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Reincarnation Chapter 3: Padme's Diary, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction. Ruwee and Jobal Naberrie received their daughter's personal belongings from her apartment on Coruscant in brown boxes. Their eldest daughter, Sola was there to help them sort through Padme's things. Jobal wept as she held each of Padme's dresses, hugging them Padme said, If you don't mind, I'm very tired right now. I'd like to dine in my quarters. Vader was disappointed that he couldn't spend more time with her, but said, As you wish, milady. He escorted her back to her room, and handed her the box that he was carrying. He said, Enjoy your dinner, and turned to leave. Thank you, Padme said Padme quickly waved her hand towards her family, and they followed. They were on a planet in the Bormean system, and had stopped in a store for goods. The shopkeeper attracted the attention of Padme; mostly it was through her connection to the Force that she felt drawn to him Note 1: This is only my second fanfiction work. Please read and review. I hope you guys enjoy this venture into this Verse. Note 2: I've always wanted to write about Anakin's journey to the afterlife following the Return of the Jedi. This takes place after Darth Vader dies and Anakin Skywalker is reborn in the Force Triggered Toaster is a fanfiction author that has written 1 stories for Mortal Kombat, With the defeat of Kabuto, Itachi expected to wake up in the Pure Land after the Impure World Reincarnation ended. In reality, he woke up somewhere far more interesting. [React Fanfic] - Anakin, Padme, Ahsoka and the Jedi Council are summoned by a.

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Reincarnated Bastila; Thrawn took one look at Palps and told him very nicely to go fuck himself; Non-binary character; Summary. Darth Sidious decides to resurrect a legendary Sith, but it did not go well...and the Force pulls the reincarnation - card. Some where in the galaxy , a child was born. A reincarnation Summary. Jedi Knight Padmé Amidala, the Heroine with No Fear, has crash landed on a moon after a starship fight with Darth Vader. Now the two enemies are stuck on a strange moon with strange rocks that prevents them from accessing the Force. They form an uneasy truce to leave the other alone Meanwhile, Padme is trying to hold the galaxy and also her marriage together. It's hard, when the war is tearing her husband and the universe apart. (Alternatively: Ahsoka and Padme kick butt, Anakin is a massive wreck with a heart of gold, and Asajj, Rex, and Obi-Wan are dragged along for the ride.) Series. Part 1 of How Asajj Ventress Saved.

Darth Malek, master of the Star Forge and former apprentice to Darth Revan, one of the most infamous and charismatic Sith Lords of all time. And Meetra Surik, known commonly as the Jedi Exile, the Exile to be precise. A powerful Jedi that had fought in the Mandalorian wars alongside Revan and Malek, known as Alek at the time, and becoming one. Luke, now a Jedi Master and leader of the New Jedi Order, was starting a training Academy on Yavin IV, the planet nearly destroyed by the first Death Star. Bast Castle, former home to Vader and Amidala, was a Force Sensitive region and with Anakin's support, Luke had it rebuilt into a secondary Jedi training facility Reincarnation Chapter 10: Bast Castle, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction. It felt good to have his mask off. There weren't many places where he could do that. Here, in the sanctuary of his home, he was afforded this luxury. He had converted most of the rooms in the castle into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. With the flip of a switch, he was able to. Summary. Leia Vader has no memory of how she came to live at the Imperial Palace. She loves her father, Darth Vader, and reveres Emperor Palpatine. She is a prisoner of her own mind, terrified of the world outside her apartments. A boy named Luke Skywalker arrives as a guest of the Emperor

Apocalypse. Summary. Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and the 501st Legion discover a deadly threat aboard a Republic medical station, one that will reach every corner of the Galaxy and ultimately bring it to its knees, while throwing a wrench in the grand schemes of one Chancellor Palpatine. Probably a longfic 130 Harry Potter and the Runecraeft of the Norns » by HaikenEdge The direct continuation of Harry Potter and the Physical Adept, in which cyberpunk-influenced, tabletop RPG-loving Harry Potter continues his life in and (mostly) out of Hogwarts. Dark!Indie!Sarcastic!Paranoid!Pragmatic!Violent!Harry. Book 3 in Harry Potter and the RPG Influence Ahsoka Tano-centric. Summary. Ahsoka was on her knees in front of the temple stairs, staring at the sunset as Master Obi-Wan tried to nudge her into the temple. But she wouldn't leave, because she couldn't leave, not when they were the same stairs her brother walked down minutes before Lightsaber Obi Wan Anakin Skywalker Phantom Menace Prequels Padmé Amidala Attack Of The Clones Revenge Of The Sith Master Yoda Obi Wan Romance. A Jedi shall not know anger. Nor hatred. Nor love. Serenity is the twin sister of Anakin Skywalker, the same boy who will father Luke Skywalker and become known as Darth Vader

