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  1. 20 Sad Facts That'll Ruin Your Day; NEXT GALLERY; 32 Guys Who Got Caught Looking RELATED MEDIA. 20 Useless Facts to Cram in Your Cranium 20 Fun Facts to Slip in Your Brain 20 Interesting Facts To Fill Your Brain Impress Your Friends With Some Fun Facts You'll Soon Forget.
  2. 35 Depressing Facts That Will Ruin Your Day. By Samantha L. January 19, 2018. You can't be positive all the time, so in case you were having a wonderful day, here are 35 depressing facts that will knock you back into reality. 1. Legalize It. Slavery is still perfectly legal in America. The thirteenth amendment unequivocally provides that you.
  3. 27 Horribly Depressing Facts That Will Ruin Your Day. March 5, 2020 1 Comment. 0. Shares. 1. There is one person who is 7x more likely to kill you compared to everyone else. Yourself. 2. There is a whale called 52 Blue that only sings at their frequency meaning it can't communicate with other whales
  4. Some facts: 1. You are not living but surviving in order to live. 2. You won't have today ever again, all the time you are spending right now is instantly gone, hence, you have less life to live and to breath. This moment is more precious than you..
  5. Sad Animal Facts Are The Cutest Way To Ruin Your Day . 314K views. Brooke Barker Community member can last 3 years, giraffes only sleep for 2 hours, and pigs can't see the sky? I've been illustrating these adorably sad facts and sharing them online for less than 2 months, and so far 6,500 people on Instagram have learned and laughed.
  6. Having said that, get ready because these are 25 facts that will ruin your day and maybe even your week. Subscribe to List25. 25. Out of your 10 closest friends, 1 of you is statistically likely to die before the age of 40. Source: livescience.com. 24
  7. 43 Disturbing Facts That Will Ruin Any Childhood. Henry Gomes. Part of growing up is saying goodbye to treasured moments from your childhood. Another part of growing up is realizing the truth about many of those treasured moments. In this list of facts that may ruin your childhood, we uncover many sad realities, unfortunate truths, and clear up.

I don't want to spoil all the fun, so let's jump right into it. Here are 11 facts that will probably ruin your day and perhaps your life. But don't let the fun end here. Pass it on to a friend who you know will definitely enjoy these facts And your skin can shed at a rate of 500 million cells a day. 25. Cockroaches have been recorded eating human flesh, both living and dead, as well as fingernails, eyelashes, feet, and hands You think you would want to know about all the sad realities of the world, until you actually know. Whether the problem is humanitarian, environmental, or otherwise, it creates a hopeless feeling when you realize there is not much you can do to help and, in some cases, there is nothing. Here are a list of sad but true facts to make you think

35 Depressing Facts That Will Ruin Your Day

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26 Facts That Will Ruin Your Day. You've probably tasted beaver ass. by Mat Whitehead. BuzzFeed Staff. 1. The FDA allows an average of one rodent hair per 100 grams of peanut butter. Sad But Adorable Animal Facts That Will Ruin Your Day. by Vanessa for eMazzanti. on Sep 4, 2015 at 19:10 UTC. Water Cooler. 21. Next: Just like formatting a drive to delete a file. Get answers from your The cute art made the actually sad facts not so sad lol Sad Animal Facts: An Adorable Way To Ruin Your Day. Did you know that goldcrest lives just 8 months, baby whales gain 200 pounds a day, and pigs can't see the sky? Brooke Barker collects sad animal facts and presents them in a form of sad/funny illustrations on her Instagram page 20 Sad Facts That'll Ruin Your Day 25 Everyday Annoyances That Will Ruin Your Day 25 Fascinating Facts From Our Fascinating World 25 Intriguing Facts That You Probably Didn't Know 25 Facts to Quench Your Curiosity 14 Uncomfortable Truths to Ruin the Rest of Your Day. 04 Sep 2015, 17:56. Just in case your case of TGIF was getting too intense, we've got some heart-wrenchingly adorable illustrations depicting the cutest sad facts about animals. The illustrations.

