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Our reliable multi-network global connectivity ensures healthcare is never compromised. Find out how Philips used IoT to deliver remote healthcare On-Premise, Cloud Or Hybrid Deployment W/VMS Agnostic Software For Most Legacy Systems. Thermal Imaging Technology Dedicated To Minimizing The Need For Manual Human Interaction EXISTING SYSTEM The system used for health monitoring is the fixed monitoring system, which can be detected only when the patient is in hospital or in bed. Recently accessible systems are huge in size and available only in the hospitals in Intensive Care Unit. Nowadays, zig bee can be used to transmit the patient information to their loved ones or to their concerned doctors

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In addition, IoT technology also provides remote monitoring and real-time access to a patient's health data, fostering industry expansion. Furthermore, numerous industry participants are focusing on new innovations in healthcare-related IoT-based devices, boosting market growth through the forecast period With tons of new healthcare technology start-ups, IoT is rapidly revolutionizing the healthcare industry. In this project, we have designed the IoT Based Patient Health Monitoring System using ESP8266 & Arduino. The IoT platform used in this project is ThingSpeak

Shubham Banka, Isha Madan, and S Saranya, 'smart healthcare monitoring using IOT', International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, volume 13, Number 15 (2018) [7] .Malathi M, Preethi D, 'IOT Based Patient Health Monitoring System', International journal of engineering research and technology (IJERT) 2019 IOT BASED HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEM USING ANDROID APP Ranjeet Kumar, Rajat Maheshwari, Amit Aggarwal, M. Shanmugasundaram and Sundar S. School of Electronics Engineering, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India E-Mail: ranjeet0498@gmail.com ABSTRACT The aim of this project is to create an IOT based application for monitoring patient By taking into account immense practical importance of IoT based live monitoring system for patients with the risk of heart attack, uneven accidents and emergency cases, a simple low- cost health monitoring scheme is presented in this Project This paper presents an automated, IoT-based monitoring system designed to monitor the health of dairy cows. The system is composed of hardware devices, a cloud system, an end-user application, and innovative techniques of data measurements and analysis algorithms

The main aim of this 'Patient Monitoring System' is to build up a system fit for observing vital body signs, for example, body temperature, heart rate, pulse oximetry. The System is additionally.. IOT Based Health Monitoring System: A microcontroller-based device with appropriate bio-medical sensors will be attached to patient to provide constant cloud-based monitoring. The vital signs i.e. temperature and pulse rate of human body which are major clues to detect any health pro The IoT node tracks health parameters, including body temperature, cough rate, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen saturation, then updates the smartphone app to display the user health conditions. The app notifies the user to maintain a physical distance of 2 m (or 6 ft), which is a key factor in controlling virus spread

If system detects any abrupt changes in patient heartbeat or body temperature, the system automatically alerts the user about the patients status over IOT and also shows details of heartbeat and temperature of patient live over the internet The most tremendous use of IoT is in healthcare management which provides health and environment condition tracking facilities. IoT is nothing but linking computers to the internet utilizing sensors and networks [ 9, 10 ]. These connected components can be used on devices for health monitoring

Veda S.S., Fotovvat A., Mohebbian M.R. COVID-SAFE: an IoT-based system for automated health monitoring and surveillance in post-pandemic life. IEEE Access. 2020 Oct 12; 8:188538-188551. [Google Scholar With tons of new healthcare technology start-ups, IoT is rapidly revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Here in this project, we will make an IoT based Health Monitoring System which records the patient heart beat rate and body temperature and also send an email/SMS alert whenever those readings goes beyond critical values

In this project, we introduce a secure IOT Based paralyzed patient health care monitoring and facilitation system. It helps us to take care of patient health care without nurse. CHAPTER-2. Hardware Description. 2.1 Arduino: Arduino is an open source computer hardware and software company, project, and user community that designs and manufacture. Smart Health Care Monitoring System Based on IoT © CC BY-NC-ND This project includes hardware which will measure blood pressure, heart rate, ECG & temperature, and send to Android application & Firebase A remote health monitoring system using IoT is proposed where the authorized personal can access these data stored using any IoT platform and based on these values received, the diseases are. In the proposed system we present a health monitoring system that uses the sensors for collecting data from patients, intelligently predicts patient's health status and provides feedback to doctors through their mobile devices having android application IoT is the m ix of installed fra meworks, sensors, programm ing and thi s ca n also be additionally alluded to as web of eve rything. Healthcare industry is becoming c ostlier than e ver in this..