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Wattpad connects a global community of millions of readers and writers through the power of stor Quizzes Stories People Tests Fiction Fanfiction Nonfiction Surveys. Featured Fanfiction. Add to library 68 Discussion 10. Action Anime/Manga Aura Kanto Reincarnation Rebirth I died and was reborn as Ash Ketchum. See how a driven man with great knowledge does his best to become the very best there ever was with his trusty Pokémon Crossover between Harry Potter & Star Wars (Rebels) 10 Harry Potter: Son of Darth Vader Book 2: Revenge of the Emperors » by Dragons123d After the death of Harry Potter on the Supremacy, Darth Vader heads to Mustafar to try and bring back his son and wife. However, across the galaxy, new threats are emerging

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  1. Fanfiction Stories . Refine by tag: 1.2K Stories. Sort by: Hot. Hot New # 1. An Initiates Baby by ♡ 314K 7.1K 33 *some sh*t don't add up because i started to edit, then stopped, then couldn't be bothered to continue and left it with missing paragraphs and plot-holes.*.
  2. tags → #writing prompt #General Prompt #writing exercise #fanfiction prompt #fanfic prompt What exactly was going on in those unspoken exchanges about previous identities, no-one with ordinary perception could possibly tell, especially the average Westerner, to whom reincarnation remains an enigma
  3. My car can read fanfiction to me. (Probably doesn't belong here, but it is a kinda entertaining story.) On mobile so please excuse the formatting. So as the title said I found out my car can read fanfiction to me. I just got a new car and hooked my phone up for navigation and to charge it. I did all the prompts for something called android auto.
  4. random. +5 more. # 9. I Won't Tell by amazingwaffles243. 23.9K 885 13. Obi-Wan Kenobi has a horrible life. Dealing with his fathers murder, his mother's insanity, and his mother's husbands (Pig was Obi-Wan's nickname for him) abuse, Obi saw... Completed. anakin

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1. Padme is the reincarnation of the Jedi who had the prophecy about the Chosen One. 2. Spark of a Flame - the evolution of the Sith since their original creation to the time of the Empire. 3. The Naberies (Sola in particular) receive a letter from Obi-Wan with Padme's body explaining the truth surrounding her death Roger, Roger is a Star Wars Self-Insert fanfiction written by Tabi. It is hosted on Spacebattles Dot Com, and it features Tabi as a B1 Battledroid named 711. Much of the story is centered around 711's career as an increasingly prominent officer in the Droid Army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Has two threads: Thread 1, which is. Reincarnation: May Come with Teething Problems (Exalted) without digressing into lesbian teenage romance genderswap reincarnation whatevers or any of the other bad habits of fanfiction that it just can't seem to help itself from descending into. 20 Yrael. Dec 15, 2020 Om Mani Padme Hum. Dec 15, 2020 #70

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Maia's parents died when she was young, leaving her to fend for herself on Lothal. One day she meets a young rebel boy. Her life changes forever.Does it get better? Read to find out! btw. this is a star wars rebels fanfic- it includes the ghost crew- includes Sabezra and a little bit of Kanera.. I am an avid reader; to me a good story is one that you can enjoy re-reading. I love fan fiction but tend to mislay stories. Here I am posting links to stories that are Gen or Het pairings. I have designed banners for my favorites to put on Pinterest. If the author objects to the picture please let me know and I will remove it. Let me know what you think or if you think of other stories that. The Force.net Fanfic Archive. Recommended by fdsa1234567890; While it hasn't been updated for a decade as of 2020, this was a curated archive of the best fanfiction from The Force.net forums from before then. Generally of fairly high quality, and with a fairly large number of OCs. Ash Darklighter. Recommended by: Falcon Arro Hamilton Fanfic Alexander Hamilton John Laurens Fluff Angst. Alexander Hamilton, Hercules Mulligan, and the Marquis de Lafayette were doing perfectly fine without the son of the much-hated politician Henry Laurens. That is, they were doing fine until John proved himself to be much unlike his father. Suddenly, Alexander and John find themselves. teamreincarnate Team Reincarnation 9 years ago The cure for the common YYH fanfic. drwho_4_5 Dr. Who Season 4.5 10 years ago This is a collection of Season 4.5 episodes for Dr. quantum_magick Om Mani Padme Hum 16 years ago.

