dean winchester cockles 6 Here are some of the funniest tumblr moments from November 5th, as Destiel becomes canon and everyone (me included) freaks out. 1. A shoutout to the show runners for making this historic night happen! Tumblr. Dabb is referencing Andrew Dabb, a producer that started working on the show around season four, then became showrunner during season 12 Las Vegas, Nevada 89119. Canon Professional Services will be on-site providing support to photographers covering this event. In order to receive the following Canon expert services, photographers must hold a valid CPS Gold, Platinum, Cinema, and Enterprise membership card. February 14 - 17 , 2019 It started with checking how Nevada was doing and ended with Destiel being canon, another person joked. 'Destiel' has been a long-awaited moment for 'Supernatural' fans Supernatural is a TV show created by Eric Kripke that loosely follows a pair of demon-hunting brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

Even if it won't be stated in the show, Destiel is the most canon ship I personally know. All we need to acknowledge is motivation of the characters, and I don't mean the shared looks, and cuteness. I mean the motivation at core of the characters. The relationship between Cas and Dean is clearly based on romantic relationships DESTIEL IS CANON C, She/Her, 22, Bi/Queer, relate unhealthily so with Dean Winchester, silverhand-hoe is my sideblog - LGBTQIA+ rights, Destroy the Mental Illness stigm The CW Is Destiel a canon? This is one for Supernatural's showrunners to decide as from our point of view, it's a tricky one to answer. While yes, Castiel does profess his love for Dean in Despair, he's tragically killed off before either of the two can act on the news or for Dean to say that he reciprocates those feelings.. For a brief few moments, before Castiel is taken by the Shadow. After the episode, Collins, 46, who made his debut as Castiel in Season 4, confirmed that the long-awaited 'ship,' which fans referred to as 'Destiel,' is actually part of the show's canon, in a Zoom interview (via @captofmystory) [Part 2] Rationally I see Destiel because 1. I don't think the world is ready for canon incest on TV. and 2. Dean wasn't actually there when Sam died, he didn't really see him die The last time he actually SAW Sam die was at the end of season 5 On the other hand Dean actually saw Cas die in season 9 a bit more resent

This group wants Destiel to be made romantically canon and they frequently campaign for it, tagging many official accounts in their quest for it just in case the writers forget. They often combine their quest with the cause of queer representation. Antis consider this behavior to be spamming Vote on this Destiel poll: is destiel canon? (1142816) Cookies help us bring you Fanpop. By using Fanpop, you agree to our use of cookies If you were remotely fandom-adjacent or had a Tumblr account in the early 2010s, the phrase Destiel is canon arrived like a baseball bat to the face. Crucially, this all unfolded after the. why do some people think destiel is canon? Cas has said I love you to Dean at least twice before (once in season 7 and again in season 12) and both were blatantly ignored. I guess third time's the..

Destiel IS canon, and we will carry that with us always. follow your heart. by sUmmerRain810. The Night We Met [15×18 I love you] by soberdenatural. All I Want. by Angeldove. Castiel is an Angel with a Shotgun. by soberdenatural. keep the lights on. by sUmmerRain810. The Story of Destiel Destiel is Canon. Follow. Focus: TV Shows Supernatural, Since: 09-03-19. Founder: The Communist Unicorn - Stories: 58 - Followers: 0 - id: 131690 A collection of the best Dean/Cas stories. Some fluffy, some angsty, some canon-centric and some AU, but all romantic. No friendship fics, and no Wincestiel destiel (en español) can be something so canon refresh archive ask #spn #wandavision #spncreatorsdaily #usersila #userarda #jackttwist #userpris #rambleoncas #flowersforcastag #woefulcas #acklesy #destiel #anyways today we choose PAIN #my edit. onebigfangirl reblogged this from janblue destiel is canon 443 GIFs. Sort: Relevant Newest # tv # show # otp # canon # sense # movies # supernatural # dean winchester # dean # castiel # love # heart # valentine # valentines day # valentinesday # supernatural # destiel # touched by an angel # supernatural # dean # castiel # destiel # ca While a lot of fans are freaking out over Destiel being canon, other fans aren't sure if it is canon at all. First of all, all Cas says is I love you, which could be a platonic declaration

Destiel ≠ Canon - My opinion It's an emotional and explosive topic, so I wanna make clear, before going into detail, that this is my opinion and I want you to feel free to disagree. If you like to discuss it, please do, I would love that Perhaps the question will Destiel become canon? is pointless? I believe it is. I believe that Destiel is canon (and that a certain scene in Season 8 proves it, but we'll get to this). Let me present a series of essays - or rather unorganized thoughts - supporting this claim. Feel free to discuss. I'd love to hear what you think Destiel is Canon in Germany <3 [⬇️Link to the original at the source of this post] #Destiel #deancas is canon #Again #Castiel #Dean Winchester #Sky TV on Germany description of Castiel #And yeah that's a heart next to Dean's name #That's all #I just woke up and this news is from yesterday #But I love it #We need some more good news Is Destiel canon? Fans have been shipping Dean and Castiel for years now, and the latest development seems to be a final confirmation that the couple were indeed canon. Canon is a term used to describe something that officially happened in a fictional story universe, as opposed to fan fiction - storylines projected onto a universe by fans