Health Monitoring system using IOT describes the collection and interoperation of Patient data collected from the sensors from the hospitals through IOT Technology. The collected sensor data will support the doctor in the emergency situation for the betterment and improvement of Patient health IoT Based Health Care Monitoring System For Rural Pregnant Women. Human resources is the backbone of developing and under developed nations. In most of the developing countries and in the smart cities medical systems is not centralized for sharing of information. Mostly pregnant women is not able to do their regular checkups at the early stage. Internet of Things (IoT) based smart health monitoring system is a patient monitoring system in which a patient can be monitored 24 hours. In the present world, IoT is changing the infrastructure of technologies. By facilitating effortless interaction among various modules, IoT has enabled us to implement various complex systems such as smart. Title: Smart Health Care Monitoring System Based on IoT I. Summary This project is significant in various ways because in today's world, everyday many lives are affected because the patients are not timely and properly operated. Also for real time parameter values are not efficiently measured in clinic as well as in hospitals IOT BASED HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEM USING ANDROID APP Ranjeet Kumar, Rajat Maheshwari, Amit Aggarwal, M. Shanmugasundaram and Sundar S. School of Electronics Engineering, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India E-Mail: ranjeet0498@gmail.com ABSTRACT The aim of this project is to create an IOT based application for monitoring patient

application. Thus, IoT based patient monitoring system effectively monitor SDWLHQW¶V health status and save life on time. Keyword s: Arduino, JAVA, IoT , data acquisition unit, mobile application etc . I. INTRODUCTION The increased use of mobile technologies and smart devices in the area of health ha A personal money vault monitoring system based on the Internet of Things is presented throughout this project by using a 3D magnetic sensor. Smart Personal Money Vault Monitoring System Based on IoT Project tutorial by Salah Uddi health monitoring system. When building an IoT system based on sensors, dev board sends data to the cloud platform. These platforms store data and use it to build charts. An Ubidots IoT cloud platform is like a PaaS (Platform as a service) that provides some services useful in IoT ecosystem. These services enable de IoT-Based Cow Health Monitoring System: IoT sensors: Body temperature, heartbeat, and rumination: Involve high storage overhead and no decision making module: Anuj Kumar et al : A Zigbee-Based Animal Health Monitoring System: IEEE1451.1 and Zigbee: Rumination, heart rate, temperature and humidity: Less accuracy as there is no decision making modul

care methods, integrating the IoT paradigm into these systems can further increase intelligence, flexibility and interoperabil-ity [9], [18]. A device utilizing the IoT scheme is uniquely addressed and identifiable at any time and anywhere through the Internet. IoT based devices in remote health monitoring systems are not only capable of the. Corpus ID: 42096893. IOT Based Wearable Health Monitoring System for Pregnant Ladies Using CC 3200 @inproceedings{Santhi2017IOTBW, title={IOT Based Wearable Health Monitoring System for Pregnant Ladies Using CC 3200}, author={V. Santhi and K. Ramya and APJ Health monitoring and fall detection using IoT advantages can improve the daily lifestyle of elderly people. In this paper, we present an IoT based health monitoring and fall detection system for elderly people [1]. The proposed architecture presents both health monitoring and fall detecting on together. For health monitoring, the health.

IV. PROPOSED SYSTEM Main purpose of IoT based system to help healthcare system in case of emergencies. The system self monitor [12][13] and able to inform critical situations of patients to the doctors and it also Fig.1 Node MCU help in monitoring room ambience form remote location. Sensors signals are send to Node MCU via connections.[20 The enhanced iot patient health monitoring system allows to monitor patient health remotely over internet using sensors along with microcontroller circuit. Thus IOT based patient health tracking system effectively uses internet to monitor patient health stats and save lives on time. Hardware Specifications