A great amount of effort went into creating the memories of the Key into everyone's memories. Little did the monks know that such a significant attempt at an alteration of the Slayers mind would unleash that of which she was never meant to remember.Reincarnation by Cristina is a series of fan-fiction stories archived at Twisting the Hellmouth Browse through and read grievous fanfiction stories and books. Browse through and read grievous fanfiction stories and books . Sign up Log in. Home Stories promised by a Grimreaper named Grell, If she becomes reincarnated into another dimension. She took the chance- Not knowing that the Dimension was Star wars the clone w... Show more featured

A young Princess Amidala. Born Padmé Naberrie in 46 BBY, Amidala was the youngest daughter of Ruwee and Jobal Thule Naberrie, and the sister of Sola Naberrie. Padmé grew up in an isolated mountain village where her parents instilled in their children high virtues like self-sacrifice and care for the socially weak. Her family moved to Theed when she was young, and Padmé attended the best. This is a list of fanfiction I can recommend! Each link leads to a description with a review. Take care and have a good time reading :) Note about the ratings: Gen (General audience), T (Teen), M (Mature) and E (Explicit) Je vais proposer des sélections en français quand j'ai la chance d'en trouver des mémorables The Shrunken Student. 314 story chapters. Transforming in Walt Disney World. 3,466 story chapters. Trick Or Treat, Smell My-. 142 story chapters. Members who added to this interactive. story also contributed to these: Anime Shrink Interactive

Anakin heads to Mustafar, slaying all the heads of the Confederacy before they can split up and hide throughout the galaxy. Dooku faces Anakin in duel and is brutally killed. With the Jedi Council members fighting on other worlds, Palpatine then issues Order 66 to finally kill them all Ahsoka Tano Captain Rex Clones Jedi Anakin Skywalker Obi Wan Kenobi. Ahsoka's sent on her first mission leading the 501st without Anakin. Everything goes well until a revengeful psychopath and radical anti-war terrorists decide to take the boys-in-blue and their beloved Commander hostage Home; Oc reborn as loki fanfiction. All of it will be in the past. There's also going to be detailed violence. Most scenes involving sex or Oc reborn as loki fanfiction. Prince of Asgard Ch 1, Avengers; Looking for an AO3 fic where Darcy is a reincarnated Loki; FOUND!!!! Looking for a fic where Odin makes Loki to be reborn int Note: Title: Plot: 1: Prelude. Pureirūdo (プレィルード) . Dark Megami, a bored high school student in her Senior year, finds a mysterious black notebook, in which the cover, written in white katakana, reads Desunōto (デスノート), and inside, she reads a set of rules that are written in Japanese, saying that whoever's name is written in this notebook, that person dies

Kamen Rider Ace Warrior (orKamen Rider ♠ Warrior) is an American adaptation of the Japanese tokusatsu seriesKamen Rider Blade, the fourteenth installment in the Kamen Rider Series. 1 Plot 2 Characters 2.1 Kamen Riders 2.2 Allies 2.2.1 Masters Residences 2.2.2 Jacaranda Cafe 2.2.3 RIDER FORCE 2.3 The Undead 3 Episodes 4 Video games 5 Audiobooks 6 Episode Synopsis After Xaviax defeat on. Fanfiction Humor Romance Hamilton Kindergarten Au Lin Manuel Miranda X Reader Male Reader Female Reader Gender Neutral Y/n is the new kid at King's Elementary. y/n is introduced to his/her teacher, Mr. Miranda, and his/her new classmates Harry Potter's Book of Sin. 2 Chapters Every 511 Day (s) 212 Readers 3 Reviews 12-03-2018. Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Mystery School Life Slice of Life Supernatural. When a traverser mistakenly thought that he had crossed the back of Britain in the 1980s, and when he was suffering from childhood, he would eventually sink into the darkness. Excerpt from Wookiepedia: [1] After her death, Amidala was laid to rest in Theed. Her casket was drawn through the streets of Theed, leading an enormous procession of mourners that included her family, Queen Apailana, Boss Rugor Nass, close friend.. Darth Sidious, born Sheev Palpatine and also known simply as the Emperor, was a human male Dark Lord of the Sith and Emperor of the Galactic Empire, ruling from 19 BBY to 4 ABY.Rising to power in the Republic Senate as the senator of Naboo, the secretive Sith Lord cultivated two identities, Sidious and Palpatine, using both to further his political career. He orchestrated the fall of the.

