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  1. But if the wheel torque is increasing (say, the motorcycle begins to go up a hill) and the flywheel is decelerating, then α f becomes negative and the engine torque needed is less the the wheel torque. This is when the energy stored in the flywheel during the acceleration is released
  2. The stock exhaust will be an obstruction when trying to access the rear axle nut with a torque wrench and socket. The best way to get around this is by removing the rear muffler and then use a ratcheting tie down strap to compress the motorcycle's rear suspension. This will pull the frame and exhaust bracket down & out of your way
  3. Do a google search for rear axle torque and your bike model. Look in any motorcycle or car magazine for the Harbor Freight advertisement to get the coupons. You can buy a 1/2 drive foot/lb for the axles and such and then get a 3/8 drive inch/lb for the smaller fasteners that can be critical, like axle clamp bolts/nuts or handlebar bolts
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  6. I feel rear wheel nut when torqued to spec...isn't torqued hard enough...when i got the bike it was torqued to at least 150Nm...ever since then...i've tightened it to 120-130 Nm.. i see the manual says it should be 113Nm but the first few adjustments i did.... i did torque it to spec..but the chain slackens shortly after...I also did a few adjustments on a friend's bike and it also was tightened way over 115Nm range... so do you tighten to spec

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Factory Honda spec'd 60in.lbs. for the front wheel and 65in.lbs. for the rear. This torque worked great for the demands of the worlds best riders, especially with the constant pounding of SX whoops, but was very abusive to the components which showed a lot of strain from the high torque According to the repair manual I have (2001 - on), initial torque is 50 Nm, then final torque is 105 Nm

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Rear wheel horsepower and torque measured on a dyno accurately portrays what a motorcycle is actually putting to the ground. Rear wheel horsepower (rwhp) is measured on a dynamometer most likely at your favorite tuner's shop. It is the actual power being put down to the ground Apr 2, 2018. #9. TORQUE SPECS. Air cleaner to carb 10-12 ft-lbs. Air cleaner to head bolts 8-12 ft-lbsBall ramp cover bolts 35-40 in-lbs. Brake caliper mount bolts 25 ft lbsBrake rotor mount bolt 50 ft lbs. Cam cover bolts 120 inch-lbsCarb to manifold bolts 18 ft-lbs If our liter-bike has 80 lb.-ft. of torque at the crank, the torque turning the rear wheel in first gear is 780 lb.-ft., and there are different (lower) torque figures for each of the other five.. The long and short is, how tight the axle bolt is should make no difference on how easily the wheel rotates, but proper torque is critical to keeping everything working correctly. I just double checked the service manual for the K6 750 and the rear axle nut torque is 72.5 ft/lbs. That is quite a bit of torque and I think most are left too loose

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This operates by placing the motorcycle's rear wheel in contact with the roller drum and having the torque produced by the wheel spinning the drum. Brake Horsepower Vs. Wheel Horsepower Front wheel Disc and phonic wheel to wheel rim fixing screw M8x1.25 25* LOCK 2 Front wheel shaft nut M25x1.25 63* GREASE B on the undersides of the head and threaded pin Rear wheel Phonic wheel to disc fixing screw M5x0.8 5 Brake disc to pin fixing screw M8x1 27 Left/right rear wheel retaining nut 23 How to build up a Triumph Bonneville T120 R conical hub rear wheel If you are looking at rebuilding a Triumph Bonneville conical hub rear wheel, you have just found a great source of information. There are numerous forum threads, other motorcycle wheel building articles, even Triumph workshop manuals and technical notes covering the topic of. Conveniently, because these bikes are fuel injected, this torque information is readily available. All five manufacturers use their existing engine-control sensors — engine speed, throttle angle, and gear position — to infer engine torque and, from that, rear wheel thrust force. You could stop here, if you wanted to take a minimal approach