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55 Super Sad Animal Facts To Ruin Your Day In The Cutest Way Possible. There's no dearth of cool facts that tell us exactly how awesome animals are. However, there are many things that even the most awesome animals can't do. Illustrator Brooke Barker breaks it to us gently with her ingenious Sad Animal Facts series on Tumblr and Instagram Here are 10 horrifying facts about animal testing that are about to ruin your day. 1. 95% of Animals Used Are Not Protected Under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) According to the AWA, the term animal refers to dogs, cats, monkeys, guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits. However, the AWA also states that the term animal excludes birds, rats. 7. Santa was originally a god of war. The name Santa Claus is synonymous with Christmas time, the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Actually, many elements of the Santa Claus story hold very little Christian relevance. The fat, happy Santa of our childhood memories is actually based on the fearsome Norse god of war - Odin. 6 There are a few strategies that can prevent a bad moment from derailing your entire day. Below are a few strategies to try the next time your brain is stuck in a negative loop. Advertisement. 1. Observe your emotions. After a negative event, know that you will be primed to feel and perceive information as negative, Klapow said

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  1. 25 Facts That Will Ruin Your Day And Maybe Even Your Week | List25 Want more? 25 Facts That Will Ruin Your Day And Maybe Even Your Week | List25 Want more? Check out the Science & Technology.
  2. 27,000 Trees per day to make toilet paper. This is a sad figure. It's astonishing we still have any trees left at this rate. We just hope that the trees lost are being accounted for and that new ones are planted so that our planet doesn't lose its glorious nature. The truth is sad
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The results were reported by the wider media with the information that having a baby picture in your wallet was the best way to encourage strangers to return it. But the results also found that wallets containing evidence of charity donations were returned less often than all of the others (with the single exception of the control wallets. So enter with caution, because these are 16 Facts About Classic Kids' TV Shows That Will Ruin Your Childhood. 17 Some Looney Tunes episodes are too racist for TV Looney Tunes may be an international symbol of childhood fun but, having been around since 1930, it can occasionally be somewhat outdated 25 SAD (and Disturbing), ANIMAL FACTS THAT WILL RUIN YOUR DAY. Sorry. Labels: Animals, MY VIRALS · Posted by Kath(MFS) at 2:00 PM. Guys, I didn't mean to ruin your day with these animal facts but since they were viralling, I had to share. Some I knew already but others, well, I wish I didn't Meet Brooke Barker from Portland who likes to draw illustrations pointing out sad animal facts. Some of these will make you laugh, some will make you cry, TRENDING. About; DMCA; 28 Sad Animal Facts That Will Adorably Ruin Your Day. by Awesome Daily Staff. January 3, 2016. in Art. 0. 0. SHARES. 185. VIEWS. Your Fetus Can Clearly Hear Musi 2. The 20 warmest years on record have been in the past 22 years. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has compounded the research released in the 2018 IPCC report, stating that 20 of the warmest years on record have occurred in the last 22 years. The long-term temperature trend is far more important than the ranking of individual years, and that trend is an upward one, WMO.

This list of over 100 happy facts will put a smile on your face. days like information is flying at us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. reading stuff that makes you sad. Sad Quotes. 1. All-day is not the same, you need to wait and be patient for the good things to happen. 2. Crying alone does not show that you are weak but it shows that you are strong. 3. Wipeout your own tears, because if people come to you they will come for a deal. 4 Your brain needs more energy. It might seem unusual to think that your brain is more active when you're sad. According to the US National Institute of Mental Health, feeling tired is a common side effect of depression.. This could be because you feel the need to search for solutions to whatever you're feeling, or whatever problem you're facing Little white lies can add up and ruin a relationship that should be built on honesty. There is wiggle room , of course: Sweetie, that homemade dinner tasted great 17

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Put A Pillow on Your Fridge Day, is celebrated on May 29 th in Europe & USA and supposedly brings good luck and wealth to the household. When people are struck by lightening the mark that appears on their afflicted area afterwards looks like an intricately detailed silhouette of a fern tree and is known as 'lightening tree' or sometimes. Below we present 15 facts about 80s cartoons that are sure to ruin your childhood. Please do post a comment letting us know your thoughts, as well as sharing any sordid cartoon secrets you're aware of that we haven't mentioned! The Care Bears

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24 Sad (and Disturbing), Animal Facts That Will Ruin Your Day. Sorry. Viral Randomness... Some of these animal facts we knew already while some stunned us like #'s1, 7 and 9 and yet others we find amusing like #23 while others, well, just plain disgusting. Check them out 24 Childhood-Ruining Factoids. The truth can set you free, but it can also make the world a cold and bitter place. What follows is that second kind of truth. We asked our readers to take pop culture staples of our childhood and reveal the disturbing facts we didn't know about them. The winner is below, but first the runners-up. Every night while you're sleeping, your penis is hard at work. The average man experiences up to five erections while they sleep, each lasting about 30 minutes. 12. ED stress can make matters worse

9 Science Facts That Will Ruin Your Day. The science of human nature makes for some uncomfortable reading. by Stevie Shephard. Jul 1, 2021 Updated: July 1st, 2021. Youtube/Raúl Martínez When you had a bad day, use the moments before you sleep to review your goals. You can write them down or even journal about each of them. This will help you refocus your mind for the next day. 2. Success Doesn't Happen Overnight. Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit. -Molière Psychologists and child behavior specialists can help us tell the difference between ungrateful children from those who have been victims of a toxic influence. For example, clinical psychologists Seth Meyers and Preston Ni explain how the actions of the parents can ruin the lives of their children. On the other hand, raising children is very difficult and no one has the right to be judgemental.