jrc622 is a fanfiction author that has written 1 stories for Naruto, and High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D R2-D2 was hoping for a little bit of excitement when he was sent with Mistress Padme and Little Ani as part of Mistress Padme's protection. That was not what he got. Now, Jedi Kenobi is clearly in trouble. As far as R2 can see, the best way to keep Mistress Padme safe is to save Jedi Kenobi. Clearly, R2-D2 is the droid for the job. Language. . Vylik Emrin is Anakin's childhood friend. . . Ciklopea.net. 1 A Rose Without Thorns » by bb8isgreat Rey hides a dark secret from everyone she knows. Ahsoka never expected that Anakin would ask her to come with him when he finally did decide to leave. . Founder: zgirl21 - Stories: 11 - Followers: 69 - Staff: 0 - id: 11429 A community dedicated to Anakin and Padme, with the best variety of. In desperation, I release my hold on the tentacles hiding the mouth and eyes on my chest. They spread like the mouth of a Venus fly-trap and I'm given a solid look at Typhin's face, seemingly torn between determination and fear, mouth half-open. I lift my arms and tear my head off by the neck Lady Padme's Comments: Excellent fanfic - I printed this story out to read and it really kept me enthralled for 2 days - I even missed my subway stop. I would assume that if he were reincarnated by the Force, inanimate objects such as these would not be created also. This is the best fan-fiction I've ever read about the Starwars.

Search this in the novel sectionThe mc is reincarnated randomly in twilight with wishes to see how he survives in the world which the characters used to irritate him he is reincarnated as Bella's older twin brother.To all readers, English is not my first language and it's my first time writing and please don't curse my grammar sucksand I am writing for fun and mc met with a kind god there are. I want to read it! I heard of Shmi-reincarnation (because Rey was EVERYBODY reincarnated), but I never heard of Shmi time traveling! AMAZING. #6 Use the Falchion Kylo brings Padme back to life. I love the idea. Fan Fiction. Replies: 4 Views: 455. NinjaRen Dec 23, 2020. Why didn't Kylo Ren use Sith lightning? SegNerd, Jun 28, 2020, in. Read Mushoku Tensei Fanfiction , Underworld God Reincarnation - Daoist981201 - Webnovel. Browse. Novels. MALE LEAD Urban Eastern Games Fantasy Sci-fi ACG Horror Sports Action War Realistic History. FEMALE LEAD Urban Fantasy History Teen LGBT+ Sci-fi General. Comics. Romance Action Urban Eastern Fantasy School LGBT+ Sci-Fi Comedy

The first comment I received said it was the weirdest thing they ever read for that pairing. 2. level 1. _Mirror_Face_. · 1y Mirror_Face at AO3. I once wrote this super abstract fanfiction mixing the symbolism of 'ghosts' and 'dogs in a giant pit'. It turned into a weird character study for two characters Vendeur: pokemon_card_jp ️ (23) 100%, Lieu où se trouve: aichi, Lieu de livraison: US, Europe, Asia, CA, AU, Numéro de l'objet: 124814097531 Doujinshi fan fiction books Another World Reincarnation Full Color Omnibus Japan. 【Direct from Japan】Doujinshi fan fiction books Another World Reincarnation Full Color Omnibus Japanese Anime Manga Game NEW Comic JP original Yorozu book【Our. Fantasy Harem Mecha Romance Sci-fi. Prometheus, the infinite fortress of time, a crossover point for the infinite worlds of machine wars, Our protagonist, Xiao Ran, was put into great pressure due to having only attributes that do not exceed 10, making him as weak as a chicken. But being familiar with the storyline of each mission world, Xiao.

Meta-fanfiction of: Mixed Feelings, Completely Unoriginal Characters: Original Characters Rating: General Audiences Summary: A mutual crossover with Completely Unoriginal, set after the canon ending of that story. This belongs to the same continuity as How to Win Friends and Influence People and Post-Mortem. Fax gives Astrid a gift Charisma Quest is a quest about an imperial stormtrooper, and even though the PC is a die-hard imperial, he's an honestly decent enough guy, so I don't know if it qualifies as what your looking for. In general, trying to find good fiction where the protagonist is an unsympathetic amoral psychopath is near impossible The fan works of fan author and artist Black Death, as well as an intermittently updated list of fan fiction recommendations. Fandoms include: Game of Thrones (Jaime x Brienne) Peter Jackson's adaptation of Tolkien's The Hobbit (Kiliel) as well as any other fandoms that strike her fancy Yes. In Vader comics 2017 Vader works with an old republic era sith who uses sith alchemy to create Vader's fortress. The fortress is designed to channel the dark side nexus of Mustafar in order to create a doorway into the netherworld of the forc.. Things get so heated in Spartan, in fact, that one of the film's brightest stars, Kristen Bell, falls victim to a bosom-centric wardrobe malfunction during a fight scene. Bell, who portrays the.

