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  1. Direct: The mother said to the daughter, 'Do you know where John is?' Indirect: The mother asked the daughter whether she knew where John was. Direct: 'Have you anything to say on behalf of the accused?,' said the judge to the lawyer. Indirect: The judge enquired of the lawyer if he had anything to say on behalf of the accused. 14
  2. Imagine you are Subhash live in Mumbai. Write a letter to your friend Alok/Asha telling him/her how you celebrated your birthday last week. You may touch upon the following points: 1= date and time 2= preparations you made 3= Relatives and friends 4= How you celebrate
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The tragic story of 13-year-old Lily Clara McClish. Moab mom says bullying led to daughter's suicide; 3 who attend 13-year-old's school are focus of manslaughter investigation. Molly McClish poses for a photo in an area where she and her daughter, Lily, used to ride horses in Moab on Friday, Sept. 29, 2017. McClish hopes to install a memorial. 1. Reporting speech 2. Reported speech. These two parts are separated from each other by a comma (,) and inverted commas ( ). The part outside the inverted commas forms reporting speech (i.e. who is reporting and to whom) and that enclosed within the inverted commas is reported speech (i.e. the matter that is being reported)

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All of this applies to unloved daughters as well, though acceptance remains, for many, somehow out of reach. This is why, once again, the need to mourn the mother you deserved is crucial. One. Passage Narration Rules on Passage Narration Passage narration means a short passage of conversation between two persons in the form of direct speeches. There are some different rules of changing passage narration from direct speeches to indirect speeches. 1. After reading the passage attentively, at first you have to identify the speaker, the listener an 1)'such a pretty dress!' said the young girl to her mother. 2)she said to me, ' please lend me your jacket for this week'. 3)I said to ram,'please help me to complete my project'. 4)'please don't think that I wish to hurt you,'he said to me. 5)'splended! keep up the good work,'said the teacher to his pupi see the difference between direct speech and reported speech. Study the notes given there. Rewrite the following sentences in reported speech: Shall I call you work of a secretary. Answer: The narrator asked the girl if he should call her Miss Clifford or Alice. She replied saying that she was not grown up and he might call her what he liked 2. Being your mother doesn't get her a pass to make you miserable. Being your mother doesn't get her a pass to make you miserable. Side note—I initially read the question as you asking if it's OK to punch your mom. Just in case you were curious, that one's a no. —SexualBreakfas

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  1. ation. The teacher said to the students, Two and Two make four. The teacher said to the students that two and Two make four. The teacher said to the student, The more you read, the more you learn
  2. RICHMOND, Va. — Laura Wilkerson, a Texan whose son Josh was murdered by an illegal alien who would have qualified for amnesty under a DREAM Act-like law, emotionally broke down and cried during her speech here at Jefferson Park in downtown Richmond on Monday night at the first stop of the Stop Amnesty Tour. My name is Laura Wilkerson, she said
  3. You just felt like you knew her your whole life, she said. And then, he broke up with her a few weeks later because he got back with his ex-girlfriend Daryl Hannah. It was during that break.

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  1. Reported speech and semi-directness in Agul (2010) Grammaticalization paths of aʁas • markers of ordinal numerals -pu and (much more rare) -punde < perfective participles p.u [say.PF] and p.u-nde [say.PF-PART3] 'one who said / to whom it was said / about what it was said etc.'; cf. sad 'one' ~ sad-pu || sad-punde 'first.
  2. Indirect Speech: He told me that he had met me the previous day. Whenever you use an indirect speech, you don't exactly know whether 'yesterday' is actually yesterday or not. Here 'the previous day' is not that specific and using it makes more sen..
  3. ANGELA MILLER is an internationally known writer and speaker on grief and loss. She is the best-selling author of You Are the Mother of All Mothers, and the founder and executive director of the award-winning grief organization, A Bed For My Heart.After the death of her son, Angela founded A Bed For My Heart in 2013, and has given people around the world a compassionate and supportive.
  4. Many of the signs above are also symptoms of a post-traumatic stress disorder: Agitation, irritability, hostility, hypervigilance, self-destruction, social isolation, flashbacks, fear, anxiety, loss of trust, loss of interest, guilt, insomnia, nightmares, etc. A Child's Sexual Behavior Isn't Always a Sign of Abuse

Tragedy Created Bush Mother-Son Bond. For the Bush family, the young death of Robin Bush created a strong tie between George W. Bush and Barbara Bush. (File) By George Lardner Jr. and Lois Romano. Greendale Mom Describes Kids' Experience With Racism In School - Greendale, WI - A mother spoke out at last week's Board of Education meeting about racist language directed at her kids from other. In those days, she recalls, people would say, If you want to have a big fat baby, drink a beer a day and red wine is good for the baby's blood. Kathy again drank throughout her. Her parents say after recovering from strep throat, Alexia Baier, 4, started throwing violent tantrums, endangering her and her family's safety.WATCH THE FUL..