17 Images That Will Ruin Your Childhood. Nostalgia is a sucker's game. We imagine all the toys and TV shows from childhood as perfect and awesome purely because our immature brains hadn't developed the ability to joylessly pick things apart for their flaws. The songs we liked at age 10 weren't any better than the Justin Bieber stuff the 10-year. 'Don't worry. I'm here for you.' Ugh. They'll listen, they'll comfort, and they'll tell you what you want to hear. And then they'll ruin you. They'll change the facts of a situation, take things out of context and use your words against you. They'll calmly poke you until you crack, then they'll poke you for cracking There is much sadness in the world and many reasons to be sad. Sadness is a difficult feeling to cope with. Often, it is caused by traumatic events or depression. The melancholy caused by deep sadness might begin to interfere with your day to day life, leaving you feeling unmotivated and even worthless

From quirky places in the U.S. to facts that you would not believe could be true if you didn't see them yourself, there is much to find funny about the world—and that makes for great fodder at your next cocktail party. Here are 40 such facts. And for some actually useful tidbits, check out these 30 Crazy Useful Facts You've Never Heard Before 5. Violence. America's homicide rate is a national tragedy—but it's much worse if you're black. White America's rate of 2.5 deaths per 100,000 is just somewhat higher than Finland (2.0. Fact 18: Oil spills only contribute to 12% of the oil in the ocean. 36% of the oil comes from runoff sources from cities and companies. Fact 19: Ocean noise pollution is an issue, too. Ships, tankers, and shipping containers emit sounds like high-intensity sonar and air guns The sad, twisted truth about conservative Christianity's effect on the mind It is a slow, festering wound, one that smarts every day—in some way or another. I thought I would leave all of.

Seasonal Affective Disorder. If you feel depressed, check what time of year it is. Incredibly, the season can affect your mood. This is known as a seasonal affective disorder, or fittingly, SAD. SAD is when your depression relates to the changing seasons. For most people with SAD, depression happens in the fall and winter parts of the year Environmental Degradation Facts. Every year, we extract an estimated 55 billion tons of fossil energy, minerals, metals and bio mass from the Earth. The world has already lost 80% of its forests and we're continually losing them at a rate of 375 km2 per day! More: Consequences of Depletion of Natural Resources 34 152 people in the U.S. are named LOL. 35 Your brain uses 12 watts of energy to think, and does not feel pain. 36 Anatidaephobia is the fear of being watched by a duck. 37 Cans of diet soda will float in water, regular soda cans will sink. 38 Koalas feed their newborns poop. 39 Walt Disney was afraid of mice Shutterstock. Turns out, Jaws really blew things out of proportion for sharks. According to the Center for Disease Control, sharks kill an average of four people per year, while cows kill an average of 22 annually. Though some are due to road accidents, 75 percent were premeditated attacks. What's really chilling is that, in five cases, people were killed by multiple cows in group attacks.

The thing is, alcohol, including tequila, is harsh on the stomach. As one study revealed, Alcohol directly irritates the stomach and intestines, causing inflammation of the stomach lining (i.e., gastritis) and delayed stomach emptying, especially when beverages with a high alcohol concentration (i.e., greater than 15 percent) are consumed. So, when you drink tequila every night, you aren't. 6. The average speed of a fart leaving the anus and entering the world is about 10 feet per second or about 9.5 km/hr. 7. The rancid rotten egg smell comes from a gas called hydrogen sulphide. In the latest Screen Rant video, we take a look at 25 insanely dark theories pertaining to Disney's films that could ruin your childhood. The list is primarily concerned with animated films from both Disney Animation and Pixar, but a quick Hannah Montana theory is also addressed. If these theories are true, there's a dark turn to the likes of. You can cope with sad things that happen. You can do things to ease a sad mood and feel happier. P1 How Can You Deal With Sad Feelings? Sad feelings don't have to take over your mood or ruin your day. You can do things to help yourself feel better. You can do things to prevent sad feelings from sticking around too long or becoming too strong Limit Your Time Each Day . Leaving your television on or streaming live news broadcasts on your phone while tending to other business can take a toll on you emotionally. Rather than having the news be your background noise, Haley Neidich, LCSW, recommends less than 30 minutes per day total of social media scrolling and news exposure combined

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Time to ruin your childhood! Random. On my SpongeBob Quotes book I said I was going to make about about Disney. Well now it expanded to all and any cartoons! (maybe movies) Quotes, facts, theroies, and more all together in one book! I hope you enjoy! #cartoonnetwork #cartoons #disney #musicvideos #theroie Quotes tagged as mistakes Showing 1-30 of 1,488. I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.. Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. 8. Memorial Day for many people is viewed as the unofficial start to summer and a three-day respite from work. But there's much more to it than an extra day for grilling out or a trip to the.