Details about New 36MM Motorcycle Rear Axle Wrench Rear Wheel Axle Torque Wrench Hand Tool. New 36MM Motorcycle Rear Axle Wrench Rear Wheel Axle Torque Wrench Hand Tool. Item Information. Condition: New. Sale ends in: 01d 15h 39m . Quantity: More than 10 available / 11 sold I jacked it up and was spinning the wheel and noticed the belt was rubbing the front outter edge of the rear pully which tells me I need to align my rear wheel. So my question is how critical is the torque on the rear axle bolt because my exhaust is right over that nut to where I can't get a socket on without taking my exhaust off But in an older chart (picture below) for Bullets 350 and 500, the torque values for rear wheel Spindle Nut (30 mm) is 47 Lb.ft and for smaller axle nut (24 mm) is 54 Lb.ft. The only problem with this chart is that RE manuals have been known to have occasional mislabeling or other errors. e.g., the chart shows the following - Dec 12, 2015. 2,916. 1,000. Barnsley. #9. Yorkshireman, Jul 12, 2018. I never torque the rear wheel nut, can't seem to get the holes for the circlip to line up when I do. I get it as tight as poss with a long breaker bar then line up the holes That's pretty close to what the MCN test reported: 104.8 hp at 6500 rpm (2nd place Vulcan 2000 tested at 90.0 hp) 97.2 lb. ft. torque at 3700 rpm. The most powerful V-Twin on the market. The M109r is only .18 seconds slower in the 1/4 mile than the 2300cc Rocket III. Pretty impressive numbers

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The Rear Wheel Torque Transducer has been built into a unit adaptable to suit the majority of motorcycle sprocket carriers and cush drives, and proven to work with many race wheels The torque transducers have been calibrated up to 1500Nm and feature a self contained power supply and wireless connection to a small chassis mounted receiver The front wheel spacer with the rim goes on the brake side upper and lower triple clamp bolts - 17 ft.lb OE clipon bolt - 20ft.lb rear axle - 83 ft.lb rear rotor bolts - 31 ft.lb rear sprocket bolts - 47 ft.lb Front sprocket - 40 ft.lb Rear shock + link bolts - 33 ft.lb The rear wheel spacer with the rim goes on the sprocket sid A motorcycle operates by applying a torque to spin the rear wheel. At low accelerations, the torque reaction is not sufficient to overcome the weight of the front of the motorcycle. When a rider gives enough throttle, however, the reaction can cause the front of the motorcycle to lift off the ground, or do a wheelie

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Changing your rear sprocket won't give you more mid range or change the engine power curve in any way. It will alter the torque at the rear wheel at all RPMs. The bike should accelerate faster through the gears but you will also loose out on top speed. You don't need to get dyno tuned just for changing a sprocket. He may however have been. FzRstatic = static rear wheel normal force, lb L = wheel base, in. heg = motorcycle center-of-gravity height, in. W = weight of motorcycle, lb The term χaW represents the dynamic load transfer onto the front wheel (Equation 1), or off the rear wheel (Equation 2). For example, for a 0.7g stop, W = 700 lb, and χ = 0.5

In general, the higher the horsepower the faster the motorcycle. Torque is a measure of how much rotational force is being supplied to the rear wheel by the engine, the transmission and the drive train. In order to fully understand the output characteristics of any motorcycle engine both the horsepower and torque curves must be analyzed Leverage and Linkages. >. Once upon a time in the distant past (about 1973), motorcycle rear suspensions were quite similar to the front: there was a pair of shocks, each with a spring not so different to a fork spring. The shocks themselves were relatively skinny things and they were bolted at the very back of the bike, nearly directly above. Since the wheel is true, it is extremely important to tighten all spokes evenly! Start with ¼ turn each. When tightening the spokes you work your way around the wheel in the following pattern: first tighten all nr. 1 spokes, then all nr. 2 spokes until you've tightened all spokes. See the image below

The SV650 has one of them Suzuki flexible swingarms, where if you do the rear wheel nut up too tight then it can put extra tension on the chain and make the swingarm flex inward. This is very bad. Please please please use a torque wrench. As G said, he is in Reading, as am I To Rear Wheel Fig.3 Engine Transmission System of a Typical Motorcycle Rear Wheel 60^SŁ3% 50 - H Front Wheel 40 m 3Ę/o 20 ri I Crankshaft I 9% Others '°.l .1 I . 9% m *10 Main shaft-6.6% Fig.4The Gyroscopic Moment Ratios in a Motorcycle with the T ransmission System in Fig.3 THEORETICAL FLYWHEEL EFFECT REAR TIRE FRICTION CIRCLE- The ability t

