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Occasionally after some usage, Windows 10 would freeze but I could still move my mouse. Eventually I couldn't click on anything, but I could still move the mouse around the screen. Trying Control+Alt+Delete wouldn't work so there was no way to access the Task Manager or restart the machine Your computer can be suddenly freeze. If it happened to you usually you could not click on anything, but the mouse still moves around the screen. Most of the users will try to press the Control +ALT+Delete button together, but it is not working. It will make them are unable to access the Task Manager or restarting the computer Hi guys, FIRST ISSUE I am having freezing problems with my PC for about a year and a half now. I have bought my current PC in June, 2017. So, two and a half years passed since I bought it, and I have been using it for playing the top AAA games. I am attaching this link below to some similar threa.. Those freezes are strange though, for example, I play Rimworld and I hear audio lagging but the game works, after like 2 minutes, it freezes but I am still able to move mouse around, hover over taskbar, but if I press windows logo or try to open something, it just doesn't work Hi,So I recently bought a new GPU and computer case and switched all my components over. Now I am getting a regular occurrence where my screen will freeze but my mouse still moves. I notice this a lot when I am just browsing the internet and watching videos. It also happens a lot when I am gaming

Mouse moves but nothing else works - posted in Windows Crashes and Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Help and Support: I have a computer that was trying to do automatic repairs when it starts. It isnt. Computer freezes, but mouse still moves Thread starter help_freezing; Start date May 13, but the mouse will still move, usually perpetually in the busy state. There was one time that i had a small window open on the screen that I could continue to move around with the mouse and resize it as well, but nothing in the windows could be clicked. Soon after, the taskbar freezes up, and i get the blue loading circle as my cursor (when i hover over it). Everything freezes up, and i cannot maximize/minimize anymore, but the cursor still moves. I try Ctrl+Alt+delete and get nothing. At this point, my computer snapped out of it on one occasion. Before and after that occasion, it continued Computer freezes but mouse still moves. By HannahHasHabits, December 10, 2017 in General Windows PC Help. Go to topic listing Here's what happens: At random times, the computer will freeze. But it freezes in a very particular way. I can still move the cursor around with the mouse. In whatever window was active at the time of the freeze, I can click around and do things, execute parts of the program, etc

Windows 10: Windows computer freezes but I can still move my mouse. Discus and support Windows computer freezes but I can still move my mouse. in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; Hello I am having a problem that has been getting worse recently. My computer has been freezing, I can still move my mouse but cannot interact with.. So I recently got a new processor and mother board (ryzen 9 3900x) (aorus x570 ultra) and all my drivers are installed and the bios is updated but my computer will just freeze and I can move my mouse and close some applications just the applications icon don't close

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  1. ) of using it, Windows start to behave strange. Here the symptoms: - Windows kind of freezes but I can still move the mouse, move windows around, close apps (but the closed apps icons stay in the taskbar)
  2. or two of trying to alt tab, ctrl alt delete and alt F4ing with no.
  3. Make sure to click the CPU column to sort it in descending order.Now, you can see which processes are taking up the most CPU on your computer. Usually, for a computer to freeze because of this, the overall CPU being used will be over 99%.. To solve the issue right-click on the processes taking up the most CPU and click End Task.. If this doesn't solve the issue, let's move on to the next.
  4. Laptop freezes unexpectedly but mouse still moves. The problem: My laptop will randomly freeze but I can still move my mouse around, however nothing responds or lights up when I click or hover over it with the mouse. The keyboard is also responding as the caps lock light will turn on and off, however the computer does not respond to it either