T1 - An IoT based SMART patient health monitoring system. AU - Srinivasan, C. R. AU - Charan, Guru. AU - Babu, P. Chenchu Sai. PY - 2020/1/1. Y1 - 2020/1/1. N2 - Smart and connected health care is of specific significance in the spectrum of applications enabled the Internet of Things (IoT) Design and development of IoT based health monitoring system for military applications. Block diagram of Internet of things based health monitoring system for military applications. 2.1. Methodology. The device is a microcontroller, i.e., in our system. Arduino is wired to a sensor of heart pulses and body temperature, serial GPS

Fig. 1 IoT in Healthcare Monitoring Systems The Architecture of IoT in HealthCare IoT is a network of physical object-linked devices that allow remote devices to hear, analyze, and monitor. The computational mechanism for linking computer hardware to allow communication between sensors and smart sewing equipment In this paper, we propose a new method for ECG monitoring based on Internet-of-Things (IoT) techniques. ECG data are gathered using a wearable monitoring node and are transmitted directly to the IoT cloud using Wi-Fi. Both the HTTP and MQTT protocols are employed in the IoT cloud in order to provide visual and timely ECG data to users

IoT Based Health Monitoring System Introduction to IoT Based Health Monitoring System Project according to the current scenario, there is a need for providing fast treatment to reduce the negative cases due to the lag of information, IoT Based Health Monitoring System collects the data of patients and sends it to hospital staff so that they can prepare and start treatment as fast as possible. But IoT technology brings home the constant health tracking system. It works by monitoring and recording all the daily conditions of their health. If the device monitors any unusual activities in the organs, they will send the alarm to the connected device and you will also be notified through the alarm connected to your phone The IOT Based Health Care System for the Elderly is cheapest healthcare device based on the IOT platform for the patients and doctors. It provides a solution for measurement of body parameters like ECG, Temperature, Moisture, and Heartbeat. It also detects the body condition and location of the patients. The mobile application for the patient. COVID-19 Remote Health monitoring system ( IoT ) A cost-effective and open source system to data log health measurements in Google sheets and allows the doctor to monitor them from anywhere. Intermediate Full instructions provided 2.5 hours 8,679. Early Bird - US Based Project

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IoMT Based Smart Health Care Monitoring System Sandeep Kumar Polu PG Student Department of Information Technology Acharya Nagarjuna University, India Abstract The present health care system is, for the most part, in-hospital based and incorporates occasional visits that has turned as a monotonous activity for the patients IoT based healthcare application areas such as remote health monitoring, safety monitoring, personal fitness monitoring, chronic disease monitoring, medication monitoring, and real time location tracking. Out of these use cases, remote patient monitoring system along with location tracking is being quiet in existence and lot of work Now let us begin with the designing of IoT Based Patient Health Monitoring on ESP32 Web Server. So the circuit digram for interfacing MAX30100, DHT11 & DS18B20 with ESP32 is given below. All the sensor can work at 3.3V VCC. So connect their VCC to 3.3V Power Supply. Connect the GND to GND DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF IOT BASED HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEM FOR EMERGECY MEDICAL SERVICES G.Aravinthan*, M.Mullai Vendhan *, R.Rajasimmhan *, N.Hari Prasath *, T.Sengolrajan ** * UG scholar, Department of EIE, Arunai Engineering College, Tiruvannamalai-606 603 ** Assistant professor, Department of EIE, Arunai Engineering College,Tiruvannnamalai-606 603 ABSTRACT Pervasive recognizing of the. Keywords: Biomedical device, Heart Beat Rate, IOT, Temperature sensor. Associated Technology for Design & Development. To develop an IOT based Electronic System for the real-time health monitoring of a patient in the form of a wearable version, the following elements are required for the fabrication of this system. Microcontrolle