Light therapy is a way to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and certain other conditions by exposure to artificial light. SAD is a type of depression that occurs at a certain time each year, usually in the fall or winter. During light therapy, you sit or work near a device called a light therapy box Ruin your day with this concept art of a helmet-less Big Daddy. By Shaun Prescott 08 July 2021. but it also kinda reminds me of a sad old man. It's that ambiguity that drives its weirdness home

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Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects many every year. To help you shake off the winter blues, we tested the best light therapy lamps on the market from brands like Verilux, Circadian and more 6. Deframe your abilities and. 7. Disbelieve your opinions! Stay away from negative people!. Save your skin from the corrosive acids from the mouths of toxic people. Someone who just helped you to speak evil about another person can later help another person to speak evil about you.

If you feel meh on a dreary day, you might just chalk it up to coincidence. Sure, the Carpenters sang, Rainy days and Mondays always get me down. But can rain really ruin your mood Meds that relieve pain are valuable tools for doctors and patients. But, like all drugs, they can have side effects, and some of those can be serious.Here's a look at some of the most common. It won't kill you, but it'll make your life pretty miserable. Advertisement. And, despite common perception, melatonin can cause next-day drowsiness, according to Michael Grandner, a sleep researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. More importantly, melatonin is a hormone. With children, according to Grander, it can affect puberty. For the past few years, Bailey's has held a Mother's Day campaign in Nigeria, urging women to share the drink with their mothers. Here, the love of your mother gets tied up with drinking.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that typically occurs each year during fall and winter. Use of a light therapy box can offer relief. But for some people, light therapy may be more effective when combined with another SAD treatment, such as an antidepressant or psychological counseling (psychotherapy) 5 Strange Myths & Facts About The Capricorn Zodiac Sign (Even If You Think Astrology Is Fake) 194 shares + 194 but at the end of the day, we're just happy that things got done A depressive disorder commonly referred to as depression. Depression is more than simply being sad; to be diagnosed with depression, a person must have five or more characteristic symptoms nearly every day for a two-week period. mania. Feelings of intense mental and physical hyperactivity, elevated mood, and agitation. manic-depressio You are worth so much more. You can be yourself. You can live without worrying about your next step, and the step after that. You can relax, you don't have to push people away, they are not going to ruin your progress or hurt you. Open yourself up to love, and simplicity. You need the balance, and you flourish when it graces your life You just have to keep your head up and hope for the best. Most of us have surely faced the most depressing facts about love, and have come face to face with its ugly side . Although we are all aware that nothing in life is that easy, we are not always sure what we should expect out of a break-up and often have trouble moving on

Lots of seemingly innocent, harmless things—think koala bears, Disneyland, and coffee cups—have a dark side. Read on for some disturbing facts—if you dare As of May 28, 2021, there were 259, 308 confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 infections in Canadians 19 years and under. Of these, 0.48% were hospitalized and 0.06% were admitted to the ICU, and 0.004% died. This means that seasonal influenza is associated with more severe illness than COVID-19 in Canada The average person will spend a total of 3,680 hours, or 153 days searching for misplaced items. Keys, cellphones, sunglasses and paperwork top the list of commonly lost items. Google processed 11.

1000 Random & Interesting Facts About Literally Everything. 100 Crazy Facts To Truly Blow Your Mind! 100 Surprising Technology Facts That You Didn't Know. 100 Fun Food Facts You Wont Believe Are True. 100 Interesting Space Facts That'll Blow Your Mind. 100 Utterly Amazing Facts You Never Kne Washing Your Face. Giphy. Many places have banned microbeads, the tiny, scrubby beads that became all the rage in body care products a few years ago. At one point, in New York state alone, more. 12 Ways to Mess Up Your Kids. Child psychologists, psychiatrists, and other experts tell us the dozen things you should avoid doing to help your child develop into a happy, confident, well-rounded.