But sometimes, the problem that mouse cannot be detected or the freezes when moving across the screen is not a driver issue, it may be due to the mouse faulty settings. So it is vital to check if you have set the mouse in a correct mode. 1: Navigate to Settings > Devices > Mouse& Touchpad > Additional mouse options Update Mouse Driver. If the mouse freeze problem is caused by an outdated mouse driver, you should ensure the driver is properly installed to the latest version. Step 1: Go to Device Manager in Windows 10/8/7 by pressing Win + R key, inputting devmgmt.msc and clicking OK 4) net user test /add. 5) use a camera or smart phone camera to take a picture and post the image of the results into the thread. 5) shutdown /r. 6) when the computer reboots sign on with the new user named test. 7) report into the thread whether you can or cannot use the mouse cursor after the above steps The first step to fix mouse (or keyboard) issues is to disconnect and reconnect the mouse on the computer, or to connect the mouse to another USB port. Also, if you 're using a Wireless mouse replace its batteries. Step 2. Shutdown and Restart your computer Hi, I make it about 15-40 seconds into gameplay, and then the action just freezes, but I can still control my character (I can tell by the sound) and everything aside from the visuals appears to chug along as normal. I've just upgraded to Windows 10, so I'm hoping it isn't a compatibility issue, I know plenty of people on Win 10 who are playing it just fine

The computer freezes. The freezes are random. Sometimes I can leave it running for days with no problems. Sometime is will freeze two or three times in a day. (NOTE: I leave the computer running 24/7, with a scheduled reboot at 7am every morning) Symptoms are 1. Screen is on and displaying desktop 2. Mouse frozen (but sensor light is still on I also have a Samsung 840. I also have a PC that freezes (once every day or two it locks up and I have to reboot it). When the computer is frozen, it is in a strange state. It's not a full hard lock. It still responds to pings on the network. I can move the mouse around (if the screen was on when it messed up) 4. Now, under 'Shutdown settings' uncheck the option Turn on fast startup (recommended). 5. Finally, click on Save changes to save the changes on your computer. Close System Settings window on your computer.. Restart your computer to save the changes. After rebooting mouse should work fine. Fix-5 Adjust Power Management-Windows closes any unnecessary driver to save the power.

hi all, my computer been fine for ages with no major problem until to day. windows 10 seems the freeze up but the mouse still moves, also task manager wont work. am thinking i will have to format the hard drive again, is this due to a bug/virus any ides would be great, thanks also, sfc /scannow.. Laptop freezes unexpectedly but mouse still moves. The problem: My laptop will randomly freeze but I can still move my mouse around, however nothing responds or lights up when I click or hover over it with the mouse. The keyboard is also responding as the caps lock light will turn on and off, however the computer does not respond to it either PC freezes for 2 min, HDD light solid, mouse still moves, clock stops just before my last HDD failed, the PC would freeze for 2 minutes or so with the HDD light solid, somtimes in a browser, somtimes watching a vid file, now that I have a replacement drive, the same thing still happens the mouse still moves, but the clock stops and catches up. Computer freezes, but mouse moves. (Read more, ultimately unsolvable problem for many computers. ) - posted in Windows 7: This problem occurs on more than just windows computers, even MACs and.

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However, if I were to move my mouse around while watch the video at the same time, the entire computer freezes. However, my audio is different; does not freeze even If I move my mouse. I use my laptop's mouse pad to navigate, and experimented by also trying a USB mouse. It still pauses every other second with the USB mouse. Also with my pen tablet The Mouse Moves but Cannot Click problem can appear suddenly, when using an external USB mouse or a Touchpad on Windows 7, 8 or 10 based computer or laptop. Problem in details : The user is able to move the mouse cursor on the screen, but the click doesn't work and the only way to bypass the problem temporarily is to press Ctrl + Alt +Del & Esc My laptop suddenly semi-freezes. I need a solution. Symptoms: -Keyboard has no input. Mouse can still be moved around and sometimes clicked. -Can't restart/shut down in the normal way. Either the PC doesn't shut off after the Shutting Down... screen, or the computer doesn't do anything at..

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The freeze looks the same as the ones before: Machine just locks, graphics still up, monitor on - but nothing moves. No remote (ssh) possible. It looks like it happened again when the machine was idle. I also have two 32-core Epyc (Supermicro and Tyan MB) and a new Ryzen APU on an ASRock ITX board, all of them working fine When the computer does freeze, I can select desktop icons, move my mouse around and look at what is happening, but I can't interact with any of the windows itself. If i try to move one, or select. It occurs on any graphics settings, lowest or highest, FPS usually sticks at around 60-70 but the moment i move my mouse it freezes, making the game unplayable. This is a very recent issue as I used to play this before and never had an issue like this. Below is a video which may help clarif TL;DR Struggled with computer freeze since building it, solved the problem once by reinstalling all monitoring software (maybe), and recently by updating my chipset drivers (4 days and counting, verdict still pending). Hope this helps someone. My Computer Specs: Ryzen 5 3600. MSI RTX 2060 MSI ventus XS OC 6g tu104 Video Card. Corsair 32GB 3200.