IoT Based Health Care Monitoring System for Rural Pregnant Women S.Shiny Amala 1, Dr.S.Mythili 2 1Department of ECE, PSNA CET, Dindigul, sshinyamala24@gmail.com 2Associate Professor, Department of ECE, PSNA CET, Dindigul, smbme@psnacet.edu.in ABSTRACT Human resources is the foundation o 3.2 IoT Applications in Health Monitoring . IoT could have various applications in medical industry for . improving the quality of life, saving lives and reduce . treatment cost. By using IoT based technologies, medical industry can improve the ability of the healthcare system in minimizing human error, simplifying the treatment proces So, doctors are able to see their patients any time utilizing health monitoring system based on IoT. Maintenance of medical devices. Medical devices are expensive and any equipment needs a proper maintenance procedure in order to function normally. IoT can help here because this technology will calculate all possible problems with any device IOT BASED TRANSFORMER HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEM Presenting By: G.JAGADESH KUMAR(17A81A0474) ECE-B CONTENTS Introduction Need of Transformer Monitoring Causes Of Transformer Failure THMS Using IOT Components Block Diagram & Circuit Diagram Working Advantages & Disadvantages Applications Conclusion Reference INTRODUCTION • Every snapshot of our. Patients who need regular monitoring by doctors to discuss the state of health condition, IoT-based patient monitoring system is useful for them. The main concept of IoT is defined as the integration with electronic devices that connect with doctors or health monitoring persons. The proposed system consists of Raspberry-pi, ECG Simulator, NodeMCU

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IoT in Healthcare and Advances in Remote Patient Monitoring. A very simple definition of IoT is 'anything, anytime, anywhere'. IoT in healthcare has played a prominent role in the redesigning of present systems with the current advancements in the field of technology associated with IoT. IoT based solutions guarantee health monitoring not. IoT Based Health Care Monitoring System For Rural Pregnant Women S.Shiny Amala, S.Mythili Abstract— Human resources is the backbone of developing and under developed nations. periodIn most of the developing countries and in the smart cities medical systems is not centralized for sharing of information. Mostly pregnan hours health monitoring service greatly relies on the wireless connections but not the optical-based wired connections. Fur-thermore, we cannot immediately establish a optical-based e-health system while encountering some emergencies.Because of all these reasons, 5G becomes an ideal option for e-health systems internet. One of the best applications of IOT technology is health care monitoring system. Our paper is to focus on the development and implementation of an effective healthcare monitoring system based on IoT. The proposed system monitors the vital health parameters and transmits the data through a wireless communication through Wi-Fi module IoT based Patient Monitoring System using ESP8266 and Arduino. Health monitoring is the major problem in today's world. Due to lack of proper health monitoring, patient suffer from serious health issues. There are lots of IoT devices now days to monitor the health of patient over internet

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  1. services based on IoT health monitoring system. In this project the patient health related problems and healthcare cost is reduced. The collection, recording, analyzing and sharing data streams though the internet which reduce the patient problem of visiting the doctor every time to check the health parameter like heart beat rate, temperature an
  2. IoT based remote patient monitoring system is an extension of medical systems, where a patient's vitals can be monitored remotely. Taking the capability of IoT technology into account, an IoT healthcare service invented a remote patient monitoring system
  3. The Healthcare industry remains among the fastest to adopt the Internet of Things. The reason for this trend is that integrating IoT features into medical devices greatly improves the quality and effectiveness of service, bringing especially high value for the elderly, patients with chronic conditions, and those requiring constant supervision
  4. ute BPM and Oxygen saturation in the blood SpO2. By using the IoT Health Care Monitoring System, health care professionals can track, diagnose and inform their patients
  5. The research work presented in this paper has used the analytic network process for selection and ranking of FC-based IoT for monitoring of health systems. The experimental results have shown that the proposed research work is efficient in the selection and ranking of fog computing-based IoT for monitoring of health systems

With tons of new healthcare technology start-ups, IoT is rapidly revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Here in this project, we will make an IoT based Health Monitoring System which records the patient heart beat rate and body temperature. Pulse rate and body temperature readings are recorded over ThingSpeak and Google sheets so that patient. Welcome to our channel! (Best Projects)Dear friends, If you want to do a very well working presentable project, you should give us a chance to serve you!We m.. Using IOT,various applications such as health monitoring and medical device integration can be achieved. In this paper, we will be using the concept of IOT along with a series of single board computers known as Raspberry Pi to monitor the temperature and heartbeat of the patient

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  1. The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work considers Smart Personal Protective Equipment as Intelligent Protection For The Future. It mainly consists of electronic components that collect data about their use, the workers who wear them, and the working environment. This paper proposes a distributed solution of Smart Personal Protective Equipment for the safety monitoring of Lone.
  2. In this project the idea of IOT based bridge health monitoring is proposed. Different types of sensors attached to the bridge input various parameters such as vibration, shocks, extreme temperatures and flood level, process them using microcontrollers according to the set threshold and finally send the readings wirelessly using RF transmitters
  3. It enables the grid operator to define the performance of the unit. It also provides valuable information about transformer health. IoT Based Transformer Monitoring System will allow the utilities to optimally run the transformer and keep this equipment in operation for a longer period. Keywords: Transformer health monitoring using IoT, Real.