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Rear Axle 36MM Wrench Rear Wheel Axle Torque Wrench Hand Tools Similar to HD-47925 EPAuto 1/2-inch Drive Click Torque Wrench, 10~150 ft./lb., 13.6 ~ 203.5 N/m #1 Best Selle Joined Feb 27, 2014. ·. 504 Posts. #19 · Apr 15, 2014. Per Lloyd's here are the stock 106 numbers: Vic states 92 HP in the spec - so less 8 at the rear wheel isnt too bad. your numbers at 90/104 look good pretty good for open pipes with no back pressure. I would have expected less torque

Challenger 103hp, 113 torque rear wheel. Jump to Latest Follow Hey everyone! A forum community dedicated to Indian Motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and builds for all Indian models I was curious as to what the losses are between the crank and rear wheel horsepower/torque figures. Here's my results, for the record. Anyone wanting to chime-in with their own dynomometer tests are most welcome. Erico Motorsports in Denver, 5000' + altitude, temp 91.6 F, 5% humidity. Maximum horsepower @ 82.71, maximum torque @ 62.83 This item: HD-47925 4882 Rear Wheel Axle Torque Wrench Hand Tool 36mm Wrench Tool Kit for Adjust Drive Belt Tension or Rear Wheel Alignment. $15.59. Only 16 left in stock - order soon. For Harley Davidson Buell Motorcycle Rear Axle 36mm Wrench Tool. 4.6 out of 5 stars.

You will also need a torx screw driver. Finally, a large enough wrench for the rear axle AND a torque wrench. Very important when it's time to torque down the rear axle nut. Oh and a rear stand or a jack to raise the rear of the bike, and a rubber mallet. 1) Remove the rear brake caliper AND its mounts from the swing arm A Harley Davidson wheel bearing removal/installer tool (part #94134-09A or HD-44060) or blind bearing puller is necessary to remove the wheel bearings from the wheel. Remove the axles and spacers from the wheel. If working on the rear wheel, separate the sprocket assembly from the wheel and set aside. The brake discs do not have to be removed REAR WHEEUBRAKE/SUSPENSION REAR WHEEL REMOVAL 15-6 Remove the rear brake adjusting nut [1] and disconnect the rear brake rod [2] from the brake arm. Remove the spring [3}, washer [4J and joint pin [5]. Loosen the axle nul [1]. Support the motorcycle securely and raise the rear wheel off Ihe ground with a hoist or equivalent Challenger 103hp, 113 torque rear wheel. Jump to Latest Follow Hey everyone! Usually lose 10% of your h/p between the output shaft and the rear wheel. So 122 - 12 should dyno around 110 this why I thought 103 was a bit light. Save Share. Reply. Indian Motorcycle Forum

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The only way that wheel axle could be square to the frame is if there is a huge wobble in the rear rim, but I don't think that is the case as the tire appears parallel with the edge of the tire. If the wheel is running any where near true this wheel should be parallel with the shocks A step by step video walkthrough on how to remove and install a rear wheel on a BMW R1200RT

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  1. Removal & installation procedure for your R1150RT. Installation starts @ 5:00Copper adhesive: https://www.wurthusa.com/Chemical-Product/Lubricants/Anti-Seize..
  2. If you tell me the markings on the wheels, I can probably ID what Yamaha there are from. In the 70's Yamaha used cast wheels a a variety of bikes both the XS and RD 400 and I believe the XS650, typically the wheels were18 front and rear, but the rear wheel was wider on the XS
  3. Peak torque is listed at a ludicrous 850 Nm (627 lb-ft), but then hub motors often have wild torque specs; witness the outrageous Verge TS, with a hub motor that doesn't even need a middle in it.
  4. Harley Davidson Wheel Alignment Made Simple In an ideal world the front and rear wheel should be: 1. Inline 2. Not offset from each other 3. In the same plane, i.e. if the front wheel is vertical, the back wheel is also perfectly vertical. In practice: 1. We can adjust 2. Hardly ever true, the rear wheel is usually offset 5 to 15mm but w
  5. Despite technology that's nearly a century and a half old, the wire-spoke wheel still has a lot going for it. Wire wheels are light, and when properly configured and maintained, strong and stiff, although not so stiff that they don't flex slightly when loaded, a feature that was particularly desirable in the days before front and rear suspension made the scene-and still isn't a bad thing
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2017 Indian Chieftain® pictures, prices, information, and specifications. Below is the information on the 2017 Indian Chieftain® . If you would like to get a quote on a new 2017 Indian Chieftain® use our Build Your Own tool, or Compare this bike to other Touring motorcycles Contents [ hide] Remove Drive Shaft Coupling Bolts. Remove Rear Wheel. Remove Brake Torque Arm. Remove Rear Drive & Shocks. Remove The Swing Arm. Revisions. Like this: It is easier to remove the four drive shaft coupling bolts that connect the drive shaft to the transmission output flange with the rear wheel on the bike