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  1. Direct and indirect speech worksheet for class 7. Sentences are given in the direct speech. Change them into the indirect speech. 1. The captain said, 'This is an occasion to celebrate.'. 2. The mother said to her daughter, 'I'm proud of your achievements.'. 3. 'I've spoken nothing but the truth,' the prisoner said
  2. REPORTED SPEECH. STATEMENTS Task: Change the statements below from the Direct into Reported Speech. Mind the word order and the tenses. 1. Jane said: I enjoy ice-skating. _____ 2. Peter said: Steve cant walk after the accident
  3. While attempting reported speech one has to be familiar with the kinds of sentences in the language because rules applicable for one kind of sentence are not applicable to another. Following are the kinds of sentences in English language. Mother asked the daughter who her headmaster was. Sing me a sad song the king said to the jester.

CBSE Class 10 English Grammar - Direct And Indirect Speech. The words spoken by a person can be reported in two ways—Direct and Indirect. When we quote the exact words spoken by a person, we call it Direct Speech. Sohan said to Mohan, I am going to school.. The exact words spoken by Sohan are put within inverted commas 2 nd Person pronoun of Reported speech is changed according to Object of Reporting verb. Direct: She says to me, you have done your work Indirect: She tells me that I have done my work. Direct: She says to her, You have done your work Indirect: She tells her that she has done her work. Direct: I say to them, you have done your. Sorry to hear about your mother. Yes, I think you should have her evaluated by a GP. As I explain in the article, there are many health conditions that can cause older adults to start saying things or doing things that others find unusual. It would also be a good idea to try to get more information from others, to find out if what she says is true All of this applies to unloved daughters as well, though acceptance remains, for many, somehow out of reach. This is why, once again, the need to mourn the mother you deserved is crucial. One.

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A Black mother slammed critical race theory (CRT) on Thursday, telling the Florida Board of Education that it was teaching hate and ruining the greatest country in the world. Just coming off of. Mother, 38, is arrested in front of her children and locked in a cell for seven HOURS after calling a transgender woman a man on Twitter. Police officers detained Kate Scottow, 38, at her home in. Tragic Details About Paris Jackson. Paris Jackson was born into an unimaginable world, if only because of her father's fame. Michael Jackson has earned his title as the King of Pop. His seminal. In linguistics, indirect speech (also reported speech or indirect discourse) is a grammatical mechanism for reporting the content of another utterance without directly quoting it. For example, the English sentence Jill said she was coming is indirect discourse while Jill said I'm coming would be direct discourse.. In many languages, indirect discourse is expressed using a content clause or.

So far, the answer is no. Kara's efforts to pull her mom away from QAnon have become so contentious that at one point her mother threatened to remove her from her will. It usually ends up in a fight if I dare say anything to her, and I think for her it's the whole, 'I'm the mom, you're the kid,' Kara said Look around you look at your mom your dad your relative if you have any and imagine that happens to you. You need to go to church and ask for forgiveness . You should not have said that ever 'Diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging,' all of those words sound great, said Nicole Hooper, a 42-year-old mother of three. But when you drill back and actually look at the meaning.

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My granddaughter is being bullied by her father. My daughter is trying to get custody BK. She is 16 not allowed to have a cell phone she might call her mom.the court said he has to allow her to call her mom 3 notes a WK he won't let her. She was molested at 5years old by dad's friend he did nothing She has to baby sit for all her younger. When she came back her mother was clammy, pale, and her speech was off. It was a traumatic difference to when I was there 45 minutes before, Cassandra said By HJIC at Illicit Info. Opinion| It was been reported that conservative commentator, author, and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza has called out former First Lady Michelle Obama, saying her final thesis from her time at Princeton University was illiterate and incoherent. D'Souza's comments came after the former First Lady made an appearance in London for a stop on her book tour for her. In January 2017, Page Six reported Hoppy was arrested for allegedly threatening Frankel when she picked up their daughter, Bryn, from school in New York—and it was revealed that he allegedly.

July 15, 2008: Just a few weeks before Caylee's third birthday, Casey's mother, Cindy Anthony, called police in their hometown of Orlando.Cindy said her daughter and granddaughter had been missing. Rodriguez didn't say how she knew her daughter was the first victim. the gunman the ENTIRE TIME, her mother wrote. the entire vibe of the school was sad. you could look at the doors. Donald Trump's mother once reportedly asked his first wife what sort of son have I created.. Mary Trump, the Scottish-born mother of the US President who died in 2000, is reported to have.