(2) I'm surfing the Internet, and as I move my mouse toward a link I want to click, the pointer doesn't turn into the little hand, even though the mouse can still move If it is of any consequence, things go a bit quieter when this happens and the normal noise that I assume is from the hard drive stops. There's no clicking or anything alarming either before or after the freeze. When it hangs, what I can still do is: Move the mouse; Move already open windows around, snap to full screen or to the sid Computer keeps freezing/crashing and I don't know how to fix it. is my computer freezes with the screen still visible and when I move my mouse around the color of the screen distorts RDP sessions freeze randomly. User Input still gets to the other end, but the client display is frozen except for the cursor. Best way out is stop that session and start a new RDP session. This is new behavior that began occurring immediately after the recent update to 1809 in the spring of 2019. Does this on all 4 of my Win 10 Machines

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Like it does every day, the computer randomly froze (other than the ability to move the mouse) and the following were the utilization numbers at the time of freeze: CPU 7% utilized, Memory 22% utilized Disk 1% utilized. It lasted for about 3 minutes where I couldn't open, close, or use any apps, but I can still move the mouse around the screen 2. If the random freezing still happens, take your MacBook Pro to an Apple Genius Bar or a local computer shop and have a geek run hardware diagnostics. Then fix the issues based on their suggestions. Scenario 4: Mac cursor freezes while opening a specific ap

Third time it has happened, I play for two hours or so, the game freezes, but I can still hear the music and click my mouse, at least for a few times, before my computer beeps at me and then it freezes up 100%. I'm pretty disappointed in EA right now, I really didn't think I wouldn't be able to play without having to restart every two hours. Bump The mouse is not clean. An optical-mechanical mouse (mouse with a ball) may not work well because the inside of the mouse is not clean. See our computer cleaning page for steps to remedy this problem.. The optical portion of the mouse is blocked. If you have an optical mouse (LED or laser) with erratic behavior, the optical eye may be blocked. Hair or fuzz can block the sensor on the bottom of. So it works for a couple of months and the situation gets worse. When i lift the computer up just like normal when you walk around with your pc t would freeze and the screen would flicker. Now after a long time i cant even use it because it freezes even when its just staying still on the table Then I over & use the mouse & it moves, but the buttons do nothing. Then, a few minutes later it freezes up completely. Some of the times, caps lock still turns its light on & off, but even ctrl.

Faulty USB or other external devices such as the mouse and keyboard can cause the computer to freeze. You can try connecting one device at a time to investigate the root cause. Also try updating the USB device drivers to fix this computer keeps freezing problem. 7. Computer Viruses. Viruses could also be the main cause for a computer to freeze I assume you have a Logitech gaming mouse. If so then I have good and bad new for you. The good news is that there is more than likely nothing wrong with your mouse. Even a brand new logitech mouse is having the same issues. This problem is when y.. Mouse Clicks But Does Not MoveQuick Solution__For HOT DEALS!Buy Anything From Flipkart From Here : http://goo.gl/aA8oQjBuy Anything From Amazon From Here : h..

I have a usb Microsoft mouse that works fine on Windows, but on Ubuntu it stops working if I stop using it for three seconds (literally, I counted). At this point, I am unable to move it, I have to click, almost as if it wake the mouse up. And that sucks because apparently that click is a legit click and I end up closing out of stuff sometimes.. And yet, as I moved the mouse around it kept hitching - sometimes locking up for seconds at a time. Update July 27, 2017: a follow-up post dissects the problem and finds the root cause. Update Oct 29, 2017: a video showing how to see if the bug is fixed can be found here , and the bug is fixed in the 17025 insider preview builds Okay, so, my cursor can move, but occasionally, my cursor will be able to stop clicking, meaning I'll have to do Ctrl+Tab to move through programs. I'm on a Windows 7 laptop, 64-bit to be specific, and I'm using a Corsair M65 Pro RGB. Right now, my cursor can move, but won't click, and I can..