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The motor is mounted behind the battery and ahead of the rear wheel, with the radiator positioned at the front. Torque is transmitted through a single-stage primary gearbox and secondary belt drive. BMW claims the CE 04 has a maximum speed of 120 kph (75 mph), with a 0 to 50 kph (about 0 to 31 mph) time of 2.6 seconds Bicycle and motorcycle dynamics is the science of the motion of bicycles and motorcycles and their components, due to the forces acting on them. Dynamics falls under a branch of physics known as classical mechanics.Bike motions of interest include balancing, steering, braking, accelerating, suspension activation, and vibration.The study of these motions began in the late 19th century and. The basic motorcycle swingarm is a quadrilateral, with one short side connected to the motorcycle's frame with bearings so that it can pivot. The other short side is the rear axle around which the rear wheel turns. The long sides are connected to the motorcycle's frame or rear sub-frame with one or two shocks with coil-over springs

Remove/Install Rear Tire (VTX) This is a basic walk-through for removing/installing the rear wheel on the VTX 1800C. The process is identical for the 1300 model with the exception that the axle bolt is 8mm instead of 12mm. Some say that you need to remove the exhaust and the license plate bracket to do this, but with a little patience and care. The Kawasaki Ninja H2 is a supercharged supersport class motorcycle in the Ninja sportbike series, manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, featuring a variable-speed centrifugal-type supercharger. The track-only variant is called Ninja H2R, and it is the fastest and most powerful production motorcycle on the market; it produces a maximum of 310 horsepower (230 kW) and 326 horsepower (243. © 1995-2020 MFG Supply. All Rights Reserved. See Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Royal Enfield zone Alluminium Petrol Tanks and Toolbox Brass front and rear mudguards 62-model Extra large Rain Covers HID for your Bullet Stainless Steel Wheel Rims and Spokes Central Locking System Engine Buffing Broad Tyres upto 250 no Double Bore Cylinder Heads Right/Left Silencer & Bend Front Brake System Front and Rear Disc Brake Long Shocker Rods (26 inches to 37 inches) Low. 1,104 Posts. #3 · Jul 26, 2005. On my 02 620, the values are 83nm for the Axle and 8nm for the adjuster bolts. No idea what that converts to in ft-lbs. Also, I never torque my adjuster bolts anymore since I had problems with the chain slack moving around when I tried to. After you adjust chain slack, make sure your rear wheel is pushed into. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 16, 2015. Hey all, Just got an R1 and doing little maintenance. So I changed the rear tire, put everything back together and started torquing the axle nut. The manual says 108 ft/lb. So I did that, but seems way too tight. All my other motorcycles, after torquing, the rear wheel still spins freely That's pretty close to what the MCN test reported: 104.8 hp at 6500 rpm (2nd place Vulcan 2000 tested at 90.0 hp) 97.2 lb. ft. torque at 3700 rpm. The most powerful V-Twin on the market. The M109r is only .18 seconds slower in the 1/4 mile than the 2300cc Rocket III. Pretty impressive numbers