I have literally got more done in the past couple months than in the past 5 years. I am still struggling on a day to day basis trying to fly straight with all of this. Just a short note to show that the news can ruin your life it ruined a part of mine-several years of it Blue light facts. To better understand the risks and benefits of blue light, here are a few things you should know: 1. Blue light is everywhere. Sunlight is the main source of blue light. Most of your exposure to blue light occurs when you're outside during the day Masturbation is a normal and healthy sexual activity with few side effects. Many bizarre claims surround masturbation, such as going blind, and most of these claims are untrue Stop! Don't get caught not knowing the true origin story for Kleenex, or what a beefalo is. Check out our 100 bizarre, interesting and fun facts that will blow your mind

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Here are some funny and useless facts you can amaze your friends with! Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated. Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite. The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses. No one in Greece has memorized all 158 verses. There are 293 ways to make a change for a dollar You show less confidence throughout the day as a result. This is why you need to implement a zero-tolerance policy at the first sign that your inner critic is at the wheel. Don't allow yourself to.

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9 Things Insecure People Do That Ruin Their Lives. By Paul Hudson. April 1, 2014. Insecurity is the dumbest thing that we all feel. Every person in the world has something he or she is insecure. Bad Writing Is Destroying Your Company's Productivity. It wastes everyone's time. A hidden source of friction is slowing your company down. Your workers are complicit in it. So is your.

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Climate anxiety doesn't have to ruin your life. matter — and I feel anxious and powerless and sad regularly. its doors on Earth Day in 2013 the Bullitt Center has been setting a new. Your world is only what you see in front of you. 7. This is not that accurate because he is brighter compared to them. But still African American. 8. Taylor Swift is known for writing about breakups. READ ALSO. Marveling Facts: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Marbles T he average American's commute to work is 25.5 minutes each way, according to a report in USA Today. That's about 51 minutes a day getting to and from work, or about 204 hours a year spent. One day inside probably won't hugely affect your health—but it's not great to constantly stay cooped up from morning until dark. The biggest issue is that entering hibernation mode means you.

Seasonal affective disorder is estimated to affect 10 million Americans. Another 10 percent to 20 percent may have mild SAD. SAD is four times more common in women than in men. The age of onset is. It's very sad, because when people do get sick from this, they're generally in their mid-30s to mid-40s, said medical director Steven Flamm from Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. A drink a day may seem like it will keep the doctor away, but whiskey is best limited to just that Experts estimates that we are losing 137 plant, animal and insect species every single day due to rainforest deforestation. That equates to 50,000 species a year. As the rainforest species disappear, so do many possible cures for life-threatening diseases. Currently, 121 prescription drugs sold worldwide come from plant-derived sources When we're sad, we slouch. We also slouch when we feel scared or powerless. Ironically, while many of us spend hours every day using small mobile devices to increase our productivity and.

Chips are also typically high in calories and fat, increasing your risk of weight gain and obesity, which can lead to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and various forms of cancer. For instance, one ounce of potato chips, approximately fifteen to twenty chips, contain ten grams of fat and 154 calories RELATED: 20 Facts You Need To Know About A Leo Woman — If You Know What's Good For You. Virgo (August 23 - September 22) The great ruminator, Virgo gets very depressed thinking about their own life

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Don't Let Someone Else Ruin Your Day. When it's all said and done, it's impossible for you to control someone else's emotions. No matter how hard you may try, some angry people just want to remain angry. If at all possible, don't let them ruin your day. Choose kindness and you'll be the better person TREE FACTS. Trees play an important role in the water cycle, grounding the water in their roots and releasing it into the atmosphere. Here are some interesting facts about trees and the impact of deforestation around the world. Trees and plants are being burned, degraded and logged at astonishing rates Brooke Barker has been sharing sad animal facts via her awesome illustrations for about 2 months now, and she has already collected over 18.1k followers on Instagram as a result. Enjoy learning a little more about the amazing animals all around the world just try not to get too depressed about the facts. 1. Talk About A 'Mutt' 2 Find and read more books you'll love, and keep track of the books you want to read. Be part of the world's largest community of book lovers on Goodreads More Amazing Environmental facts. Up to half of all food produced is lost or wasted before or after it reaches consumers. By 2070, the world's coral reefs could be gone altogether. Nearly 80% of the world's fisheries are fully exploited, over-exploited, depleted, or in a state of collapse. Globally, 90% of large predatory fish, such as sharks. Part 2. Sad Love Quotes That Are Inspiring Sad Love Quotes. Go to table of contents Here are a few quotes that could help you, encourage you and give you another perspective on your actual sadness. Cheer up, beautiful. You'll be in love again and probably sooner than you're ready. Atticus Click to tweet. Forget your personal tragedy.