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When nothing onscreen moves (except sometimes the mouse pointer), the computer is frozen up solid. Try the following approaches, in the following order, to correct the problem: Approach 1: Press Esc twice. This action rarely works, but give it a shot anyway. Approach 2: Press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys simultaneously and choose Start Task. You move one way, and the mouse jumps around the screen - often to some other random location. - First, we have to be sure that it's actually the mouse freezing, and not the whole computer. Once that's decided, we'll look for solutions. and still the mouse would jump around randomly, click at random, or just stop clicking for minutes. Mouse stutter. The mouse stuttering may cause a significant drop in your productivity. It makes everyday tasks much harder to complete, as you need to deal with a slow, sluggish mouse. Mouse freezing, not moving. Perhaps the worst of all is when your mouse pointer freezes in place and doesn't move at all For a desktop computer mouse issues, see: Mouse acting erratically, jumping, or is not moving properly. Tip Some laptops may have a button around the touchpad or an icon in the Windows Notification Area to enable and disable the touchpad The typical scenario goes something like this, your surfing the web, chatting to a friend or playing a computer game when the mouse pointer suddenly freezes. Your immediate reaction is to move the mouse around frantically in hopes of the mouse pointer springing back to life, but when that fails, you resort to switching your system off from the.

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Computer Freezes, mouse still moves? Tech Support Gu

If your mouse cursor disappears or freezes but the system is still responsive, then you can likely remedy the situation without hard-resetting your Mac. Topher Kessler July 22, 2013 12:55 p.m. P Before starting the issue fix, you can try your mouse on another PC to check whether the lagging issue still occurs. If it works well, it is possible that there is a faulty mouse driver on your computer, causing the lagging mouse in Windows 10. Reinstalling or updating the driver could be a solution. Step 1:.

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  1. Mouse cursor moving, how to fix mouse moving, how to fix mouse, mouse cursor not moving, how to fix mouse. Lagging mouse in windows 10, Frozen mouse in Windo..
  2. The first time, choose to start Windows normally. Then back up your data and keep using the computer to see if it freezes again. If this is the second time your computer has frozen, choose to boot.
  3. e if the scan is actually frozen: Try to move your cursor around the screen, or click with your mouse. Confirm if the circulating red dots around the current step have stopped moving. Verify if the total number of files scanned is increasing. Verify if remaining time and time elapsed are still changing

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1 - Computer freezes whenever it wants to. Around 7 times out of 10, right before it freezes, the mouse or cursor becomes huge in size, and I can move it around a bit until the system completely. Computer Tech even installed an earlier version of Adobe Flash Dec 2. It worked okay for a day or two and then the same problems returned, cards play in slow motion, screen freezes, can't type in the chat line, and program does not respond to mouse When the freeze occurs for me that my mouse is responsive as normal and I can move it around the screen but my keyboard stop responding, reads another complaint. I can click with the mouse but.

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The actual image of the cursor itslef does not move, however, I can still move and use the mouse, but I cannot see where I am moving it to, I just have to guess where it is on the screen and click. Reset your wireless computer mouse. If you have a wireless computer mouse, the steps for resetting will vary slightly from resetting a wired computer mouse. To reset a wireless mouse: Turn off your wireless mouse. Hold down the left and right mouse buttons. While holding down the mouse buttons, turn the mouse back on. After around 5 seconds.