The mother and daughter were found dead inside a car in the 12100 block of Nottingham in Bridgeton just before 4:30 p.m. Saturday. Investigators believe it was a murder-suicide. They also said a. A maid of honour out buying a dress for her friend's wedding and a mother who died shielding her daughter have been revealed as victims of a jihadist knifeman in Germany. for 'sad and. They divorced and my Dad passed away. The Document Preparer was calling my mom since June 2017, but not able to leave a voicemail and a few times got a hold of her. My mom said she would ask her grand daughter to take her or her daughter, my half sister, to the office to sign it. That never happened While his 22-year-old mother, Princess Elizabeth, rested in her bedroom suite in Buckingham Palace, her newborn heir was brought to the vast gilded ballroom by the royal midwife, Sister Helen Rowe

Writing Prompt: We use reported speech to tell someone what we have heard or seen. We use reported questions to tell someone what someone has asked. Review the structure and use of reported questions.Then write a letter to a friend telling her about a visit or chat you had with a long lost relative or friend You clearly have not and should definitely watch her speech: you would learn a lot. She was not cut to the quick by this fool's remarks; her speech wasn't because she was butt hurt, it was because Congress, dudes like you and men in general accept this type of BS from the other men around them Her black hair was pulled back, her 5-foot, 4-inch frame cloaked in a yellow uniform. Randers and her mom said the problems caused by Randers' mental illness are worst when she is off her medications 12. Vital Stats. Everybody already knows where and when she was born, parents, her age, etc. so here are a couple of stats you might not have heard of before. She's 5′ 3″ (160 cm), weighs.

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Princess Diana's tragic death cemented her place as the People's Princess in the hearts and minds of millions. Find out about the tragic circumstances surrounding Princess Diana's car accident Thank you, Pamela, for this wonderful article. As a child of a narcissistic mother, I can relate to so much this. My mother chooses to have hardly anything to do with my life - which is perhaps a blessing. I've given up trying to please my her and to not make her feel ashamed or embarrassed by me P eople who weren't there like to say that my mother died at home surrounded by loving family. This is technically true, though it was just my brother and me and he was looking at Facebook and I. Her doctor reported that her L3 vertebrae has a compression fracture. I told her to call a big personal injury law firm in Orlando. #1 daughter had to go up in the attic to scout out what needs to be brought down and said the flooring material was very soft and looks rotten

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  1. Kevin Federline has reportedly expressed concerns whether Britney Spears gaining full control of her life without any expert evaluation is a good idea, according to his lawyer.. Divorce lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan told Page Six that the ex-husband of the Why Should I Be Sad singer would probably have concerns by looking at history in terms of her medical care
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  3. Since Larsen syndrome is progressive in nature, Emily, now 29, says that perceptions about her mom's disability have changed over time. Ellen was ambulatory when Emily was younger, but now that.
  4. The search for a missing escort leads to the discovery of other victims along New York's Long Island. But 48 Hours did some more digging and found that Mari Gilbert did in fact report that.
  5. Karen Carpenter died from anorexia on February 4, 1983, leaving behind a legacy of chart-topping singles and tragic personal struggle. We'll always remember '70s soft-rock hits by The Carpenters such as We've Only Just Begun, (They Long To Be) Close To You, Rainy Days And Mondays, Top Of The World, and Superstar. But we also recall Karen as a talented star who had it all but couldn't conquer.
  6. kelly preston's daughter, ella, pays tribute to 'courageous' mother following her death Happy Father's Day to the best one I know, we love you , she wrot

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No mother wants to leave her child — but in the Philippines, it can feel like there's no other choice. Unable to earn enough money at home, an estimated 2.2 million Filipinos worked overseas. Eric Renard, uncle. Kelly Burkhardt, guardian. Unnamed maternal grandfather. The triplets, friends. Status: Living. Appearances. Princess Diana Schade-Renard (born 2014) is the daughter of Adalind Schade and Sean Renard, as well as the older half-sister of Kelly Schade-Burkhardt. She is 3/4 Hexenbiest and 1/4 Human

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Dylan's poetry has caused Hattie Carroll's name, and the sorrow and true lonesomeness of her death, to stick in some people's minds. Dylan describes Hattie Carroll as a 51-year-old maid who. Kate and her daughter Miranda were emotionally and physically abused by her deceased husband. Though she's having a hard time making ends meet, she refuses to ever marry again for obvious reasons. Upon meeting her Zach is instantly taken in by her beauty, but after getting to know her better he falls in love with her sweet and innocent nature