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I was reincarnated into another world, and I've brought the Horadric Cube from Diablo II with me. Being a knight is cool and all CN (2.6) #122 Release That Witch: Ntr. 1 Chapters Every 17 Day(s) 59 Readers 1 Reviews 06-30-2021. Adult. Ntr Fanfic of Release That Witch CN (2.3) #123 The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain. 20 Chapters. OK, wise-droid, if you're finished interrogating me about being the reincarnation of an intergalactic time-traveler, we need to get this modification finished. Padme is going to be back with Senator Slime-Snake in less than two hours, so if we're doing this, we need to get to work I reminded the insanely perceptive synthetic life-form The Code Geass fanfic My Queen uses the premises that Kallen chose to stay with Lelouch instead of the Black Knights.During the Battle of Kaminejima, alone, she takes on the Royal Guard and the Knight of Twelve alone, defeating without much problems. She stands up against the Knight of One fairly, however, when the Knight of Six almost pulverizes the Shinkiro, where Lelouch was, things get. FictionRatings. Intended for general audience 5 years and older. Content should be free of any coarse language, violence, and adult themes. Suitable for more mature childen, 9 years and older, with minor action violence without serious injury. May contain mild coarse language. Should not contain any adult themes. Suitable for teens, 13 years.

[Source] All my life, I've felt kept and confined. Always having to watch what I say, treating emotion as the enemy. The dark side is my freedom. I'm going to express everything!Jaesa Willsaam Jaesa Willsaam was a Human female Jedi Padawan who studied under the tutelage of Jedi Master Nomen Karr and later the apprentice of the Empire's Wrath, who convinced her to abandon the Jedi Order and. Plus, the funeral scene is really just the final scene on Padme's death. The first moment that Padme dies is when Anakin chokes her into unconsciousness. Her fate was sealed at that moment. (sorry for shitty GIF quality) But this time, Rey wakes up to fight her partner, as the defenseless Padme never could Reborn a year before the Advent of the Second Dimension, Su Han made a decision. From the day of his rebirth, he will use the whole country to gain the power to resist destiny. And so, Judgement Day will be rewritten. When the darkness comes, when thousands of aliens grind their claws and descend on the earth

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The Phlutdroid (PG) 54.979 K -- Printer-Friendly Version By: Brian Pacula Archived on: Monday, February 4, 2002 Last Updated: Monday, February 4, 2002 Summary: It's not easy making a living in this galaxy, but misanthropic assassin droid IG-72 does the best it can, collecting bounties along the Outer Rim.But when IG-72 finds itself on Tatooine as an unwitting pawn in a feud between gangster. According to an episode of Air Crash Investigation, the crash of TAM Airlines Flight 3054 on July 17, 2007, was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Congonhas Airport in São Paulo, Brazil was notorious among pilots for its extreme degree of difficulty in landing jets there

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The Nelvaanians, or Nelvaans, were a race of blue-furred lupine humanoids native to the planet Nelvaan. The Nelvaanians called their planet the 'Great Mother', which they worshiped. Nelvaanian males became warriors and scouts while the females were builders, gatherers, and raised the children. The tribe was governed by one shaman who claimed spiritual rites within a clan, and one chieftain. Revan, renowned as the Revanchist, dreaded as the Sith Lord Darth Revan, and honored as the Prodigal Knight, is one of the central protagonists of the Star Wars Old Republic era. He was an eminent Jedi Knight turned Dark Lord of the Sith until, stripped of his true persona, he returned to the crumbling Jedi Order and helped defeat the Sith Empire he had established. A human male, and. * Sith! Obi-Wan AU * Wicked Thing by imaginarykat (multi-chapter/ wip) There are rumours of yet another Sith Lord hiding among the Separatists. The Council sends Anakin to investigate. Anakin has a bad feeling about this. The World Undone by lilyconrad (multi-chapter / complete) Anakin Skywalker, proud symbol of the strength and purity of the Jedi Order, is the target of a strange and handsome.

Glorfindel was tall and straight; his hair was of shining gold, his face fair and young and fearless and full of joy; his eyes were bright and clean, and his voice like music; on his brow set wisdom, and in his hand was strength. The Fellowship of the Ring, Many Meetings Glorfindel was among the mightiest of the Elves, and was once the lord of the House of the Golden Flower in Gondolin. Goodraxler is a fanfiction author that has written 1 stories for High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D, Instead as Pawn he was reincarnated as the only Knight of Rias Gremory. For the first time Issei Hyoudou finally found a purpose in his life, to protect his master, become her sword and the strongest Knight of Underworld..