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  1. IoT based Health Monitoring System 1Prof. Virendrakumar A. Dhotre, 2Samadhan B. Kadam, 3Yogiraj L. Mane, 4Yogesh H. Mane and 5Satish S. Kore, 1,2,3,4,5CSE Department, SKN Sinhgad College of Engineering, Solapur University, Maharastra, India Abstract— Health has prime an incentive in our everyday life
  2. The main contribution of this paper include the following: firstly, this paper presents a novel system, the WISE (Wearable IoT-cloud-baSed hEalth monitoring system), for real-time personal health monitoring. WISE adopts the BASN (body area sensor network) framework in the support of real-time health monitoring
  3. In IoT based health monitoring system, the data collected from sensors stored in the cloud. The collected sensor data used for data analysis like prediction or forecasting. Machine to machine communication and IoT technologies integrated into the medical application to monitor the patients in safety and health[5-7]
  4. d and body. However, people nowadays do not have much free time to keep track of their health status. Thus, a health monitoring system that automatically tracks and alarm the users about their health status is needed. Rapid improvement of the internet and technology, such as the Internet of Things allows the health.
  5. (c) Thirumalasetty, S. Kolangiammal health monitoring system based on IOT is described. A health monitoring system comprises several sensors connected to a person and they communicate with a data aggregator and processing unit. The data aggregator and processing unit may be a specialized device and p.c
  6. IoT Based Smart Health Monitoring with CNN Using Edge Computing 175 decision tree structure in the data modeling in establishing the fall detection and hence the data can be monitored with the smart IoT Gateway. If a fail is detected in the human structure an alarm will be posted to monitor the group activity in the family member

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IOT Based Driver Drowsiness Detection and Health Monitoring System Sathish Kumar.R1, Nivedha.K2, Anitha.K3, Jayaprakash.D4 1,2,3Assistant Professor, Faculties of Humanities Science, Meenakashi Academy of Higher Education Research Chennai, TamilNadu, India 4Associate Professor, Faculties of Humanities Science, Meenakashi Academy of Highe View IOT based Health Monitoring System.pdf from ELECTRONIC 205 at Manipal Institute of Technology. Sangeetha.C.N. Int. Journal of Engineering Research and Application ISSN : 2248-9622, Vol. 8, Issu The system architecture for our IoT based health monitoring system using Fuzzy logic as shown in Fig 3.1. The system is designed to work in an IoT environment. Air quality sensor, temperature sensor and pulse sensor will be placed on and near to the patient. With the help of sensors placed on and around the patient, we can get the health

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  1. imizing human error, simplifying the treatment proces
  2. So our proposed system allows for alcohol & health monitoring plus reporting system that monitors this and reports it to concerned personnel remotely over internet. Our system consists of an IOT based circuit system that uses a microcontroller based circuit system. The system has alcohol as well as blood pressure monitoring sensors to check for.
  3. IoT Based Remote Patient Monitoring Systems Solution. According to an independent study, the focus in the healthcare industry is gradually shifting to virtual, value-based, remote yet efficient patient-centric care. The diverse problems that the majority of the population is facing can only be solved by employing an efficient and digitally.