Tiffany's vacations were mostly spent on trips with her mother — a mix of fun mother-daughter getaways and good-will tours overseas, like handing out vitamin C pops at an orphanage in Malawi. Tell Pearl she should ask her mother to move in with her, less lonely for her mother that way. Finally, I told my mother I couldn't tell you those things. And she asked why not. Mary shrugged. You know my mother. I couldn't lie to her. Of course, I made her swear not to tell your mother, that you were going to tell her yourself

Then, the mother of three asked her young daughter how that makes her feel, and Carmen said, Sad. The video currently has over 50,000 views and counting, as well as 430 comments. In the caption, Baldwin explained that the conversation with Carmen sparked when her daughter asked why she didn't have school on Monday and what holiday was being. - Difficulties in Reported Speech - Direct or indirect interrogative clauses - How and What Bob said, 'I'm going to see my mother.' => Bob said (that) he was going to see his mother. 'You have bought yourself a lovely dress.' => He told her (that) Anna said, 'You come and stay with me. Anna said that I could come and stay with her You told me that she was your sister When her mother died years later from cancer, she hid pictures of her mother. He found most of them. When I met her..she only had three left because he'd found the rest and destroyed them. Her father became a raging alcoholic and was very severe in his punishments (making them stand in the corner and hold a dictionary with outstretched arms for.

Reported Speech. There are two ways of reporting a speech. 1. One way is to quote the actual words used by the speaker. This is called Direct Speech. Eg : He said , I am a doctor. The verb said in the main clause is called the reporting verb. In the written form, the words spoken are put within quotation marks. 2 It takes a lot of practice, and I'm working on it. I'd love to be Like I said earlier, I'm happy and sad right now, which is me trying to go. and I thought that that was just the perfect way for it to become finished because although it's about a mother speaking to her daughter, if you can really look outside of just a word like.

One woman reported that a man in a Trump hat approached her at a diner and laughed as he motioned to her biracial daughter, You're gonna have to send that one back now. Anti-Muslim Hate incidents involving Muslims, or those perceived to be Muslim, were about 6% of the total collected by the SPLC In 1939, a man from a small village in the Andes mountains carried his five-year-old daughter Lina into a hospital in the town of Pisco, Peru. He indicated to the doctors there that the shamans in his village had been unable to cure the large tumor that was developing in her abdomen. Upon examination, the [ In 2004, New York Magazine quoted Trump as having said: Let me tell you one thing: Ivanka is a great, great beauty. Every guy in the country wants to go out with my daughter. But she's got a boyfriend. A very very weird flex. 5. Trump agreed Ivanka is a piece of ass. He said this in 2004, on The Howard Stern Show Fatemeh's mother Raziyeh Khademi watches her daughter with an unwavering smile. Explosion near Kabul kills 55 At least 55 people, many of them young students, are killed after a bomb exploded near.

Free Speech. Americans Don't Want Schools To Punish Off-Campus Speech Only students support extending the power to penalize speech, raising concerns about what they're learning in school by pam.mosedale@btinternet.com 7/3/2020 10:54:53 AM Should have had a large prominent note above her bed - no narcotics . Mother should have been listened to . Doctors must have felt terrible when her mother said you did this to her , they must have felt guilty & very sad The next morning, police detained her mother and accused her of neglect of a child and giving false statements to investigators. She told police that her daughter had vanished along with her babysitter, which turned out to be untrue. Caylee's body was found 6 months after her disappearance, and her mother eventually stood trial for her murder

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She also has said, Mom, I want, and then has taken her mother to what she wanted, Tina recalled. What makes this development so interesting is her age. Virginia is 30 and has continued to build upon her functional vocabulary throughout her 20s, decades past the age when most experts expect speech development to continue She recounts the accident in this excerpt from the book. At about 9 a.m., on Monday, Sept. 13, 1982, Princess Grace of Monaco woke her daughter, Stephanie. They had tickets for a train to Paris.


If you do find your child, you can say, Look, when you're ready to come home, we'll talk about it. and you have reported her as a runaway. As James. points out in the article above, if your daughter wants to come home (even if daughter, and you can reach them by calling 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) 24/7 Born and raised in Manhattan, Johansson began acting off-Broadway as a child and booked her first film role, in Rob Reiner's movie North, at age 10, with her mother serving as her manager Magaly Maggie Ramsey said she didn't get to hold her father or say her final goodbyes before he died from Covid-19 in August. Now, she fears she may have also lost the chance to say. Why you shouldn't ignore it: Telling your child two, three, even four times to do something she doesn't want to do, such as get into the car or pick up her toys, sends the message that it's okay. Lara Trump, the 36-year-old wife of Donald's son Eric, is gearing up for the next campaign, and recently gave birth to her second child. Here's everything you need to know about the public.