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Reboot your computer. Check if you can see the mouse pointer. If still you can not see the mouse pointer on your computer, go for the next fix. Fix-6 Uninstall and reinstall the mouse driver. If your mouse driver has a corrupted driver then it will stop working, which means mouse clicks will not work When the cursor gets erratic, it's the mouse's nano-receiver at fault. It's common nowadays for wireless mice to be packaged with a nano-receiver, a tiny receiver the size of a small finger nail, that plugs into a USB port. On two systems, I've experienced erratic cursor behavior as I move the mouse. The cursor jumps or sometimes doesn't react. Not sure if this is the best newsgroup, but if there's a better one, I hope someone will tell me. My OS is Win98SE and MS critical/security updates are kept up-to-date. For the last few days, my computer has been freezing occasionally. When it freezes, the mouse still moves the cursor, but nothing else works (not even Ctrl-Alt-Del), so that a reboot is necessary Mouse With 3 Buttons As per the above said, after pressing on it (if everything is in order with the mouse), you will observe how the cursor began to run. It's possible to work again! 2. Problem in USB Port. Consider removing the radio adapter from the USB port and plugging it into a different port (if you have an option then connect the adapter to the USB ports located on the back of.

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I have just updated to 10.1 and I am experiencing the same issue where not only is Lightroom freezing, but my entire MacBook is freezing. Eventually (~2 minutes) the spinning wheel comes up, but that is it. I can still move the mouse cursor around the screen, but nothing is interactive - in Adobe or in the Mac system Still no fix, but changing Global Power management mode in the NVIDIA control panel to Prefer maximum performance has made a difference. Still crash multiple times per hour on average, but at least it's some progress. Not had the computer completely lock up/freeze at all today either, so I've not had to restart my computer I couldn't access any song, any file, move my mouse until the time frame was over. Then it'd work although a bit slow, but it still functioned. Another thing is, around the morning hours between 2am-4am, the freezing would occur again. I got used to it that I'd do something else in the meantime up until my PC stopped working last month Mouse won't click. I seem to be having the opposite problem as some of you, at times, my mouse won't click at all. It will still move around the screen, and sometimes it will still hover over clickable items properly, but, then it refuses to click them. This is true of both the touchpad, the stick, and the actual buttons themselves In my case, just minutes ago, everything was hung except the mouse moved the cursor, but the mouse did no more. The PrtScn made a popup saying I could drag a rectangle (but not) or hit ESC (works). Nothing else worked. Not even moving the cursor onto another window, when I have focus-follows-mouse, changes the window frame highlighting

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When the computer hangs/freezes or enters into Not Responding state, nothing works except the mouse cursor/pointer. We can move the mouse cursor here and there but if we click on an icon or Start button, nothing works. No program opens, no Start Menu shows, nothing. Only one thing works i.e. the mouse cursor The game ran flawlessly through the Norway intro, but now I'm in England I get 20 minutes to an hour before it freezes -- although it still plays sound and is still running according to Task Manager. @bendelaboombr 3900X RTX 2070S U+ subscription. Mine seems to freeze instantly when I go to the skill screen Mouse pointer does not move smoothly: This is usually caused when the environment around is not clean and the mouse has accumulated dust beneath its surface. If the bottom is not clean then this problem can occur. Mouse pointer freezes: This can happen due to high C.P.U usage when high-efficiency applications are opened by the user The mouse cursor is a critical part of working on your Mac computer. It highlights where you are in a document or spreadsheet. It helps you select text to copy and paste. And it helps you scroll, select, and perform many functions when using your computer. When your mac cursor disappears or jumps around the page, it can cause errors in your work

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I am having the same/simular issues. at first my pc would just randomly freeze, where i could move the mouse, open start menu, but nothing else. could not click on anytihing at all. So force restart was the only solution. this would happen maybe once pr day. But today the game has crashed 3 times in a row while killing murlocks outside of. Just updated to Radeon Version 20.9.1. Now the crash caused by moving the render window is gone. So I think we can close this issue. Nevertheless I still have severe issues (Blender 2.90.1). E.g. when simply switching off the screen and turning it on again. Sometimes Blender freezes. Sometimes even the whole system freezes in such case Hello everyone! I am having a serious issue with my sims 3 game. When I am in game, usually at night, my sims will freeze, leaving my mouse working but I cannot click anything. Sometimes my sims will still be in motion, but I cannot click anything still. I have restarted my computer several times, and tried deleting lots of CC