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Health monitoring of elderly is one of the most crucial subject in modern era health care. And it is a new challenge to remotely monitor the health condition. In this paper, we will depict the current situation of the technology of the health monitoring projects based on IOT and propose how we can improve the actual implementations of the. Abstract - This paper proposes a capable health monitoring system for infants, with wireless communication based on IoT technology. A prototype is developed which gives a reliable and efficient baby monitoring system that can play a vital role in providing better infant care. This system monitor vita IoT Based Heartbeat Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi Health monitoring has always been a promising application for the Internet of Things (IoT). By using the right technology we no longer have to depend on our general routine health check up or our local physicians to assess our body In this paper, we present Intelligent Mobile Health Monitoring System with smart textiles, which can provide medical feedback to the patients through mobile devices based on the biomedical and environmental data collected by deployed sensors. 1.Introduction to IoT in intelligent mobile health monitoring system by smart textil

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IOT based health monitoring system consist of different modules such as temperature sensor, heart beats sensor, ECG monitoring module, GSM module, WIFI module, and Arduino UNO module [1-2]. The temperature sensor of IOT based health monitoring system is LM35 IC. It has three pin IC and it can operate with 5V DC. The temperature sensor i IoT-based cow health monitoring system 5 Fig.3. The Hub in IP57 enclosure e ective data transmission even if serial communication is used (e.g., GSM) or the central Server is down. 3.3 Server The server performs an essential role in our system. It is located in the clou Predictive maintenance of high-end medical equipment can prevent huge maintenance costs or parts replacement by regular sensor-based IoT monitoring systems for tracking medical asset's health. IoT for Health Insurance Companies. IoT based health insurance has managed to change the traditional long-term policies to several short-term medical.

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3. Communication and Security in Health Monitoring Systems - A Review The Fast Improvement Of Sensing Devices And Radios Lets Us Move Powerful And Flexible Remote Health Monitoring System. In The Vision of the Future Internet of Things (IOT). This Vision Leads To The New Requirement And Challenges, And These Have To Manage. So as To Desig Based on the above research, The traditional physical health monitoring method takes longer, often involves accurate fitness, and the sportspeople's exact health level is challenging to predict. In this manuscript, the Energy Efficient IoT-based Improved Health Monitoring system (EEIoT-IHMS) is implemented to track a sports person's health

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Pregnant Women Health Care Monitoring System Based on IoT Gayathri 2S 1,Bharathi T , Devleena Jerusha AR 3, Ajay Kumar A 4 * Department of Information Technology, Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology (An Autonomous Institution Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai.), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. 1 14bd036@skcet.ac.i The remote monitoring of transformer or generator health over the internet is one kind of system that can be used for the instantaneous data monitoring of transformer (or) generator through the internet. As we know that, the transformer and generator are the most important electrical equipment's in every power system IoT Based Patient Health Monitoring System - Journal of, 46. IOT BASED PATIENT MONITORING SYSTEM - International , 47. REVIEW ON-IOT BASED SMART HEALTHCARE SYSTEM, 48. IoT Based Patient Health Monitoring System using ESP8266, 49. Design Health care system using Raspberry Pi and ESP32, 50. IOT Based Patient Health Monitoring System - SERSC, 51 The Internet of Things is the internet working of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. IoT can be used in monitoring patient's health parameters TRANSFORMER HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEM BASED INTERNET OF THINGS Gayathri.R 1, Nanthini.S 2, Maheshwari.M 3, Akila .S*4 1gayathriravi091996@gmail.com, 2nanthini.sms@gmail.com, 3m.mahimathi@gmail.com , *4akila@veltechmultitech.org 1, 2, 3 U. G Scholar, 4Assistant Professor Vel Tech Multi Tech Dr. Rangarajan Dr. Sakuntha la Engineering College, Chenna

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The figure 2 illustrates the system design for the device. It comprises of two modules 1) Health monitoring 2) safety monitoring. i. Health Monitoring The functions of the health monitoring module is to track the pulse and body temperature of the worker. On wearing the health device -smart band, the respective heartbeat sensor, and temperature. NextPCB offers first 2-layer 100 X 100 mm PCB with 0$ : https://www.nextpcb.com/?code=Htoeletric4-layer PCB - 12$ : https://www.nextpcb.com/?code=Htoeletric.. their health protection due to a massive workload. Accurate and exact prediction of the heart disease mainly depends on Electrocardiogram (ECG) data and patient clinical data. In this paper, we are going to make an IOT Based Heart Disease Prediction and Monitoring system using Arduino and raspberry pi 3 developing an IOT based bridge safety monitoring system capable of monitoring the environmental data of a bridge and transmitting the data to the mobile devices of bridge safety management staff for reference and documentation. The water level sensor is used through which system has to check manually the level of water. So for thi