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Joined Oct 1, 2002. ·. 2,112 Posts. #5 · Aug 14, 2006. Dude, just look at all your teeth and make sure each one is sitting in between the rollers. If not pick it off the sprocket and pull it tight. The easiest thing to do when removing the rear wheel is to loosen the axel nut off. Push it through, and pull the block for the adjuster nut off Rear wheel lug nut torque. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. Primo · A forum community dedicated to Kawasaki Ninja H2 motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, classifieds, riding gear, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more I'm in need of the torque values for the following bolts, if anyone has the information There's a few that I know already, maybe some one can confirm them? Front Sprocket Nut - 40 ft lbs Front Wheel Axle Bolt - 43 ft lbs Front Wheel Axle Pinch Bolts - 16 ft lbs Rear Sprocket Carrier Nuts - 47 ft lbs Rear Axle Nut (32mm) - 83 ft lb A technician wants to increase the torque produced at the rear wheel in all gear ranges. Which of the following changes will produce this result.(I can only pick one) A. Replace the primary drive with a larger diameter gear. B. Replace the clutch outer with one having a smaller diameter Had my rear tire changed last night. Checked with two different bike shops and they both gave me different torque values for the rear wheel nut. First one was 94 ft-lb, and the second one was 86 ft-lb. Can someone with an RC who is not to cheap to buy the 160 dollar (Cdn) service manual left..

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Raise the rear wheel off the ground by placing the motorcycle on its center stand. Remove the rear wheel (page 13-3) and eccentric bearing carrier (page 13-6). Remove the shock absorber lower mounting bolt. Remove the swingarm pivot nut. Unhook the rear brake hose and remove the rear brake caliper (page 14-15). Loosen the lock nut and remove it Motorcycle rear wheel on a dyno roller. Graph of power and torque. While the crankshaft power excludes these transmission losses, still the measurement is often made elsewhere in the drive-train, often at the rear wheel But remember, it's all about the ratio, and we can change the size of the rear sprocket to alter this ratio also. So if we went down to a 16-tooth in the front, but simultaneously went up to a 47-tooth in the rear, our new ratio would be 2.938; not quite as extreme. 16 in front and 46 in back would be 2.875, a less radical change, but still a.

The increase or decrease of torque when you change out the wheel sprockets in a bicycle or in a chain-driven motorcycle engine can be calculated with a bit of a basic math. Both types of vehicles use the same design: a front sprocket that translates the energy to a chain, and a rear sprocket that converts that energy to different gears Anyone know the torque spec for rear axle bolt ? Installed a side license plate bracket and need to adjust it. Not sure of what to torque it back to after I adjust side plate mount Indian Motorcycle Forum. A forum community dedicated to Indian Motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications. Product Features. T50 Torx tip on both ends. Designed specifically for BMW motorcycle rear wheels with single sided swingarm. Heat treated S2 alloy handles high torque. Works great with BMW R1200GS spoke rear wheel. CruzTOOLS Combo Hex Adapter 10 x 12 x 19 x 22 mm for BMW Motorcycles. $14.25 Optional Accessories, motorcycle Rear Axle, Rear Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Guidance Seats and Seat Bench Steering Technical Data Cooling Technical Data engine Electrical System I'd suggest having the vendor specify the correct torque setting on a case by case basis if in doubt what to use. (After > 40 years of wrenching on my own bikes I. Shift the transmission into neutral and turn the rear wheel by hand to check for free rotation. 31. Pump the rear brake peddle until pressure returns!!!!! 32. Lift and pull outward on the muffler to install it into the rear hanger. 33. Torque the muffler hanger nuts (12mm) to 25 ft.lb. (34Nm) 34

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  1. motorcycle, rider weight, and conditions. EnerTrac does not guarantee voltage and current specifications, but provide them as a guide to help the customer chose the correct battery for their build. Swing arm width needed: 7.5 inches needed for installation with torque arm Wheel size: WM3 style 36 hole 18 X 2.15 Color: Motor Black, Rim Silve
  2. Dirt Bike Wheel Truing Essentials!https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/Sales/495/Motorcycle-Wheel-Truing-Essentials?utm_source=Youtube&utm_medium=Howtotrueamot..
  3. Temporarily re-tension the chain and retighten the rear wheel, then tighten the sprocket nut/s to the correct torque, using the same method as before to stop the wheel turning. Doing this now avoids putting undue stress through the new chain later. Put the motorcycle on its centre or paddock/workshop stand and remove the rear wheel
  4. If so, it's the front AXLE for the Bike, and the Axle nut is torqued to 79.6 foot lbs. (80 ft lbs) the pinch or clamp bolts are torqued to 25 foot lbs. Tighten the axle bolt/nut first and then the pinch bolt/s. This will ensure the axle has been pulled all the way through both forks before being locked down

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FRONT WHEEL Quick-release axle in axle holder - M24x1.5 - 50Nm Spoke nipple on spoke - M4.5 - 3.5Nm Mudguard bracket to forks - M5x20 - 5Nm REAR WHEEL Rear wheel to wheel carrier - M10x53x1.25 - 60Nm (tighten in diagonally opposite sequence, add a tiny squirt of WD40 to the thread before fitting) Spoke nipple on spoke - M4.5 - 3.5Nm. HEADLIGH The rear suspension provides 3.9 inches of travel, and includes spring preload and rebound adjustment. Up front, large 49mm forks provide more precise steering feedback and 5.9 inches of travel. The Vulcan 2000 motorcycle rides on bright, cast aluminum 16-inch wheels with a 150/80 front radial tire and a huge, 200/60 rear radial tire the wheel won't want to go round and round easily after you torque the rear axle (ask me how I know this?!) After installing the axle and the brake caliper, leave the castle nut loose and align the belt. Leave the belt a little loose if you align the belt with the tire in the air the swing arm linkage mechanism. There are many forces that a rear motorcycle suspension and its accompanying swing arm have to withstand in order to allow it to be effective throughout its lifespan. The physics and geometry of rear motorcycle suspensions will be discussed in more detail in this section

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  1. You need to know the following value: A.Engine torque (graph across rpm range) B.Primary drive ratio C.Final drive ratio D.Transmission rations (the gears that you commonly refer to as 1st, 2nd, etc) To calculate the torque at the wheel, multiply.
  2. The R50/5 to the R75/5 and the R60/6, had 1.85 width front wheels, and the offset was 10 mm; while the 1.85 width rear wheel had an offset of 6.5 mm and the 2.15 width rear wheel had a 6.5 to 7.0 mm offset
  3. When putting the wheel back on, once it's torque down to 81 foot pounds the wheel will not move. The spacer is in the final drive and the spacer is in the right hand side of the wheel. The manual says drive out rear axle distance collar from final driven flange. The only distance collars I see is in the wheel for the axle and in the filal drive

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Err on the side of too loose rather than too tight (a tight chain causes rapid wear). Then true up the rear wheel (Photo 8). Tighten the axle nut to spec using a torque wrench and insert the cotter key (where applicable). Torque the drive sprocket nut to spec (rear wheel on the ground) and bend the tabs against the flats of the nut The secondary drive includes a transmission output sprocket or puley, belt or roller chain, and rear wheel sprocket or pulley. The function of the drivetrain is primarily two-fold: transmit power from the engine to the rear wheel and to provide gear reduction. Gear reduction is a method for multiplying engine torque

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GUAIMI Motorcycle Rear Wheel Lift Stand Portable Paddock Stand Chain Cleaning Brush Tool Kit for Chain Cleaning & Chain Lubrication (Red) and leng-then the lever to enlarge the Torque so that it is easier to start the car 4.Add some lubricating grease to screw rod and joint from time to time to ensure smoo-th work and prolong its service. It should work in theory, but there are a couple things which would complicate it: 1) As a practical matter, the front wheel needs to steer as well as move up and down on the suspension. This makes it more difficult to attach a reliable drivetra.. Hi Guys, I am doing front wheel conversion on 2011 vegas 8 ball, 21 to 18 inch I was wondering If anyone had the tension settings for front axle nut, fork pinch bolts and rotor bolts When I replaced the rear wheel sprocket a few weeks ago, there was a discrepancy between the sprocket bolt torque values shown in the Suzuki Service Manual and the Clymer manual. It turned out that the Clymer manual was right, because Suzuki had modified the bolt torque value in a revision of their Service Manual

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Motorcycle part (BMW R nineT, all models, 2021+) Torque (Nm) Torque (ft-lb) Front brake caliper bolts: 38: 28: Clamping bolts in axle mount (tighten the screws 6 times, alternating between them) 19: 14: Screw in quick-release axle: 50: 37: Rear wheel on wheel carrier (tighten crosswise) 60: 44: Mirror arm on adapter: 22: 16: Mirror adapter to. The rear wheel is in a completely different environment. It has far less air and what air it gets has been heated by the engine and transmission. It is surrounded by the final drive and it gets really hot. On a day of 75 F., it will get to about 155-160 F. in the oil alone. The rear wheel is easily heated up during normal operation

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